Song Joong Ki’s Upcoming Movie Bogota May Never Finish Filming After COVID-19 Cut Short Colombian Location Shoot

K-ent is reporting that upcoming gritty K-movie Bogota starring Song Joong Ki may not see the light of day. The cast and crew were in Bogota, Colombia on an extensive location shoot, makes sense for a movie title based on a specific location, when they had to cut short filming and quickly go back to South Korea in February doing the onslaught of COVID-19 concerns. The production is reportedly still keeping an eye on the situation in Colombia and claims to want to finish shooting, but the media is reporting insiders are saying this movie will likely be scuttled as the costs are going to increase dramatically to finish filming now with the heightened concerns on safety. This will likely not be the only production affected in the aftermath of COVID-19 but it sucks to have done so much work and not see a finished product.


Song Joong Ki’s Upcoming Movie Bogota May Never Finish Filming After COVID-19 Cut Short Colombian Location Shoot — 21 Comments

  1. I hope they can make it work out somehow, I know the production team wants to continue in the summer if possible. Also song joong ki will start filming season 2 of ac in the fall. So yeah I hope it works out for all involved since money is already invested.

    • This comment is unnecessary. His career and his marriage/divorce are two separate issues. Or are you implying that everyone who got a divorce are unlucky in their careers because they experience downtimes/slumps that come to anyone irrespective of their marital status? I say this as a married fan who is very glad that they kept their business private. Divorce isn’t a crime. It’s not always ideal, but it isn’t something to disparage others over.

    • @adal
      I agree with adal

      —also coronavirus is affecting many people negatively. Divorce has nothing to do with it.

  2. Lol. It is so funny how his career went down hill after his divorce. Meanwhile, SHK is busy with fashion events and magazine editorials after another hit drama, Encounter.

    • I’m a huge fan of SHK but imo, this is totally unnecessary. We’ll never know what’s gonna happen in the future so it’s better to just keep supporting her without dragging the ex-husband for no reason.

      • I agree with @Nad, this unnecessary. There are hardworking crew and staff of this movie who may be affected because of the pandemic. We may never know what happened between these two and I hope it will remain between them. And if anyone or both is at fault, it is their cross to bear so no need to drag everyone around them. Whatever future is in store for SHK and SJK whether professionally and personally, I wish them luck.

      • It’s your opinion. I will stick to mine. SHK is an establishment. She will never fall that easily.

      • @YooKyo I never said SHK would fall. She’s an S-tier actress..only idiots think her career is over for being a divorcee. What I meant is just because people THINK SJK isn’t doing well career-wise, doesn’t mean he won’t bounce back in the future. All he needs is just one hit drama or movie.

    • What is so funny, if someone’s career goes downhill after an unfortunate event no one wants to happen in their life? Im curious of what’s the funny side.

    • YooKyo. Shame on you to be called a SHK fan! No one is saying she is falling. Have some integrity instead of pouring oil to the fire. Do not ever link these two together again. Why bring up SHK in this article?

    • Its not just Song Joongki who is going to be affected by this… a film employes a huge number of workers who may end up without a paycheque. This will likely affect him the least. In the time of pandemic, if petty fight between two people who got divorced without drama is all you can focus on, then I feel sorry for you. FYI, this news has been clarified to be false.

    • Another tasteless comment from a SHK fan. Turning up to gloat whenever theres negative news about SJK, obsessed no?

      • There is also a tasteless comment from SJK fan, why don’t you count that also?

      • @Ta Yes. Some of them are even worse, spreading groundless rumors about SHK. Guess they’re just as obsessed.

  3. To the bitter SJK fan or SHK fan, they already divorced and moved on with their life, leave them alone for good sake.

  4. This news is false according to the production company. And covid-19 really hit too many ppl. We lockdown or distancing ourselves not to spread it but ut also effect the ppl who live on Daily basis earning. The production crew will suffer much.
    As an actor SJK will suffer less actually. He is not poor. Yes, it will conflict his schedule as he is continuously working from 2019 to 2020. But that’s it.
    As for hit project or miss project, there are too many person still exist without any solid hit! So it’s not easy just to cut SJK from whole korean entertainment even after miss projects(like some ppl know the perfect future!lol).
    Future is unknown.So if anyone want to feel sorry(sarcastically)for SJK’s downfall, plz wait for the future! We don’t know if he could succeed without a spouse or not!!!

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