Ji Chang Wook Swept Up in Seungri Scandal After News Broadcasts Picture Female Burning Sun Investor Took With Him

At this point in K-ent, stars should hope to not be in the news and just lay low because who knows how wide the net of Seungri‘s prostitution and tax evasion scandal will spread. There’s a new unwitting star caught up in it this weekend, actor Ji Chang Wook who is currently finishing up his military service made the news in connection with the closed down club Burning Sun alleged to be the site of a host of illegal and dangerous activities. A news channel revealed that one of the investors in Burning Sun was a Taiwanese woman known as “Mrs. Lin” (Lin Tai) and then showed a picture of her with face blurred but right next to Ji Chang Wook. Da heck? Ji Chang Wook’s agency immediately responded that the picture was taken by Ji Chang Wook from a fan request and he does now have any connection with this Mrs. Lin. I sure hope so guy, please don’t be involved in this mess in any way.


Ji Chang Wook Swept Up in Seungri Scandal After News Broadcasts Picture Female Burning Sun Investor Took With Him — 49 Comments

  1. Someone is working hard to connect the scandal to the small people to shift focus from the big fish involved. YG’s President, the Police superintendent, and the drug suppliers, etc.

  2. The show that aired the photo, SBS’s “Unanswered Questions” issued a clarification saying: “We used photos of Madam Lin with celebrities to explain that she was acquainted with Korean celebrities. We were not suggesting that Ji Chang Wook was tied to the ‘Burning Sun Gate'”.

  3. JCW and his agency should sue SBS because it’s a connotation that he maybe aligned to this ugly saga regardless they knew their ratings would escalate just by pure association of a well known actor and once JCW responded they issued an apology. Too late it’s caused unnecessary stress and casting suspicion and for what? Even Koala’s article has cast doubt.

  4. He was famous always sleeping with his costar like song hye kyo but I didn’t know he also crown prince of arena! Your agency can’t deny rumors but you can’t be take pictures with some “fans” aka madam lin.

      • i think that @valentinazara mean that he is as Song Hye Kyo used to be. Having a relation with his co stars. It’s what i understood,correct me if i’m wrong@valentinazara. I don’t know about JCWook private life but i like him as an actor and hope that he has nothing to do with it. For the rest he is a man with his needs , it’s normal. Being an actor doesn’t mean being a priest !

      • @cahill Yes. But her choice of words are so bulgar. And i kinda feel bad for shk the poor woman only dated 3 co star and she get s shame for it.
        Anyways about ji chang wook there’s nothing wrong if he goes clubbing to party and unwind what is wrong if he did stuffs like seunguri but sbs already explained and apologize to jcw but still damage has been done.

      • I agree with you @Misha SHK dated some actors and i don’t see any problem there. She dated before finding the one. Because of my bad English, i hope you don’t think that i mean it was ok If JCW was involved in the horrible things that Seungri did. . Hope that JCW will not suffer much .

    • Always sleeping with costar lol where is your proof? I dont understand why koala let this @valentinazara to slander actress/actors in her blog when this user alreary get banned in other website. Just like filming sex videos slandering is a crime too.

  5. He is famous as regular to the clubs like Burning Sun and Arena and friended with the cartel members. He even visited burning Sun during his military service. I guess he can have his needs fixed in the club whatever that needs are.

    • He is known for hanging out in clubs like Burning Sun and Arena and @%*# around…but he may not be linked to the Burning Sun scandal.
      Guess media just featured the picture to attract attention.
      But then again we really don’t know after all the recent shocking news.

    • Really? He’s a regular to Burning Sun and Arena and is even friends with the cartel members?? Someone even said he’s close with the CN Blue convict.

      Oh no… I really love JCW and did not believe the news. But birds of a feather flock together. It says something BAD about his character if he really hung out with such people. Can another user confirm all this?

      • Yes, he is known to be hanging out with choi tae joon (psh bf) and lee jong hyun (cnblue). Accdg to the news, he is a regular visitor in clubs like burning sun and arena. However, a lot of celebs are partying too at those clubs.
        He may not be involved in this scandal but as a regular, he may have seen something suspicious but just ignored it. No crime or what so ever, he just doesn’t give a shit on what’s happening around him. I hope he doesn’t
        (This is just speculation btw as I need to presume he is innocent).

