K-netizens Amazed by Original K-actress Top Beauty Shim Eun Ha Even Under a Mask Campaigning for Husband

One’s age will determine if you now who Shim Eun Ha is. It’s either a who? or a oh what a legendary beauty response. Shim Eun Ha was South Korea’s first modern era top beauty, her popularity was number 1 for a decade before she abruptly retired in 2001 when she got married, thereby missing being there for the start of Hallyu. She won every single Best Actress award in 1998 for the movie Christmas in August, did 7 movies total in her career, and won countless more awards in K-dramas and was the female lead in the some highest rated K-dramas in the 1990s. Her counterparts were Go Hyun Jung, Lee Young Ae, Kim Hee Ae, and Kim Hee Sun, but her next-door beauty good looks and beyond elegant aura made her the top of the top and her legend remains because she retired at her apex. This week netizens saw Shim Eun Ha out campaigning on the streets for her politician husband and recognized her even under the face mask due to her beautiful warm eyes and classy demeanor.


K-netizens Amazed by Original K-actress Top Beauty Shim Eun Ha Even Under a Mask Campaigning for Husband — 8 Comments

  1. I have read she was ultimate number uno actress of her time, even over lee young ae, kim hee ae, go hyung jung ( mid 90s retirement )
    Media haunter her so much. It was unbearable. And she retired at peak of her fame. She couldve finished another decade at top but health comes firat

    • And she married few years later after retirement. She didnt retire bcoz of her marriage . She retired bcoz she hated all the media attention which came with her fame. They haunted her bcoz of her rumored engagement. Really need strong mind and heart to tackle media. Like go hyun jung did when her divorce was the biggest news amd made a new career again and reached top

    • She’s even greater than LYA during that time? Nevertheless, her beauty is breathtaking. There is so much class and mystery in her beauty.

      • Yes i have read articles she was the number one of that era like u can say jjh is number one among shk syj kth .. Lee young ae was huge but her biggest phase was from 1999 to 2005. Lee young ae is though cf queen of all time. From 1991 to 2008 she shot most cfs! Even today She is face of biggest korean cosmetic brand even after 17 years and gets paid millions per cf!

  2. What i like about 70 and 80s beauties is they r so natural, most of them and had mature lady aura ehich most 90s gen lack big time. And they have it fron the very start

    • same here.

      this apart, wasn’t she the one who took a lot of sleeping pills some time back…and then said it was by mistake..?..

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