Seungri Announces Retirement as Scandal Grows to Include Sharing of Hidden Camera Sex Recordings Via Text with Other K-stars Involved

K-pop group Big Bang is probably done with and its maknae member Seungri definitely is done with as he has announced his retirement from showbiz after the breadth of his current legal woes expanded once again. On the heels of running a club rife with violence and engaged in tax evasion by registering it as a restaurant, Seungri is now an official police investigation suspect for finding hookers for potential overseas investors in his various business ventures. Now his alleged misconduct has broadened to include being in a chatroom with other guys, some being K-stars, where hidden camera images and videos of women were being shared. Obviously the content is sexual in nature and apparently the chats are horrifically callous and odious towards the women being filmed. K-netizens are trying to find out who some of the other celebs are and so far it appears to be singer Jung Joon Young and maybe idol-actor Yong Jun Hyung. Also Park Han Byul‘s non-celeb husband was involved. UGH, so gross and if true toss them all in the slammer.


Seungri Announces Retirement as Scandal Grows to Include Sharing of Hidden Camera Sex Recordings Via Text with Other K-stars Involved — 62 Comments

  1. He was proven guilty that’s why he was banned from leaving the country but International bloggers didn’t translate the exact report instead the translate the question one only. Commit the crime, serve the punishment.

  2. Was his night club ( from what I know it legally belongs to YG) not accused of ignoring rape that was happening on the premises and actually helping rich guys to find future victims on the premises? I’m not sure so if anyone has any info please share.

    I’m not a hater but Seungri was always shielded like no tomorrow no matter what he did and unless you’re a blind teenage oppa folower you could guess that he’s not a great person. Now, that there’s all that evidence against him I’m really suprised that there are still people defending him.

  3. I am more surprised how people can easily declare judgment without any knowledge of the whole thing. Leave it the police.

  4. You mean the people who hid the whole thing? Sure why not. I’m not Korean so this issue doesn’t really affect me, passing judgement is very easy. This is not a witch hunt, there is a lot of evidence against this guy. If he doesn’t get jailed it’s only because YG is behind him.

    • Evidence? where? Are you the police? I am not defending him but I am only pointing out how people pass judgment not knowing the fact, even little bit of sighting of one evidence, like fools. Just leave this matter to the police.

      Oh well gullibility is equivalent exercising ones entitlement of freedom of speech in here.

      • Are you purposely saying the ‘police’ who are in bed with them will do a fair and just investigation without any bias? The journalist didn’t trust the corrupted police that is why she went to submit the evidence to the anti-corruption agency.

      • If a person is clean and innocent he don’t need to retire especially with a case this big. He would fight to the end to clear all the allegations. This can ruin his name for a long times. People who are relevant will not buy his crap.

      • Yes the police and reporters have evidence and they have repeatedly said so? Your morals must be very low to defend an abuser instead of caring for the victims. Lay people will never know the whole or real truth which is why powerful people can buy out everything from law to judiciary. Atleast respect the witnesses and reporters who have put their lives at risk to expose the truth. Making a conclusion from available facts is not judgement.

      • There are plenty of evidences released so far but you chose to not believe in them. And lol @ leaving this matter to the police when the police themselves are being investigated for corruption by a higher authority.

      • Morals? You morals are low for judging too quickly without sighting the evidence. No wonder there many injustices because of people like you? And the evidence you saying, have actually sighted it? No? So it’s plain accusations. The police can’t even arrest them right away… which means there is no clear evidence yet but here you are people quickly passing judgment like fools.

        You have to be mindful of due process and stop judging people because one day you may be one of these people.

      • @MistyEyes just wow!!! “one day you may be one of those people.”

        You must be the most beautiful person with the most morals here. It’s pretty clear he scared the truth is coming out that’s why he resigned to make people like you pity him. I wonder if you were him would you retire and let people tarnish your name and everything you build up for this far with out a fight. Seungri is probably the nicest and kindest heart person to let everyone accuse him with all the false rumors. Heck no if I not guilty no effing way I’ll retire. Maybe you are so nice and beautiful to have the same as him. Will continue to have all the high morals while others are low.





      • @Skie I wonder how old are you? I’m probably just talking to a wall. FYI, it’s SK. whether someone is guilty or not, has no choice but to resign from any public engagement if he is involved in a scandal.

        I am not defending Sueng-ri or whoever is involved. I am saying these people have the right to process.

        Just pray that you won’t be a victim and be wrongfully accused in your life.

      • @Palai if you don’t know what you have done wrong in this argument, something is wrong with your life.

