Seo Ye Ji is a Classy Children’s Book Writer in First Drama Stills for It’s Okay to Not be Okay

Sure, all eyes are on tvN drama It’s Okay to Not be Okay due it being Hallyu superstar Kim Soo Hyun‘s first post military discharge acting project. No pressure, right? His female lead is Seo Ye Ji and I think he must’ve have a say in her casting because she’s now part of his new agency and he commands the highest paycheck for any drama actor so I can’t imagine he doesn’t get the final yay/nay. Seo Ye Ji already costarred with my favorite Lee Jun Ki in Lawless Lawyer and she was wonderful with surprising dominant screen presence I have no complaints with her casting here.

One cannot be intimated by Kim Soo Hyun and all his previous hits have been with strong confident female leads like Gong Hyo Jin, Jeon Ji Hyun (twice), IU (twice), and Nam Ji Hyun (twice). I don’t count Han Ga In and Suzy because both are so blissfully clueness and not at all self-conscious of their own limitations but they are flat surfaces for Kim Soo Hyun to project on. Back to Seo Ye Ji, she plays a children’s book writer but her first stills make her look like a Gangnam classy housewife. No complaints, the look is classy if that is what they are going for.


Seo Ye Ji is a Classy Children’s Book Writer in First Drama Stills for It’s Okay to Not be Okay — 76 Comments

  1. I don’t think iu was that good in producers . In dream high , she was supporting role. My mister was her turning point.
    Though opposite KSH, she was nothing special in her roles. She was not on par with jun ji hyun, opppsite KSH.

      • A strong cast , plus a good director.

        She is good at cold roles. She plays her strength and take scripts with cold roles.

    • Iu left a deep impression on me in Producers as that cold on the surface but deep down vulnerable idol singer – not that easy for any incapable actress. It was certainly a big improvement from Li Shi Shin (when I watched her for the first time).

      I’d say Producers confirmed her acting potential which was then realised in My Ajusshi.

      • Producers wasn’t her turning point. She played her TYPICAL cold woman role. Then after that, she had scarlett moon, a tragedy.

        So we have to disagree. She is decent actress now. But she was nothing special opposite KSH.

    • Ok, Ady. Just use your real ID instead of pretending to stan Kim Soo Hyun who can actually act unlike your fave the mediocre eternal chaebol Lee Min Ho lol.

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      • My oppa is still going to get main roles and will bounce back but ur showpiece. She will always be used as prop. A showpiece used for nothing. A glorified flowerpot. Wait for 30s to hit she wont even get that. ???my oppa actually brought profit but ur showpiece made sure there is no sequel. A useless flowerpot. And my oppa track record is still better than ur showpiece . Remember her movie which sold less than half million tickets. ??

      • U r a coward who needs people to come at me. And need whole gang. That is not going to stop me???

      • Ok, ady. Keep being delusional because my “Woozie” got higher ratings than your eternal chaebol. 5% range on a KES blockbuster/most anticipated drama of the year? What a disaster lmao. It’s funny to see you talking about wooden acting when your eternal chaebol invented modeling/posing on-screen instead of actually acting lol.

      • @Maria

        Her oppa might cry that his show in Korea did not make it to the number 1 list, according to a poll.

      • Py i dont need to cry lmao. U guys r obsessed with me . What i do or not. Seriously develip a hobby or something. Its amusing that my comments hurt ur sentiments too mucb. My oppa will do fine dont worry about him. Some haters like u can enjoy till it last. Lmao

  2. Seo Ye Ji, such a pretty girl. I remember in one of her earlier interviews she had said “As an actor she wants to be like reed in a pond, so deeply rooted and natural in its habitat that you can’t pluck the reed out of it”…It makes me happy how she slowly, steadily made a mark in her career. Also I forgot that Kim So Hyun had worked with Nam Ji Hyun twice in his early career. It would be so incredibly nice if he is cast with her again. That almost kiss in Will It snow for Christmas, some good old kdrama memories right there, they had good chemistry even when they were so young.

    • Oh I forgot that show also had baby Song Joong ki in it, goodness now I really want Nam Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun in a show together.

    • The children part of Will It Snow for Christmas was the best part of the drama. They had so much chemistry. I would have liked all the story was about them as kids and not adults.

  3. I wouldn’t count IU twice since the lead in Dream High was Suzy. I liked IU with KSH in Producers but the lead was Gong Hyo Jin. And with Nam Ji Hyun they were the child counterparts of the main leads in Giant and Will it snow for Christmas.

