Park Shin Hye Posts Cheerful Selfies with Memories of Alhambra Cast at Wrap Party

With all the viewer feedback and opinions on recently wrapped tvN sci-fi drama Memories of Alhambra, male lead Hyun Bin reportedly said it was the longest drama he’s ever filmed and the most grueling. That likely means the cast and crew formed a tight bond during filming especially the skeleton crew that lived in Spain for nearly two months for the extensive location shoot in Granada and Barcelona. I’m glad the drama got high ratings if as a balm to the hardworking team, that their hard work may have created a near incomprehensible drama narratively but that was 100% the fault of the screenwriter. Female lead Park Shin Hye was in high spirits at the wrap party and shared many selfies afterwards with many of her cast mates including Binnie, so let’s all assume Hee Joo found Jin Woo in the end and they lived happily every after, m’kay?


Park Shin Hye Posts Cheerful Selfies with Memories of Alhambra Cast at Wrap Party — 60 Comments

  1. OMG they are so cute together Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye. I miss Memories of Alhambra families already. Memories of Alhambra withdrawal, my weekend are so dull now. ?????

  2. PSH looks super-pretty in these pics.
    I know it won’t happen in reality, haha! but I like PSH and HB as a couple. They look good together and have great chemistry.

  3. I think JW will be happier if he can bring Secretary Seo back from the dead. HJ would cry less if she has never met JW. It was a relationship doomed for failure right from the beginning in the midst of JW’s messy divorces & HJ’s weak weepy character. In real life, they should be doing fine with their respective half. I much prefer not to see them acting together ever again in any dramas, or I just simply won’t watch 🙂

    • HJ is never weak. Crying doesn’t equal of being weak. What has she done to be labeled weak?
      She not only raised and protect her family but saved JW time after time. But sure she is weak because writer gave her nothing to do aside from crying?

  4. Reality is, these actors would love to co star with her again….as per one of the them mentioned in his interview, she got them trending when she posted her photos. A lot of directors, actors, crew love her as per interviews. It seems like she is very nice person to work with and of course she has that magic touch 😉 Looking forward to her next project, those who don’t like her won’t care but for us fans….onward to more blessings! Hopefully a drama too because hard to wait for movie to be shown in our local theaters.

    • because of fans like you.. she doesn’t care about improving herself in acting.
      She’s a veteran yet her acting doesn’t showcase that.

      • Bcz of fans like you?! And who are you to complain about encouraging words from a fan to her star , she is improving actually but the writers needs to improve in their writing and give more depth in their females characters .

      • I wonder what PSH has done to you that you’re even bashing “fans like me?” Does the blog only allow “critics” to post? And if a fan post something nice, positive since she is a fan after all …’s a no no?!!? Holy bat&#!£ is all I can say.
        On another note, just to make it sweeter…..Shinhye is still making movies and I’m sure dramas for the end of the year. I’m so jealous of all her good fortune…..let’s see her in CALL with her new very short bob! This young director and the producers just spend time and money to get her to star because they know better than everybody.

      • Lmao how do you know she doesn’t care about improving her acting? You aren’t even her fans? Do you know how pissed she is because of this role? She did her best for the little she was given.
        Fact: Korea never dragged her acting and demand writer apologized to her. Only ifans who love to blame on the actresses for bad written roles.

  5. My magical couple,missed them so much,my weekend its not the same again without them ? best couple goals and best chemistry ever.i hope they can meet in anothet project

  6. I read somewhere that because these two are so cute together that had fans around the world anger about the ending. So fans are petitioning for a second season at Netflix. Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye are really love by fans everywhere. Of all Hyun Bins pairing I got to admit I love him with Han Ji Min, Song Hye Kyo, Sung Yuri, Kim Sun Ah, Lee Young Hee, and now Park Shin Hye the most.

    • Really? I think the drama is good where it is with the ending. No need a sequel to it. Same here I love him with Han Ji Min, Song Hye Kyo, and now Park Shin Hye too.

      The same here I love Hyun Bin with Han Ji Min, Song Hye Kyo, and now Park Shin Hye. So for his to be girlfriend Son Ye Jin is also good looking with him.

  7. Im sorry but im baffled n curious.y does koala keep saying that the storyline is incomprehensible n all those negative stuff.i found the drama really fresh n interesting n easy to understand n not merely boy meets girl n falls in love.honestly i almost rolled my eyes everytime i read her posts on moa and encounter.the highest compliments for encounter regardless how bland the drama is (im a huge huge huge fan of bogum but i cant stand him in this drama) n she even claimed in her earlier posts how happy she was when the rating for encounter decreased (sorry i didnt buy it) n a lot of negative vibes for moa.the only complaints i hv for moa are y does hee joo n her family r ok n didnt do anything when seju is missing for a year n why does psh need to cry in evry damn drama she starred in.

    • That’s why I stop coming here. So do all other PSH fans. She want clicks and we don’t want to give her that.
      I’m just bored today and do some charity

      It’s ok rating speaks and in korea BF got a lot criticized even the acting when MOA’s only weakness was the final writing.

