Han Ji Min to be Jung Hae In’s Noona Leading Lady in PD Ahn’s Next Romance Drama Spring Night

K-actor Jung Hae In is clearly going to milk to nice young man drama persona for another go-around, but luckily this time he isn’t going to repeat with Son Ye Jin after their hit couple in Pretty Noona Buys Me Food (Something in the Rain). Jung Hae In is confirmed for upcoming mid-year MBC romance drama Spring Night, and his leading lady for this drama will be working nonstop Han Ji Min. This will be her third drama in a year after Knowing Wife and upcoming The Light In Your Eyes (Dazzling). Spring Night will be helmed by the Pretty Noona PD and screenwriter duo, and deals with a 30-something woman and her long time boyfriend re-assessing their relationship.


Han Ji Min to be Jung Hae In’s Noona Leading Lady in PD Ahn’s Next Romance Drama Spring Night — 51 Comments

  1. OMG I love Han Ji Min but sorry this will have to be a skip for me. I literally hate the SITR drama and drop it at episode 3. Glad Son Ye Jin dropped out but why Han Ji Min? Also dislike JHI acting because he look so fake and everytime he smile he irritates me. Sadly I’ll watch Dazzling but not this drama. ???

  2. Since the PD and writer duo will be the same, why not carry on the same character of JHI that he has jumped ship to another pretty noona, this will be more dramatic, won’t it? JHI seems to enjoy playing in the field with all the noonas. He is already typecasted. LOL.

  3. I like her. I hated PNBF….but I might give this a chance for HJM. She looks so adorable in Dazzling previews with another younger man who seems hotter than JHI. So two dramas to look forward to after snooze fest Encounter.

  4. This PD has a penchant for picking terrible pop songs. In PNBMF , Bruce Willis’s Last Dance and war criminal Sarkozy ‘s wife Carla Bruni’s song Stand by your man made the annoying drama even more unbearable.

  5. Can they change the male lead?
    He’s not a bad actor, but its disgusting when he milking syj popularity. Plus that center thing make him look fake for me.
    I want to watch this because HJM but really want to skip it because JHI.
    They need to give this role to 90’s line actors, like park hyungsik or jisoo. Is this guy really popular in korea? With all media play, I almost believe his popularity in the same level with PBG.

    • Omfg Jisoo! I’m not sure if he has taken a lead role yet, but if not then he is overdue for one. Especially that his pal NJH is doing Dazzling with HJM, she could’ve swept it with Jisoo in this followup drama.

  6. Han Ji Min is working hard lately and I’m glad she is back taking on roles after roles. Same here won’t be watching this drama because I don’t like the main lead. His acting is a no-no for me.

  7. This guy’s always use female lead to carrying the drama, he just smile and doing nothing in every episode just like park bo gum. His last drama rating doesn’t good at all, let’s see how baeksang controversy effect in his drama. Flop please.

  8. I wish the male lead is someone else so it’ll be watchable because I hate the drama Pretty Noona and his acting as well. His fake smile and smirk annoyed me so much. Enough with these pretty Noona story already. When you know just gonna be about the couple kissing, crying, and dragged on forever. Why Han Ji Min could have wait for a better drama. I’m disappointed at her choice this time.

  9. Han Ji Min has so much potential after her bounce back to the small and big screen but why this Pretty Noona role. Especially when the lead is JHI. Sorry but really don’t like this guy and his acting. Watching Something In The Rain is horrible enough and his acting is so cringeworthy bad. I was so bothered watching Park Bo Gum fake smile with Song Hye Kyo and now Han Ji Min with JHI. Why??? I like Han Ji Min but maybe not going to watch this drama.

  10. A skip to me…don’t like his acting and this Noona concept. If it’s a different actor and PD/writer I might give it a try but no it’s the same all over again. I cringe so bad watching Son Ye Jin with him. I have to drop the drama though I like Ye Jin.

  11. Han Jimin should stick to films after so much success with Miss Baek? Why is she doing dramas after dramas, with bland male leads nonetheless?

  12. I thought Dazzling will be her only latest drama but guess I’m wrong. Of all the genres, why this pretty noona concept again. I don’t like JHI too. I recall watching 2 episodes of SITR and was so annoyed with his acting, the way he smile, and his trying hard to act cute. OMG just doesn’t work for me at all. Not to be mean but SITR is one of the worst drama I’ve seen. Love Han Ji Min but I won’t watch this drama. Same here glad Son Ye Jin back out because I was disappointed at her for taking such roles.

    • If you are gonna judge him only based on 2 episodes, I seriously doubt your taste. And for me STIR is one of the best drama and chemistry between those two is amazing.

      • I agreeed with you..though i ddnt watch something in the rain i think this one spring night is one of the sweetest and best dramas i watched. The storyline is just beautiful.

  13. I didn’t watch Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food, but Jung Hae In was brilliant in Prison Playbook, While You Were Sleeping, Blood, The Three Musketeers, and even his minor role in Goblin. It’s unfortunate that he’s getting a lot of hate for his last role. It might be a wiser and better decision for him to choose a non-romcom role for his next project because of the success of Pretty Noona, and it appears that some viewers are tired of seeing him in that role. But tbh, haters and antis don’t need a reason to pick on an actor/actress. There are some actors that have appeared in serial rom com projects and no one bats an eye. Plus, it’s thankful that the next drama is starring a different actress. Personally, I’ve always found Han Ji Min a bit bland in all her projects, but since she now has the public approval, she should strike while the iron is hot. More power to her. Isn’t she starring in another romcom after her Familiar Wife, with Nam Ji Hyuk? I hope the same public doesn’t complain that she’s taking back to back projects .

    • He is just a mediocre actor, not really brilliant. But I agree he needs to choose challenging roles to hone himself as an actor. I like him, but his agency’s media play is really a turn off.