  6. Ji Chang Wook???? No No No No No….. I hope he has nothing to do with it. I can see young stars going to clubs and many celebrities attends the clubs.
    I really hope Ji Chang Wook has nothing to do with the Seungri and JJY scandal. Otherwise, there are so many dramas that I can’t ever watch again and they are my favorites, aka “Healer”

      • +1 “His real self may be very different from his acting job.” Some of these actors/idols are trained to act a certain way during variety shows & interviews, tricking the viewers to buy into their wholesome innocent images.

      • Yes, we all know. I don’t expect him to be a priest, and if whatever relationship he has is consensual to both adults, then I am fine with it.
        The JJY and Seungri thing is what I am against anyone doing. If he is involved, then we should all stop supporting him.
        However, the TV station already clarified that he has nothing to do with this at this time. If a picture or any source that shows anyone standing next to those involved in the Seungri (Big Bang) or JJY scandal, then everyone that those two ever had a show or took pictures with should all be leaving the K Entertainment.
        Even if Ji Chang Wook (JCW) was good friends with one of the scumbags proven to be involved, JCW may not know the extent of his friends actions.
        Pretty sure no one knows what their closes friends do 100% of the time.
        The JJY and seungri case obviously showed a lot of alleged corruption, collusion and bribery with higherups and the police.

  7. Mada Lin is Ji Chang Wook’s Sponsor aka her sex boy. Apparently, Madam Lin likes to show off her sex boy in the social media to set the picture with Ji Chang WOOK as profile. He slept with his co star Park Min Young but PMY dumped him bacuase of his ties to many rich sponsor ladies. He is a trash! I am happy to see his true face is coming out in the light.

    • Dream on @justice you need better work stories instead of creating muck! JCW is an actor so what if he has photos taken with fans? SBS apologised but I guess they wanted an increase in ratings so how fitting to have a picture of a K celeb and a so called investor. JCW and his agency should sue them for slander unless they have solid proof associating him with BS then what they did was purely salacious. If K media dare drop more photos insinuating that K celebs are in tangled in this mess I hope lawyers there soldier up and start taking defamation action pronto.

      • No celebrity will take such cuddly picture with a fan! He also looks a bit drunk. Don’t be naive that she is just a fan. No way ?

      • @candycane- And your point being? What are you implying please? Go on and state he’s guilty by association with that photo because that’s what you really want to say.

      • I am not saying he is guilty, but my suspicious mind tells me he is not that innocent. You just sound a bit too defensive.

      • Well I guess I am on the defensive because it’s unfair that he’s getting thrown under the bus whilst this Madam Lin is enjoying her anonymity and everyone is starting to make up their own assumptions that he’s involved somehow by connection. SBS owe him an apology and a lot of grovelling and monetary compensation because that one photo has turned this into a huge suspicious muck fest and if he is involved then let justice take its course. Gosh I’m not a die hard fan but I’ve watched a few of his dramas I do feel sorry for him and his friends and family plus loyal fans if this does blow up. It makes me wonder who’s next?

      • Madam Lin is not Korean and she is probably a big investor. It is stupid to expose the big bank that’s why her face is blurred. Agree with you that it is unfair to JCW, he should have been more careful in choosing friends. His name is now tainted even if he is not a sexual deviant. Too bad ?

      • Well we have Madam Lin from Taiwan and socialite Kim Lim from Singapore who has been embroiled in the BS scandal so it’s going international. KL has denied involvement even though she attended the club sometime ago. Her name has made the papers for this reason but I’ve never heard of her until now. She’s getting ready to sue. The net had been cast afar to try and ensare these Crazy Rich Asians. ?

  8. If he is a frequent visitor and being a celeb, he will know Mrs. Lin is not merely just a fan. The club will make sure she appeased and not get rejected by their celebrity guests. There may be nothing more than just a picture, but to say he doesn’t know her identity is being too naive.

  9. Who cares if he has a sugar mama and likes to go clubbing? We are missing the big picture here? Women are being victimized and there are people profiting from that.

    Why aren’t we asking the important questions here?