        Btw, I don’t wish anything bad to others, I am saying don’t be quick to judge. If the world don’t have due process, you can be like them anytime.

      • @MistyEyes I’m not sure if you don’t know how police investigations work or just choose to be ignorant. Just because you have evidence and witness statements doesn’t mean you can immediately arrest someone. He has a ban on leaving the country from the Minister of Justice don’t think they put flight bans on people just because they felt like it would be something fun to do. There has to be a whole lot of evidence stacked up to put a flight ban on someone. Its a huge deal to do that. They need to sift through every single piece of evidence and prove a lot of things before they can either arrest or prosecute does not mean the allegations are false. It just means the system moves slowly because that is how a bureaucracy works. You sound so ignorant in each and every statement you have made till now. Just be thankful what happened to those women hasn’t happened to you. How ungrateful you are.

      • @Really Do you know stand what you are writing?

        Those women? FYI, you have to understand there people who are working in that industry. It maybe illegal in South Korea but sadly there are sex workers in the country. These people are not abused it’s their livelihood. However, it does not mean anyone can just spread videos about them but it does not also mean that anyone can just make accusations. Thus proper investigation should be conducted.

        Am I talking to high schoolers? I am curious.

      • @MistyEyes – you are the most prejudiced person as I have read here. Why do you need to know how old people are? HOW OLD ARE YOU? What’s wrong with high schoolers? Is intelligence measured by age? Is there an age cut-off when people cannot express their opinion here?

      • lmao, are you seriously asking “are you the police?”
        There are plenty of evidences released everyday, if you so interested, you can look it up.
        And to see you calling the “police” to investigate, it seemed that you missed the most important part. The police themselves now is being investigated by the Korean CIA (similar equivalent), and is directed to do so under the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister has called this scandal an embarrassment as it does not just involved Seungri but also the allegation of police bribery. The recipients of these police bribery had admitted to their acceptance of cash in exchanged for being hush-hush.
        You’re asking for evidence when it’s freely on the internet. Your ignorance of these evidences doesn’t mean they don’t exist.
        And to add onto your ignorance, the police that you sound revered has also admitted that the kakaotalks chat has been verified to be true. So there you go.
        Passing judgement without evidence is wrong. But ignoring evidence to support an opinion is also wrong. Don’t yell innocent until proven guilty when you are so willing ignore the evidences in front of you.

      • Don’t know where you are getting at but you need to do more research. Your response to those commenters are all ignorant and low morals. Why waiting for the police when they are part of this whole mess from the beginning. The journalist were smart that’s why she entrusted the case to the CIA instead of the corrupted police.

        Seungri think he is smart to resign with the hope of enlisting in the army to be free. Probably a good escape to be forgiven from the public knowing enlistment means alot to the Koreans.

      • ‘Evidence’ like the entire verified group chat of these criminals sharing illegal videos of women?

        Keep ignoring it but the truth is right there. Seungri’s chickens have come home to roost, all the oppalogists of the world can’t save him from the consequences of his shitty actions.

      • @candycane I asked if you hig schooler because you don’t sound you know the implication of what you say. You don’t understand what is due process. You already pass judgment when the police even can’t and have not arrested these people, yet you call their is clear evidence. No mature people will say something like that. Prejudice you say? How ironic!

      • @MistyEyes Of course everyone is innocent until proven guilty and I can see that you’re trying to give him the benefit of a doubt because noone else is.
        If I ever end up unfairly accused of rape I would also hope that noone turns on me before the final judgement has been made and the Korean public is know to jump the gun.

        Having said that, the police investigations cannot be trusted most of the time – I’ve been there. There is a lot of the messages released already from his phone and they prove that he is a terrible human being. If he was just witch hunted based on rumours it would be very wrong and then we could be talking about how someone would feel if it happened to them but there is PROOF so thinking about his feelings is a waste of time. There are more people who need to be hunted down in this and the issue is much biger that what we probably can imagine but world is not fair and for now we only have him and a couple of other celebrities to get angry at so we do.
        I disagree with whoever who said that you don’t have morals – you do and your moral standpoint is admirable but reality makes people more flexible – it doesn’t mean that we lack morals, though. I gave this message some thought and I hope that noone feels offended.

      • @MistyEyes – are your eyes so misty that you cannot read? WHEN did I comment about the police? WHEN did I pass judgment? My comment is purely about YOU. YES you are prejudice in your tone and your way of treating others here.

  5. I’ll make a prediction. He’ll go and serve in the army and Bigbang will get back together and have a come back. They have a large enough fandom and the scandal will have been pushed to the back of people’s heads.

    Need examples?

