Alleged victim From 2016 Sexual Assault Allegation Against Yoochun Files Civil Lawsuit Against Him for 100 Million Won

Hey, guess who is back in the news this week, one of the OGs of the misbehaving and/or criminal act committing names in the last three years Park Yoo Chun is getting limelight during a very bad week in K-ent. A civil lawsuit has been filed by a woman who accused Yoochun of sexual assault back in 2016 when his scandal, remember the bathroom (oh god still so much ew) preference of his and oh well you know the dirty deets. Anyhoo, this alleged victim has filed a civil suit and asked a judge to approve a civil seizure on one of Yoochun’s condos in Seoul worth about 100 million won, as that is the amount she is seeking in damages and she wants to make sure she can collect if she wins the lawsuit. Her lawsuit isn’t asking for a lot of compensation (approximately $90,000 US dollars) and her lawyer explained that the delay in suing him was because she waited for an apology from him and never got it. Yoochun has been non-lowkey recently, dying his hair red/pink hue and holding a concert in Japan where he apparently still has fans.


Alleged victim From 2016 Sexual Assault Allegation Against Yoochun Files Civil Lawsuit Against Him for 100 Million Won — 29 Comments

  1. Don’t give this trash second change like jung joon young. He will rape more women in toilet. He trash just like Misty eyes????.

    • Now you’re being an idiot @valentinazara. At least Misty Eyes has a voice of reason and a conscience when posting and doesn’t jump on the band wagon of contempt and hate preferring to see justice take its course. I for one would rather read her commonsense posts then a whole lotta ‘burn them at the stake’ rhetoric being posted when the trial hasn’t even started.

      • Are you serious? You are the one who’s quick to jump even without knowledge but trash info from the website. I am merely pointing your demeanour that it is as serious as those alleged ethical acts of celebs involved in the scandal.

        What’s the difference between you and these celebs involved in the scandal? Difference actions but both can illegal by law. Read the context propertly miss self righteous.

      • Sorry I responded to the wrong person…Its meant to valentinara who kept saying awful things to whenever she hates.

      • Lots of typo in my comment but only correcting the ‘whenever’ – should be whoever

      • @valentinazara , Misty Eyes is a person who has the right to express what she thinks . But i suppose that nowadays we are back to the past . TORQUEMADA era.

      • MistyEyes is the worst sort of misogynistic delulu, who always defend oppa and don’t give a dan about Korean women who are degraded by all kinds of men.

      • But everyone has the right to think differently . I see Yoochun as an hypocrit and an asshole. But when i read a lot of comments , i only see victimized woman. Men can be victims too . Everyone should be a feminist but apparently we have a long way to go. When it’s a man who is sexually assault or abused people laugh at him for not being able to defend himself ! I want sex equality for everyone and for everything.

      • Misty eye has a voice of reason? That’s such a funny collection of words in the same sentence. Are we talking about the same person that is adamant that some of these criminals are innocent despite the fact that they admitted to their crimes? You mean the same person who can’t differentiate between a libel and slander? Voice of reason? If it you say so….

      • Misty eye you’re a woman yourself I am assuming? I don’t know how you can be so proud of yourself to defend people who abuse, mistreat and objectify women.

    • It’s delusional fans who love and protect their “oppas” no matter what they are the reasons why these idols think they can get away with whatever they want. Go wash your misty eyes out so you can see a little clearer.

  2. Who waits 3 years for an apology? It was a “he said,she said” situation and NEITHER was charged. Sounds suspiciously like greed raised it’s ugly head…but who knows for certain
    Dunno what happened and I don’t automatically assume who the injured party is (I’ve seen too many men AND women stare straight at you and lie thru their teeth) but this is definitely something that should have been settled 3 years ago

    • I second you @Baptisia, it’s a 50/50 . Investigation, trial and verdict. That’s all. Judicial system is not perfect but that’s what we have to maintain a kind of equilibre. Sorry for my English.

    • Guess I missed that article about the court finding him guilty. Let me ask you this:would you be so vehement about this if these charges happened to your friend or brother? I am not an “oppa lover” but I think the court of public opinion is scary because everyone THINKS they know what occurred based on second,third,and even fourth hand speculations that cater to more and more extreme and unproven ideas. Sex is not always rape-the important thing is if it is consenual or not. And rape is too horrible a crime to have the word carelessly bandied about. I know this will probably start a sh-tstorm of unpleasant comments and I won’t comment further, but unproven charges can destroy someone’s life and constantly stating speculation as fact is wrong.

      • There were several women who came forward with a consistent narrative of Yoochun’s modus operandi, one of the victims had his DNA in her underwear. You know what his defense was? Toilet cubicle is too small place to rape but yet his side argued that the sex was consensual. So the toilet was too small for rape but big enough for consensual sex. His side also argued that it couldn’t have been rape because the women didn’t move their pelvis around and there were no marks of force. Korean legislation does not acknowledge the concept of consent. I believe 4 women more than a sleazy, greasy toilet rapist Yoochun. Same with Park Shi hoo, he is a rapist too.