    • That is the question of this article..is he involved or is he not?
      I love his acting and he is very very good looking. I am glad the TV station clarified that they did not intentionally mean to lin Ji Chang Wook.
      He is an adult and young and yes, I know he is not a priest either..I really hope he has nothing to do with the chats and the drugging of women.
      If everyone that went to the club or had a picture with Seungri, JJY is guilty then well, that wipes out most of the K entertainment industry.

  10. JCW is best friends and has gone on holidays with some of scumbags of the group chat .
    He’s also known to be a player and party animal (nothing wrong with that…it’s his life. . Let’s hope he didn’t get addicted to the perverse habits of his friends who got rich and famous too soon, partied too much and became so degenerate that they reached a point where they actually got pleasure out of making and sharing videos of themselves having sex with girls who were drugged. These were attractive young rich guys with plenty of willing beautiful gals to have a great time with. ….but no, that was too boring for them. Perverted criminals.

    • Yes I read somewhere that JCW is good friends with that perverted CNBlue boy. It wouldn’t surprise me if he was being investigated also. But until there is proof that he took part in the disgusting immoral activities, he will just be one of the better actors out there .

      • On his instagram, Lee Jonghyun didn’t post anything about JJY since an episode of 1N2D in 2017. His friendship with JCW started after. So, I don’t think JCW has links with JJY.

      • Him KRW and CTJ are very tight with LJH. I wonder how PSH feels about all her close male friends and maybe even boyfriend being perverts.

  11. Yes, he was swept up in this mess. But isn’t it wise from your side to also write that SBS already apologized for making viewers misunderstood about that pictures?

  12. I don’t care whether she is a friend or not, provided he is not a member in jjy obscene chat, and is not registered as a VIP guest who is very special at burning a club.

  13. This is what JCW agency posted I got this from Soompi

    Hello , this is Glorious Entertainment.

    Our company’s actor [Ji Chang Wook] has no relation to the individual in the photo that was shown in the broadcast. As a fan, she requested [for a photo together], and he agreed to it.

    This situation is leading to the spread of false rumors, malicious rumors, and sexual harassment towards the company’s actor, causing serious damage to the actor’s reputation.

    This is causing harm and pain to the actor, as well as his family and fans who are watching the situation.

    We ask you to refrain from writing, posting, and spreading speculative rumors about the matter at hand.

    By utilizing the reports we received [about false rumors] and personally monitoring [the internet], we will do our best to protect our actor.

    Lastly, we thank the actor’s fans for always cheering for him and steadily sending him love”

  14. One thing i am sure is that Ji Chang Wook’s selfies give a very disturbing vibe. He poses in his naked body like a sex god, but it feels so unnatural and un-sexy and disgusting i want to puke. This guy might have the same sex problem like Park Yoo chun and JJY .

    • Then go ahead and puke @fanboy I guess you ignored JCW agency’s notice I posted above. Stop trying to write your fanfic here cos it’s opinions not your fantasising that’ matters. I guess I’m going to be writing non stop in JCW defence here since some of you think it’s okay to keep spamming untruths.

      • @fanboy Dream on you’re such a dreamer. Gosh you’re so overly obsessed with his looks and body no one else has mentioned that here; just you. Now where are these naked photos you keep wanting to puke over? I’m curious does anyone else share your opinion?

      • His plasticy face and overly narcissism expression make me puke. He likes to show selfies of his naked body, i bet after a sex with the kind of expression i want to puke

  15. Well, now people are going to be suspicious of celebrities who crossed past with Seungri. When you are a celebrity, you are Under scrutinity , so stay at home while reading, listening music,spending time with family… a lot of celebrities say in interviews that they don’t have enough time to do thèses simple things…apparently they have enough to go partying ! Just saying !

  16. I never like him. His acting is just okay nothing impressive. If he’s gone I won’t be mourning over such imminent or tiny lost

  17. So it is ok for a mâle celebrity to be promiscuous but not a female celebrity? He is not a priest so she must not be a nun? Those analogies are insulting. These young adults knew what they were doing. They just got caught.

    If Wook likes to party, at these type of places, then he needs to take responsibility for it. Yes it isn’t easy being an actor, but damn there are a lot of perks which go with the profession. I happen to believe the parents who turn their children over to these entertainment corporations and managers, at way to young of an age, are doing their children a disservice. SHAME ON THEM! Have you seen some of the videos showing how they live and work? The pressure must be horrible. There are many fine actors who do not act out, like this.

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