    Park Shi Hoo
    Kim Hyun Joon

    You’ll see

    • Umm, I learned this just recently, but wasn’t Park Shi Hoo ruled innocent? The victim admitted to her friend that it was fake???

      • He wasn’t ruled innocent but he settled out of court and the girl dropped the charges. But my point is that he was attached to a big scandal and now he is back on the small screen

      • But isn’t that good then? Imagine if someone’s whole career can be ruined just because of a fake accusation, that’d be horrible! I do think that men have it easier to make a comeback in Asia and that is sick. I remember watching Dream High and when the teachers were arguing whether to report the assault towards Baekhee, I was shook! A person getting a stigma for being the victim!

      • How do you know if it was actually fake or she was threatened to say it was fake. Only the ones involved can say the truth or hide it.

      • That’s exactly my point. No one knows, so a person’s career shouldn’t be ruined because of it. You can bring in so many what ifs, but don’t ruin someone’s life because of your speculations. I hope it’s fake because I wouldn’t wish for someone to be raped, but if it isn’t fake then I wish he gets what he deserves.

    • This case is way more serious than any other scandals in kpop history and it’s deeprooted in politics so no, Seungri is here for the judgement. PSH and KHJ just need to shield out money to silent their victims but Seungri is involved in a larger scheme of prostitution, tax evasion, spy cam, rape, drug trafficking, bribery… and everything we havr known so far is just tip of an iceberg. He has been booked as a suspect so he has to stay for investigation; he can no longer just go into hiding by serving the army.

    • Yeah, I think it will like other Celebrity cases, they will pretend to calm themselves while waiting for all blasphemies from public to subside, then win the case in court with lack of evidence as the reason, then they will wait until the public begins to forget, then they return to TV like nothing happened

  6. Evidence like his messages that were provided by reporters who by the way said that more was coming. We can assume that it’s all made up because some jerks were trying to ruin him and the police – who by the way hid the whole thing – will uncover the true truth and say that Seungri is innocent. I know that Korean netizens tend to overreact but we’re dealing here with facts and not speculation anymore. He is guilty of most stuff they’re accusing him of, although with a good lawyer he’ll be able to escape most punishment. It’s also obvious that he’s a scapegoat and that there are important people involved in this scandal and I would like to see more news on them and less news on him.

  7. He is incredibly sleazy. People who are still brainlessly defending him can eat their words when the final verdict comes out. Sadly it’s these same die hard fans that allow individuals like park shi hoo and Kim Hyun Joong to make come backs. Bevause “oppa can do no wrong” in their eyes. It must be the police and everyone against “oppa.”

  8. Look at him. He is only 28 but looks like a degenerate sleazy middle aged man. Usually Koreans look very young for their age.

    • When he debuted, he was just a goofy kid who almost didnt make it in big bang. I wonder if being exposed to yg and whatever other things going on behind the scenes somehow led him down this path. YG himself is the biggest of all creeps. Seungri is the focus on all this as he should be, but it’s sad that other people with more power involved behind the scenes will probably get away. Despite being a celebrity, he is still a small fish in a pond compared to those who have been getting away with this stuff for decades.

  9. I hope he and everyone involved gets jail time and the end of of their entertainment career. This case isn’t about him – he is just one part of the picture. It can’t be overlooked that he used his status as a celebrity to facilitate his crime. Like anywhere in the world, justice isn’t always served but I hope this case marks a change for South Korea. People were killed or exploited as a result of these guys.

    • Yes, he got away with it the first time, will justice be served this time?! Getting away with his first crime/scandal probably emboldened him to continue since he didn’t get caught, obviously he was above the law…can you imagine him threatening the women telling them they can’t win because he’ll get away with it as he already did?! Sickening! Predators raping women and noone to stop them…let’s hope justice prevails this time! As obviously the only thing he learned from his first scandal is that he can get away with it! I hope they get what they deserve!

  10. Just hearing Jung Joong Young contracts have been terminated with all shows he is currently working on…developing story. Cant believe how quick they moved.

  11. The darkest life of the industry that is why I leave watching Korean dramas I am only watching the stories which amuse me and some fave actors but always it shows the beautiful side not the bad side of Korean society may be the movies which is showing the ugliness in their pretended perfection even the bad guys in their dramas or Psycho characters the writers make the viewers sympathise with them even feeling in love with them but in reality they are sick and harmful to the community.

  12. Since we are getting kpop scandal news can we also get an article about Kang Daniel being basically shut out by his own agency?