  8. Happy to leave MOA for one season only. HB was just amazing with all his running and fighting I think I lost a few kilos just watching. Off topic I’m loving Secret Garden and am in awe of the couple there. However props to the scriptwriter SSJ great vision and thank you for creating MOA. ❤️

  9. It’s incredibly insane how fans around the world is loving this beautiful cute couple. HyunBin/ParkShinHye and JinWoo/HeeJu. They are truly a magic drama couple because their screen times are so little compared to any of his and her other dramas they done before. Their chemistry is good that’s why many fall in love with them. Imagine if this drama has less loopholes: Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye also have as much screen times and romantic scenes like their other dramas who know how big their fan base will be as a drama couple. Hopefully Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye will collaborate again in the future.

    • So so true! Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye are one magical couple to win fans around the world’s heart for being in such an unwell developing drama. With so little screen times and such a light light unnecessary romance scene that’s don’t really make sense. But their chemistry is very good that’s why they earn all the love from fans around the world. They’re my favorite drama couple now besides the Goblin couple. I wasn’t even a fan of Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye to begin with but now I’m a huge fan of this amazing drama couple. Please drama God give them another chance to work together.

    • My thoughts too. Love Park Shin Hye and Hyun Bin now as a drama couple.

      @HeartTo you should try his The Sonw Queen drama with Sung Yuri. That’s his best drama for me and My Name is Kim Sam Soon.

      • Highly recommend The Sonw Queen and Kim Sam Soon. His two best and most memorable drama up to date. But for performances it’s still The Snow Queen and now Memories of Alhambra.

  10. after reading all the fan praises about JW and HJ as a couple, I must be from another world. JW with HJ sucks badly imo, no happy moments, only cry cry cry and that’s called chemistry? No sequel please, average rating will be lower than 8% for sure, no one will invest in a losing battle. This is Alien bashing the world here 🙂 I vote for The Snow Queen as the best onscreen coupling with HB, and Kim Sam Soon is second best. Ciao.

    • I second you. The Snow Queen and Kim Sam Soon are the best from his works. But Sung Yuri and Hyun Bin are the best Hyun Bin pairing. The drama is very clean and meaningful. His performance in The Snow Queen is the best I can remember him from.

      • Secret Garden for me too. Rewatch value on that one is 100% as well as Millionaire’s First Love. I don’t think PSH has chemistry with older actors like KRW and HB but I’m still not over her amazing chemistry with LJS and JGS! I think she looks great with her real life lover as well.

    • Lol Park Shin Hye anti-fans. You have so much times to dissing her but too bad for you fans around the world love her with Hyun Bin. They even asked to petition for Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye to collaborate again. You can’t deny that. I love his pairing with Sung Yuri and Kim Sung Ah too.

      • Preference dear Maa no one is dissing PSH don’t create unnecessary negativity when it isn’t warranted. Just because we’re not fawning over MOA couple doesn’t mean we’re anti PSH. Yep petition for recoupling of the pair if it helps fill your void.

      • @Maa – petition is no use, but you can of coz do whatever you want. The best way is to find a rich investor or a very rich CF sponsor to command whichever artists you want to work on a drama. MONEY talks, no money no talk. That’s how talentless actresses get jobs (I won’t mention names just in case you say I am dissing again).

      • BTW, I did not even mention PSH name in my comment. I said HJ, not PSH you illiterate!

    • OMG I remember The Snow Queen is the most talk about Kdrama at my school when it airs. Everyone love it so much and the couple. Will forever be my favorite Hyun Bin drama since then to now. I love him and Sung Yuri so much. Their story still breaks my heart. Sung Yuri and him are so good that I only see Kim Bora and Han Tae Woong. I would appreciate if these two collaborate again. The only actress I love Hyun Bin with.

    • The Snow Queen and Kim Sam Soon are my favorite Korean drama and still is now. Off topic Full House too. Those are the only Korean drama that I would recommend when people asked about Korean drama.

    • You clearly can’t see the difference between acting and script. It’s ok. Not everyone can have clear eyes and good brain. But Korean fans love them as couple even with very little screentime they had. They call their chemistry classic chemistry and are begging them to have another work together. On the final day, “PSH HB please have another drama together” trended 1st in weibo.
      So you bet there will be investor for their next drama if they agreed.
      And you said it like MOA flopped. Netflix paid 70% of production so TVN didn’t care to promote it and it ended up have higher rating than BF which they were betting on. LOL

      So you can cry all you want, but MOA is a success in Korea and internationally as well as people love HB and PSH even their romance was like 15% of the drama and begging them to have another project together- And they don’t usually like re-coupling in Korea so it says a lot

      • MOA and BF have the SAME average rating. Ms Koala has already reported on this earlier. WHY ARE YOU DISSING BF here? Even though I am not a fan of BF because I don’t like that genre, their average rating proves that these two dramas are equally successful. You are a total delulu of not getting the facts straight. We should ignore you!

