More Morocco Filming Stills of Lee Seung Gi and Suzy for 2019 Action Drama Vagabond

Sorry for the successive posts on next year K-drama Vagabond but y’all know how much I love Lee Seung Gi and Suzy. Individually but their first go around in Gu Family Book was a hot miss for me so I’m cautiously hopeful the successive 5 years and a totally new drama narrative will work this time around. Overseas filming wrapped in Morocco a few weeks ago and there are new BTS and filming stills released this week including the first look at the two leads in the same frame. They are really so photogenic together and I like how their careers remain so positive and hardworking which South Koreans love from their young stars. Vagabond will air on SBS in mid-2019 and comes from the vaunted production team from Giant, Incarnation of Money, and History of the Salaryman.


More Morocco Filming Stills of Lee Seung Gi and Suzy for 2019 Action Drama Vagabond — 13 Comments

  1. Gosh Suzy’s expressions are so cringy already! I bet SBS already got money from Suzy’s sponsors for daring to make her the lead actress of their highest budgeted drama ever. There’s no way they’d take a risk otherwise

  2. Such beautiful photogenic shots of Suzy in a great location true?…Wow thanks Koala keep it coming…another big year for our Suzy on the way.?

  3. If it’s a action/thriller with romance added I’m inclined to think it could go pear shaped however if there is no romance then maybe it’s got a chance because Suzy turns into a muppet when she has to do those romantic scenes and loses all credibility as a serious actor. Run it like ‘Terius behind me’ zero romance and it worked in their favour- everyone wanted an inkling of romance but it never eventuated. That’s my 10cents worth for now.

  4. I completely agree with you on LSG and Suzy love. I really like these two seperately and together (I LOVED Gu Family book, I even bought the soundtrack).
    Anyway as far as I’m concerned no need to apologise for posting more LSG.

  5. Gosh I hope this drama delivers, as a Seung gi fan, I went throught his horrible drama choices after King 2 hearts. He seemed excited and positive this drama will be good so let’s see!!

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