Hong Sang Soo Premieres at Berlin Film Festival New Movie The Woman Who Ran Starring Girlfriend and Muse Kim Min Hee

Time really does lessen any scandal and none more notable that the relationship of award winning South Korean director Hong Sang Soo and his muse and girlfriend K-actress Kim Min Hee. When their cheating scandal erupted three years ago, all the attention and castigating was against him for being a husband who cheated on his long suffering wife and her as the ingenue who seduced him to stray from his vows. He’s since tried to divorce his wife MANY times and each time it was denied by the court, consider it weird South Korean law because most countries have no fault divorces where one party can keep another in a marriage. Regardless Hong Sang Soo and Kim Min Hee have kept on dating and this week the frequent movie collaborators were in Germany for the Berlin Film Festival where their new movie The Woman Who Ran was premiered to really positive reviews. Art and life continues to go on.


Hong Sang Soo Premieres at Berlin Film Festival New Movie The Woman Who Ran Starring Girlfriend and Muse Kim Min Hee — 18 Comments

  1. Good for them! I really hope that his wife will grant him divorce, it’s really unhealthy to hold a grudge like that. They should all move on and live their best life.

    • While we as bystanders can see how UNhealthy and toxic to SELF holding on and ‘punishing’ is = we don’t live her/their history and pain, impeding her own journey to find peace.

      Relationship Breakdown without cheating is hard enough for some folks to get over.
      Betrayal (especially maybe out of the blue) thinking you understand-know-trust the husband you shared history with for so long … is also very hard to swallow. Worse … if she knew Kim Min-hee.

      Or dwelling on how stupid she may have been in retrospect … doing her best caring for the home/children while all the time thinking he was also out working for the family. (and being able to fit all pieces of the jigsaw painfully, about his absences).
      Individuals process these things differently. Some may never find that peace, for that entire lifetime – the wound inflicted was too deep, or they have their own timelines to heal.

  2. Different indivs need their own space and timeline to heal. Some, may never recover. Especially when it involves betrayal and cheating.

    We as bystanders may see it very clearly. But to his wife involved, at home with the kids it is a hard pill to swallow, especially from someone she may have trusted or thought she knew for a long time. Putting the pieces of the jigsaw together in enlightened retrospect would be equally painful.

    While we know how unhealthy and toxic this is to selfl different individuals needs different time frames to heal and process. Some may need a lifetime.

      • All those six films were with the married man, though. Maybe it’s her choice, but I do not think that’s a good resume.

      • Her resume is better than most with many nominations and awards. Attending international film festivals will boost her popularity. She has lots of time and potential to work with other directors if she likes. I think she is very smart.

  3. There are plenty of talented directors and celebrities without these scandals. I wish the media would give them publicity instead of highlighting individuals with questionable morals.

    • True! I hope only those who are morally upright and are better than those two would shine & have opportunities. I’m appalled by seeing those two together. And anyone can clearly see that she is just in it because of the benefits. Waiting for their karma to be served hard! They might think they are ok, but its compounding its effects on them. They ought to lose everything & get angry at each other soon.

  4. Whether your spouse is a male or a female, when they leave you, file for divorce and choose another partner, it is clear they just do not want you. Yes, you may have done your best, but the spouse still does not want you. Let go, have some pride and move on. The relationship is over.

  5. It is Korea.Divorce for a women at the wife’s age is looked down poorly. I say, she stays married to the guy legally. That way, any inheritance will legally be the wife’s, as well as any medical directives. The GF has no say legally in Medical matters. At least in America that is how the law is. Not sure about Korea. Why give cheaters what they want.
    The wife can move on when and if she is ready.

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