  13. I know this is off the topic guys but just watched Leaving Neverland here in Australia which will be seen in Asia over the coming weeks. No Michael Jackson music is continued to be played here anymore
    one of the victims he groomed was an Australian. Well done to my country for its actions and please watch this doco if you have the chance and make up your own mind. Its extremely poweful and heartbreaking.

    • i watched it in France but if it’s true MJ was a great manipulator , if not the guys are the best actors of the world. But celebrity or not i wouldn’t let my child share the bed with anyone. The doc give me goosebumps . About his music that’s another problem . The problen about separate the artist from his works. Picasso was a big asshole(i’m gentle) with women, Chaplin had sex with plenty underaged girls ( 14, 15 years), …, Kevin Spacey’s movies as “Usual suspects” are they banned ?

      • I think people in Australia have clearly spoken as this was very close to home. As for seperating the talent from the person i dont believe that can be seperated and should not be because everything that you acheive in life should be defined by firstly who you are as a person and everything else becomes complimentarty.This is of course is how you prioritise qualties of values principles and common decencency over every thing else in my opinion. We are all different.

      • @Bianca, i was speaking about the public debat . What i was trying to explain is that for some reasons that i don’t understand people decide to ban some artists suspected of crimes and not others. There is a kind of hypocrisie . I could name a lot of artists. About MJ’s doco is creepy but i blame the parents too . Who am i ? Watch SHOAH . i’m fighting against nationalism, people who think that they have morals when they reject refugees who are mere humans suffering ,antisemitism,all forms of racism,…

  14. I would also love to get an article on the whole SOPA SCANDAL, where performing art students are being exploited. This whole Seungri thing is important, but I hope it doesn’t distract people from all the other shady things that are going on.

    • I think you’re right we need to get a few more articles about the dirt that is going around in k-ent recently. I hear that some CNBlue member is also being suspected and some ‘alleged’ members of the chat room have denied any memory of videos. Suddenly people have amnesia.

  15. Don’t know about the guy, but not only in Korea but also in many countries people are declared guilty just with déclarations, rumors , articles, press, … a trial and a verdict that’s what is needed. But people don’t trust justice as she tends to be more lenient with rich people …and we can’t blame them. Justice is going through crisis everywhere ( in Portugal a judge is Under suspicion for siding with violent husbands, in France the case of police officers against les gilets jaunes, …I’m reading a good book from a famous french lawyer Dupont Moretti…very intructive.

    • Justice is done by people and people are corruptable which is why people are tried not only in court but also in the media. There are many truths and not just the one the court rules on. There is no evidence that the chats are fake which means they did at least say those things.

      • @agree with you Reggi, “12 angry men” a Sidney Lumet movie about justice . A must Watch.

  16. as a VIP, i hope, at the end, he will be pronounced as innocent, coz if he is guilty, I’ll be so damn disappointed, imagine supporting him for almost 10 years……………….

    Like, i thought i know him but no….

    so I’m still awaiting for the final verdict..
    Let justice prevail..

  17. This case reminds me of the HK actor Edison Chan and in his case photos were leaked out so there was no question whether he was innocent/guilty. He also wasn’t as greedy evil as this K-pop idol in that he said he took the photos under the willingness of his then girlfriends.

  18. Prayers and love to Big Bang members and their families during this time and as @misty eyes said let justice take its course and if he is guilty then the punishment will fit the crime. Also the ugly scene that is unfolding right now within k pop is really disconcerting and such a sorry sight however I keep reading about SOPA and wonder why there hasn’t been much coverage allocated towards this scandal. Any ideas?

    • Exactly, I’ve been wondering whether other not this Seungri case has been revealed so as to take attention away from SOPA. I hope it doesn’t give the school personnel enough time to do more damage (threatening students = witnesseses) or run away.

      • Soompi and All k pop are consumed with Seungri and JJY and yet nothing on SOPA almost non existent and I agree there is something a lot more sinister going on that the public are none the wiser because there are no news feeds anywhere. I’m so sick to death of all this bad K ent news that’s it’s engulfed all the good K drama/film news over there. When is this mess going to end!!

      • I hope that they investigate both cases thoroughly. Hearing about these make me sick, but knowing that the victims are heard makes up for it

  19. It really amazes me that there are people who will still defend these trashes when there are lots of evidence pointing out they are guilty. Instead of saying innocent until proven guilty, it should be GUILTY until proven innocent. You only think of the oppas, how about the victims, esp to those who didn’t know they are victims?

  20. I have to admit Seungri never gave me good vibes. In all the variety shows that has hi in it, he never came off as a good person to me and this confirms all of my suspiciouns. Pretty sure that him being a judge at one of the idol producer shows are beinglooked at. I only hope that none of the girls in that show was caught up in this scandal.

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