    I’m not sure about SYJ’s look. Too sophisticated for a children’s book writer. More like a very rich fashionista. Too high maintenance look.

  4. I don’t know Seo Ye Ji yet but she’s really beautiful and chic looking. She reminds me of my faves Kim Ji Won and Krystal.

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      • “KshFangirl” is also ady lmao. Her writing style is very obvious and she’s the only one who calls Scarlet Heart Ryeo as “scarlett moon.” lol

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  5. She looks incredible but It’s kind of weird to me for a children’s book writer to look like an incredibly rich socialite. I hope her character actually has an interesting personality and is written well…I know the actress will deliver if she has something to work with.

    • that’s what i thought at first too but well jk rowling is a children’s book writer and she is rich. so she could be a famous writer? or maybe she’s into the high fashion look

      • Good point! I just want her character to be interesting and dynamic, I feel a bit wary of these character shots that basically look like a photoshoot like her appearance is the most notable thing about her character. Please don’t let me down writer!

  6. Praying that Nam ji hyun will be given the chance to work Kim Soo Hyun. they are my faves.
    As for Seo Ye Ji, she’s pretty. I love her outfit. looking forward to her chemistry with the ML.

    • They had awesome chemistry in Will It Snow for Christmas. I’d like to see them together again, this time as adults. Preferably in a romcom, though a thriller is good as well.

  7. I like her in Lawless Lawyer. She has a surprisingly deep voice, which gives her more charisma. It will be interesting to see her in such a different role.

  8. Although I haven’t watched a single drama featuring SYJ,but her acting and voice awed me when I watched some drama clips featuring her. She and KSH are compatible both in visual terms as well as age.
    SYJ looks stunning in these pics but I don’t know why I find her resembling Shin Hye Sun a bit, especially in the last still with her holding a book.
    For her dressing sense as a story writer I don’t think it is too much. I mean can’t children story book writers be young and fashionable at the same time??Time to break the stereotype.I m hoping for a sizzling chemistry between her and KSH. After KSH-IU , I can sense this could be my next fav KSH pair with an actress.

  9. Jjh has raised bar so much when it comes to chemistry with ksh. But this girl is good. Liked her in lawless lawyers

    • Well it is your preference and I respect that. But chemistry is subjective for everyone. I may be in minority cause I didn’t find their chemistry in MLFTS to be that good.Maybe the age gap card was playing at the back of my mind while watching it and that’s why I couldn’t feel the chemistry.But I must say that jjh individually did a good performance there.

      • Well it is time for u to expand ur horizon. My post wasnt directed at u. Most if times people dont have problem with men ilder than women but age card comes when it is other way around? Anyways its been 6.5 years and i m sure u have changed that mindset. That mlfts opinion is universal though and their chemistry made sure that drama became massive blockbuster

      • I don’t need to change my mindset ans widen my horizon cause I like what I like.No one can dictate my preferences.Dont know about other people but I feel the same way even when the male actor is way too older than the female lead.In this matter I won’t be considered a hypocrite atleast. Leads having lesser age gaps clicks better with me.However there are indeed many people who don’t give a damn about age gaps ,it is a good thing but I m not one of them.Plus I m not ashamed to admit that I like onscreen couple with lesser age gaps,I m no saint after all.
        When did I say that my opinion rings the majority?? It is a well known fact how popular MLFTS was.Just wrote what I felt and I didn’t watch it 6.5 years ago.Guess I m still pretty regressive in your opinion.
        Chemistry is subjective and CLOY and DOTS OTP is also thought to be good in that department universally . But there are people who couldn’t like it.Cause it is their preference.

        And sorry if I thought your original post was directed at me.
        If you ask me about Mount Jiri, I don’t think I will have any problem with JJH and Ju Ji Hoon pair, given that the story should also be good.

      • Well if u feel the same for older men paired with women then fair. What what is ur criteria of age gap? 5 years? Bcoz 7 years is not old enough. I dont have issues with ur pov if u feel same for reversed gender roles.
        Ofcourse ir is subjective. Did i deny that? But it just doesnt match universal opinion. People loved them and a successful run shows that.
        Yeah it wasnt directed at u. No need to be sorry. Regarding mount jiri i wished to see park seo joon with jjh as she wouldve completed the trioka with young male leads from same gen. But i like ju ji joon. So dont mind. I doubt it is love story. More like action

      • It wasn’t my intention to dictate u. Sorry if it came that way. But if u r fine with 5 years gap, 7 years dont look like a problem. But i repsect ur pov

      • JJH chemistry with KSH was fine. The disaster was her chemistry with Lee Min Ho. Even a chemistry queen like her could not save a pairing with LMH who lacks chemistry with everyone (except Park Min Young).

