Jung So Min and Junho Confirmed for Sageuk Romance Movie Courtesan Bachelor

I was just writing about K-actress Jung So Min, after her appearance at the Japan leg of the 2018 MAMA, about doing a next project with host and K-actor Park Bo Gum because I think they would be fantastic onscreen together. That wish will have to wait because Jung So Min is confirmed for a a sageuk romantic movie as her next project and will costar with idol-actor Junho. It’s called Courtesan Bachelor and has Junho playing Joseon’s first male courtesan (gisaeng), wooing all the ladies until he meets highborn Jung So Min and romance blossoms for real despite their class differences. This is not their first project together as the two were in buddy comedy Twenty though her character was paired with Kim Woo Bin while his character had scenes with Lee Yoo Bi. Looking forward this this sageuk twist on gisaeng love!


Jung So Min and Junho Confirmed for Sageuk Romance Movie Courtesan Bachelor — 13 Comments

  1. So happy Junho gets another project before the army (and hopefully it erases the disappointment of Greasy Melo).

    The storyline isn’t anything new but I’m interested and think both will match their roles perfectly.

    I think the pairing should be good too, although both have a similar look, like softer features, and could play siblings. I don’t think that’s a bad thing necessarily.

    • I second that! Junho is really versatile and I’m glad he’s getting a lot of work in before enlisting however whilst I loved Twenty my heart was stuck on Kang Na Heul being paired with JSM for this particular drama. In fact KNH with anyone would definitely rock my boat.

      • Didn’t KHN get paired with her at the end of Twenty lol.

        That was an ok movie but I really liked all the actors there, both the male and female cast were good.

  2. Ah! I was so excited thinking that it would be a drama, but it’s a movie 🙁 Still, they are both well matched and would have explosive chemistry. Maybe three times a charm? That they can finally play love-interests in a drama at some point. Fingers crossed.

    • Do you seriously think it’s going to be sexual though, they don’t generally cast well known stars or idol actors in that type of movie.

      • A Frozen Flower? was JIS well known at that time? SJK was in there too (a very small role). It is sad that Junho is still being considered an “idol-actor” coz he really can act, how long he needs to be called an idol even at 28?

      • Oh honey.. summer child… Watch more k-movies and you will see that it’s not the case. Well known stars frequently act in explicit films all the time.

      • A Frozen Flower was from 10 years ago, and Song Joong Ki was an unknown then.

        And it’s one of the exceptions to the rule, even movies like My PS Partner, My Love My Bride etc avoided showing full frontal for the main leads (Ji Sung and Kim Ah Joong, Jo Jong Seok and Shin Min Ah).

  3. I liked junho in Memory and Chief Kim, and in Just between Lovers he won my heart but I really suffered seeing him in the disappointing Greasy Melo, he had many long lines and long scenes and the scene he confronts his ex about the ecography really made me cry, I noticed how much of a great actor he is, but all that not many people saw cause everyone dropped the drama. So, I hope this movie is good (I heard the script was chosen between others by film critics) plus jung so min is also a great actress

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