  3. I thought Yoonchun was engaged? Rape is a violent act, many women do not come forward, to this day, because they are victims who have been tramatized by this violent act of aggression. And let’s face it, we women are treated like second class citizens. Women, who have come forward, have been made to feel like they must have done something wrong. Some are treated, by the public,/fans with disdain. Women are still not treated with respect.

  4. Alrighty why in the world do I scroll down to read these comments when I know they are going to give me a headache…but anywho I am going to state my opinion even though some of you are probably going to throw the book at me so here we go. I’m going to go back before Park Yoo-Chun to Park Si-Hoo…yes that guy…wait…read before you start the cursing and saying not this bastard again…yes the one that started it all in my opinion. Before I go on no I am not an oppa lover however that being said yes I still watch a Princess’ Man and Iljimae no I haven’t watched any of his new ones but I am probably going to watch Lovely Horrible at some point what can I say I love K-drama so sue me…anyways back to my opinion I remember during his whole accusation many many and I mean many were royally ticked because everything was settled out of court and many said that if it had went to court than it could have been proven rather it was consensual and now they would forever believe he is and was rape. Now back to Park Yoo-Chun he is a person who went through all the channels the court proceedings, the counter sues, and got the non guilty verdict and still….still people are screaming it’s because he’s famous and a rapist went free…I mean come on peoplw what do you want you can’t have it both ways a judge didn’t see enough evidence to convict him but had plenty of evidence to convict the people accusing him. And you have to admit waiting three freaking years to sue him for so called damages and her excuse she was waiting on an apology to me is utterly ridiculous. Honey I do not believe she has a case and it could come back and bite her in the butt. Again not an oppa lover she don’t throw that back me cause I’ll shoot it out of the sky in a heartbeat. Now if you ask me if he did I have no idea…that’s between him and the girl in the bathroom stalls…which ewwwww. And no I am not degraded this girl. I don’t know if she was raped or if she is lying. If she was and it was somehow proven I would be terribly sorry that she had to go through that, however if she lying then that make her a horrible human being for trying to ruin someone’s life for money. With all this being said it may make me horrible but I like some of the dramas this man is in…I mean Sunkyunkwan Scandal was one of the first dramas I ever watched and I also love Rooftop Prince. His music I really don’t listen to him but I tend to like the acting skills not what a person does in their personal life. So that is my opinion so let the bashing begin….

    • @Soo Young…Finally, someone who has an objective mind…I agree with you…Yup, all of this could be his fault or her fault…we dont know at all…one thing I know, the previous verdict by the judge proved that the evidences were on the girl and not enough evidence on Yoochon so he was proven not guilty…as for the recent one, anything can happen, either she really want to get the justice(but why wait after three years) or she just want to ride on the current issue so she will be sympathized by others following the current similar cases of JJY n Seungri n etc…consensual sex or rape, I never know, so I give myself the benefit of the doubt, I dont want to side with anybody, I dont know and I dont want to judge…but for Yoochun, I prefer not to watch him anymore…I dont hate him, I just dont feel comfortable watching him as I do not know whether to perceive him as innocent or guilty of the conduct…I just want to consider that he is just another human or stranger that exist in the other side of the world…but I do hope someday, justice will prevail, whoever should get it, will receive it, because I want to believe that Justice will win and I really need it right now…

    • He has expensive lawyers who used loopholes to get him out of jail. Korea has outdated sexual violence laws and a misogynistic patriarchy. Look what happened with Milyang gang rape case. Entire dramas and films were based on that case, Signal and that film by Chun Woo Hee. You are a stupid fangirl who assumes this ’’neutral ground’’ thing while leaning more to Park Yoochun’s side because you already have a preconceived bias for him.

  5. I give him the benfefit of the doubt and let justice do the job. BUT i can’t Watch him anymore , because of his ethics and morality. In the case of MJackson, i know that countries as Canada, Australia, don’t play anymore his songs. But i still listening his music when it is play on french radios . Why ? Because it makes me not forget that even a person who was considered kind can hide a monster side and if it can help parents keeping vigilant it’s better than trying to erase reality.

  6. As people here seem to be examples of morality . What about Facebook who let a video of a massacre of 17 mn (50 death)be seen for hours when it takes only a few seconds for them to erase a photo “L’ ORIGINE DU MONDE” de Gustave Courbet (1866)Orsay museum ? Does it make sense ?

  7. Are you directing that comment at me @Annie? If you are then good because obviously you can’t read what Misty Eyes has posted which is merely saying let justice takes its course and not be judge and jury before the trial has begun. Whether or not these idols are guilty I guess if you’re from a free democratic society then you would wait until a guilty verdict is declared then you can talk smack as much as you want. FYI I was the one that wrote that Misty Eyes had a voice of reason and I’m standing by it in these instances and if you extend your range and read further on you’ll see others say the same thing. And I am not a delusional oppa loving fan just someone looking at this with a open mind and objectively.

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