  10. SYJ got lucky with Lawless Lawyer to have gotten high rating even the drama was not so hype up. I hope she get doubles lucky again this time. It’s kind of tough because the drama is going to be released in summer, but hope Kim Soo Hyun’s charm will help do the magic.

  11. Just out of curiosity – what two dramas did Nam Ji Hyun and Kim SoonHyun costar in? I know they acted in ‘Will it Snow for Christmas?’ But I’m curious about the second one. Does anyone have any ideas?

    • @Adal

      Aside from will it snow, Nam Ji hyun and Kim so hyun also worked in Giant, a histrical drama shown in 2010.

      • It is giant. Very high rating drama. It end at 40.1%. New kdrama viewers will not know this gem.

  12. Hahaha. Did you expect that LMH turns out to be bigger flop than JCW and KYJ? ???. You were so hilarious when you predicted will be biggest hit of 2020. Lol!

  13. Honestly, while watching Hotel Del Luna… I’m imagining Seo Ji Hye (or Lee Dae Hee) as lead bc she got the classy, elegant and cold aura suited than IU who looks a kid wearing her mom’s dresses in the drama.

      • Also one thing i will give to u that suzy has the bodh n aura to carry those dresses. High fashion look she has. I feel same for suzy kim go eun yoona when it comes to high end fashion. They carry it

      • Yes, that we can agree on. Suzy is the visual of her generation and has unrivaled aura and class.

        By the way, this is in reply to your previous comment above because it won’t post. It’s funny that you talk about wooden acting when your man invented modeling/posing for the camera instead of emoting lmao. Stay delusional. Suzy still got better ratings than your flop eternal chaebol with 5% range on a KES/most-anticipated drama of the year. What a disaster lmao.

      • Personally I don’t find KGE pretty at all and Yoona is too plastic. I’ll agree with Suzy though ofc lol.

      • For hugh passion you just dont need to be pretty but have high end look and height. Kim go eun has it. Thats why chanel likes her. Yoona ps is so apparent. Never understood how they call her visual standard

      • You can always show that your jealous about certain things without having to drag other artists down. We get it, your just salty, even the dead sea is impressed with you.
        And mind you, Lee Ji Eun is Gucci’s Ambassador and if you don’t know anything about style, can’t help you, pressed stan who wanted her fav to have played the iconic character instead haha.

    • Say whatever you want, IU’s performance in HDL earns her a “Best Actress” nomination in this year’s Baeksang. And until your faves manage to secure the prestigious nomination for TWO years in a row, just sit quietly in the corner.

      • Agree, I like all iu’s drama especially hotel de Luna ,my ahjussi & scarlet heart

    • IU has that cold aura down tho.Good actress. @Marie and @adyjunjihyun, Now Yoona is too plastic and had plastic surgery? ROFLMAO Yoona is the visual standard, she’s absolutely stunning and she’s never had ps, step away from the crack pipe, slandering true natural beauties I see.

      • Yoona is olastic. Sm idols snsd members olastic is so obvious. She is plain jane lmao

    • “Than IU who looks a kid wearing her mom’s dresses in the drama”
      IMAOOOOOO, are you alright? You love Jang Man Wol but hate to accept it, the Man Wol played by Actress Lee Ji Eun. Jang Man Wol was made for her alone
      hotel del luna production team: “we wouldn’t even want to make the drama if we couldn’t get IU to play as jang manwol.”
      jang manwol was and still an iconic character, and this iconic character wasn’t played by your faves, so that’s why they’re being pathetic

    • IU best actress to play Jang Manwol and Ambassader of Gucci love by Gucci and an iconic character jang manwol was made for only IU lol SYJ looks like a copy cat of IU in this drama sorry for KSH lol @adyjunjihyun @Marie Suzy looks like pregnant women in when she go in Dior fashion week lol IU is so beautiful and is a fashionista without trying hard unlike others and top most popular celebrity you cant do anything about this lol

  14. Loved Seo Ye Ji in Save Me. Can’t wait for this drama to start and crossing my fingers for my fave, KSH.

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