  11. I just did a Hyun Bin drama marathon after Memories of Alhambra and can’t deny that this man is one capable actor. His acting is very worth praising. I feel in love with even more now. Thank you MOA for introducing me to this awesome actor. I can’t agree more The Snow Queen is the best. I just finished the drama and it make me cry 1 liters of tears. His best co-star is no doubt the beautiful Sung Yuri. He should pair up with her again because they are so amazingly. Their chemistry is the best.

    My Name Is Kim Sam Soon is very good too and I love it so much.

    Secret Garden is funny but I don’t like it that much.

    The World Within is a great drama because its different from the rest.

    Friends Our Legend is also very good. Love Hyun Bin performances.

    I’m on Hyde Jekyll Me now and Han Ji is very gorgeous. She matches Hyun Bin very much. The drama is not so good so far.

  12. HB and PSH are so cute together I miss them.
    Would love to see a selca of PSH and Chanyeol, and PSH with Yang-joo the Emma fan as well haha.

  13. Gah, the secretary gave me so much feels in this drama! I had a bad feeling and when it happened, I was gutted… Loved the drama, not so much the chemistry and I feel that the second wife was totally unnecessary to the plot. Still had a good ride and a good dose of Binnie. Park Shin Hye was great but I wish her character cried less.

  14. I don’t see the point to compare the dramas. In Snow Queen, Secret Garden, Kim Sam Soon the love story was the main point. In MoA, it’s the journey of Jin Woo and the game the plot, the couple was just a nice addition to the plot. I’m not a big fan of the character of Hee Ju but thank to her we could see the flirty side of Jin Woo played very well by Hyun Bin 😀

    • Don’t get distracted by his other drama. Memories of Alhambra is what we’re watching now. I’m still for another Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye collaboration. They’re also very cute.

  15. I have no problem watching all the characters in memories of the alhambra. They all well written to balance each characters. Came upon this drama on Netflix after dropping korean dramas for so many years and this drama blown me away with it’s interesting plot. Hyun Bin is a mind blowing brilliant and charismatic actor. He’s still as good but 100 times better than how I see him years ago. This drama have your particular CEO and ordinary main leads love story but it’s very refreshing to watch because the romance is not the main focus. Jin Woo and his quest to the end is very fun to watch. He encounter tons of things, most interesting is the scary thrill of seeing dead character coming back to life to haunt you. Also a game that could kill the players in reality. The end is well wrapped up. My only disappointment is the writer could have ended the whole things in Granada Alhambra but guess she have to rush the drama up. The best drama of 2018 for kdrama. I’m back on hook with kdrama thanks to this beautiful mind blowing drama. Hopefully I can find more drama like this or else it’s another long hiatus for me again. Looking forward to Hyun Bin next drama. Park Shin Hye is such a cute couple, I really like this pair. Handsome and pretty.

  16. I just finished the whole Memories of the Alhambra drama yesterday not knowing I will like this drama to an extent. This drama is taking korean drama to the next level. It left such a big impression on me. It’s so good: got all my non kdrama male roommates and friends enjoy the ride with me to the end. Hyun Bin you earned some new fans and recognition from people who never give a glance to korean dramas. My ajusshi is so charming and splendidful. Park Shin Hye is very pretty in here but she needs big improvement in her acting because girls did very bad in bringing life to Hee Ju. Other than that Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye do make a very cute couple.

    Off topic* The Kingdom is another worth to watch dramas. It’s very good though the pace is quite slow.

    • How is it her fault that she wasn’t given anything to do?!?!?
      People are stupid or blind that they can’t even seeing bad acting and bad writing?
      ALL HeeJoo did was crying and she wasn’t allowed to do anything. She was only there to pity and give JW development and you said they have good chemistry and you buy their unneccesary romance. LOL But she doesn’t bring HJ to like? WTF are you even talking about ?
      She can cry whenever they asked to to cry. She brought it when she was shocked seeing JW fell from 6th floor. She also acted well as a girl who in love and give him the light. She act act while speaking spanish influently. Her Emma and Heejoo are different on tone and aura and Emma was great when she stabbed JW. Basically she was great if they give her something to do but they mostly don’t and only focus on JW. But sure it’s her fault and not the writer?

      • Why are you arguing with people with different opinions? Obviously we can see her BAD acting. Maybe you are the one who cannot see?

  17. bashing w/ whose good or bad doesn’t change anything,the only thing u can do is support them.surely giving some critics can improve their acting skills but who we are!we are just human that only can see the faults of other.its not easy to be in a lime light.

    for critics,bashers and haters,try to be an actress and feel the pressure of the people that surround you.

  18. I am slow to catch up with Korean dramas and I must admit I am slowing watching Memories of Alhambra now. Although only at episode 8, I am really enjoying it as it is. No complains on any characters or plots. For once, it is focused on romance yet it is such an emotional show where we can truly appreciate and comprehend the emotions of Jin Woo. His eyes could speak and his flawless acting skills just bring us into his character’s world.

    One important character we fail to honour is the younger sister. I love how eloquent she is and the conversations she exchanged with Jin Woo are so enjoyable. I love how Jin Woo reacts and speaks to her. He really likes her and it is just so sweet of him. Makes me admire what a fine character he is. And that brings me to actually believe this is the real Hyun Bin in real life, a very nice and friendly person!

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