Hyun Bin Wholesome and Cheerful at MediHeal CF Event in Seoul

We all need some healing at the end of a rough news week whether in K-ent or elsewhere around the world, this second full week of March 2019. I’m happy to share some pictures of K-actor Hyun Bin at a CF event in a Seoul mall, shilling for the skincare brand MediHeal and it’s purported doctor recommended face masks to help with the litany of skin problems. You can see how the fans are swarming and super excited to see him there in person and he seemed just as stoked to be there even if he was paid to go and just doing his job. These days being a decent person and doing ones job professionally seems like a low bar but I’ll take it along with a side of Binnie’s handsome visuals and dimpled grin.


Hyun Bin Wholesome and Cheerful at MediHeal CF Event in Seoul — 13 Comments

  1. OMG I really miss him, his smile, and his fantastic acting so much. My Dazzling Ahjussi. You’re my euphoria. ? Will wait for your new project.

  2. His Asia fan meeting tours is coming up soon. I can’t wait to see him. My reason to watching Korean dramas is Hyun Bin. Gosh I miss his cute smile on my screen so much. Please pick up a production soon.

  3. Hyun Bin is so handsome and adorable. I hope he pair up with my beautiful Shin Hye unnie again. I still can’t let go of Memories of Alhambra. Their great chemistry is undeniably cute. I really love how he make her shy girly and laugh everytime she’s with him.

  4. Who wouldn’t be immersed to his cute dimples. Those Korean fans are so lucky to meet him. Wish he is popular enough to hold a fan meeting here in the state. I’ll be the first one to attend his fan signing. I seriously love his performances and him.

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