    • You should watch Pretty noona who buys me food because his acting in that drama is so natural and his chemistry with son ye jin is really amazing. Those who say he can’t act just don’t know what an acting is.

  14. Why do some people here waste time on spreading hate on dramas that has not started yet? The shoot has not even started. Are you really that bored in life?

  15. And reading the synopsis it’s like okay ummm… I’m gonna pass thank you. JHI just ain’t cutting it for me but I do like HJM. So Noona ain’t buying food this time around she’s loaning out books.

  16. From reading a little synopsis from Han Ji Min soompi I’m sure this is a SITR related story. Sad that Han Ji Min is in for this drama which I’m disappointed. I was hoping she’ll take something different that’s actually interesting and entertaining. Might be rude but I also don’t like JHI acting too. He’s really hard to watch because of his unnatural acting. Lol everyone is traumatized by his fake smile. I have a bad feeling it’s gonna be the same kissing and repetitive bory kind of story. No no Ji Min… I can’t agree more Something In The Rain is probably the worst drama I’ve seen too.

  17. So much flak on JHI but sadly I have to admit his acting is so bad. He really is a not good actor. I cringe watching all the unnatural lovey-dovey he and Son Ye Jin has in Pretty Noona.

  18. SO apparently, most people are traumatized with JHI “fake, horrible acting” in PNBMF. I haven’t watched PNBMF or any JHI drama except a small cameo role in Goblin, so can’t comment.
    It is just the same old thing, a fan who love the actor will praise the drama she/he loves to the sky, while neutral viewers will go all force and harsely criticize the drama/actor/actress all the way.
    It is true when old folks say “What goes around comes around.”

  19. I don’t understand why people think JHI is bad actor. He was great in Pretty Noona. It was really a great drama. Not a typical one, more like a long movie. The characters were interesting and real and they had a beautiful chemistry. To have a great chemistry, there must be two good actors, Son Ye Jin is great actress but alone she couldn’t have done anything.

    The story doesn’t say it’s a noona romance but a long romance with the question of a wedding. The characters can have the same age. It’s not because the actors have a difference of age, it’s the same in the story…

    I like both actors and the PD always tells interesting and not typical stories like Secret Affair or Pretty Noona.

    • Thank you for being kind to JHIssi.. I think people just dislikes him because SITR is a huge success… Its a great come back SYJ and greater for JHIssi..I am glad for them.. I hope this new drama bring lot of AWARDS to the new team…

      • Why would anyone criticize an actor if he’s good? The drama itself is bad and his acting is not helping too. Come on JHI performances was really bad in that drama so you’re making a fool of yourself dear by saying people dislike him because the drama was popular.

      • Except it’s only here people are critizing his acting. If some people didn’t like Pretty Noona it was because of the crazy mum not because of his acting. Most people agreed about the great chemistry between both actors. So you can not love him but saying he was bad in Pretty Noona it’s not fair. He showed a lot of emotions during this drama.

  20. Han ji min accepted this drama and i trust her judgment. There is always one or more reasons why she accepts a project. These days mostly not because of the role but because of the people that she will be working with. I think it is because of the PD. i have watched his projects(SLA and PNWBMF) and while i don’t like PNWBMF, i hope this next project will be better. I hope han ji min have made a good choice. Looking forward to dazzling first. She is working non stop these days.

  21. This comment for Vivi. You said JHI acting is really bad .. Wow .. he got 9 awards for that and SITR got so many recognition and awards. Take a looks at all the awards show my dear..before you made that comment. Oh by the way ..one of those award is Hallyu.

    • Well sorry dear I don’t bother watching any awards shows because they’re all nonsense to me unless the actor really deserves it. In this case sorry JHI and all his awards winning is not impressive to me. He’s a bad actor and that’s the truth. Until he is a better actor well talk about it.

    • How is a hallyu award a guarantee of his acting skills? It is just a popularity awards that doesn’t translate into skills and talent.

    • FNC ent is working hard, they want us to believe that JhI is a star. But in reality PNBF will be nothing without SYJ, now FNC ent will working more harder to make JhI beating Lee sung gi in Vagabond

      • But nobody says that he was the only good actor in Pretty Noona. Of course, SYJ was really great. She didn’t have an easy character to play and she killed it.

        I’m pretty sure FNC doesn’t care about Vagabond. It’s the same PD and writter and they liked working with JHI, it’s all. They don’t choose when the drama will be released.

  22. I’m not sure about the pairing. I like both leads but HJM is already starring in Dazzling. I wish they cast a different female actress.

  23. Wow…good that i read this comments after watching One spring night over and over..
    Didn’t watch SITR..so no comment there. But this drama is just gr8 and the actors and actresses did gr8. The storyline os BEAUTIFUL.

  24. Still SITR is the best for me SYJ and JHI has unbelievably chemistry.i like JHI’s character there, naughty but sweet! She always protects pretty noona, Im hoping for another drama with them. This is my first time to watch a drama with butterflies in my stomach??

    • JHI tried too hard in SITR opposite SYJ. Though his role has a of romance, their chemistry feels contrived and unnatural. JHI needs more experience to achieve subtle acting which I believe he is progressing toward it after watching OSN and his movie Tune in for love. his SITR role did not stretch his acting skills, any actor could play his role well. But in OSN, he was being stretched and challenged. I hated SITR storyline and the main characters. Glad he redeemed himself in OSN and TIFL. glad to see SYJ redeemed herself in CLOY.

      • I find the kissing scenes in SiTR a little unbearable. If u r going to include a lot of skinship, make the kisses look real. SYJ had her mouth shut so tight or she used her hand to cover her face that it drove me nuts. The kissing scenes in TIFL and some in OSN appeared more realistic.

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