Park Shin Hye and Yoo Ah In are Brimming with Smiles at the Press Conference for Zombie Flick #Alive

Okay, I may legit lowkey ship these two to do a romance K-drama now. I thought it was fine that Yoo Ah In and Park Shin Hye finally got to work together in upcoming zombie movie #Alive, knowing that it’s likely just them trying to survive solo and then later joining forces, with nary a romance line since who cares about feelings when one is trying not to get eaten. But seeing them at this week’s new press conference makes me long for them to get 16 hours to smile at each other like they do here, all warmth and fondness. Clearly they enjoyed working with each other and I love the contrasting yet complementary outfits at the press con, though Park Shin Hye’s skirt suit looks like a designer sketched it and then it was cut with the same pencil lines left on it hahaha.


Park Shin Hye and Yoo Ah In are Brimming with Smiles at the Press Conference for Zombie Flick #Alive — 43 Comments

  1. i dont know why Park Shin Hye is popular and Keeps on getting movie offers. She is a mediocre actress. she is like lee Sung kyung. This womans acting has never improved. I saw her in the Doctors and MOA drama and definitely she cant act. Younger actresses can do better kissing scenes than her.

    • Stop your ugly rubbish just follow your fave without insulting the others I read your comments which is full of rubbish just to make your fave wow

    • And I don’t know why are you here barking like dogs she is popular because she deserved it and she will keep acting either you like it or not .

      • Parkshinhye is awesome for me,she’s the best actress,I keep on praying that she have another drama with Lee min ho,I don’t know but am addictive to her in every drama she made ????, I keep on searching all her old drama or movie,..

    • Lmao this actress is still one of the most sought out actresses and wanted to work with by many popular and great actors/ director/writers regardless your irrelevant opinion about her. In fact this movie director call her unlimited actress and YAI said he had always wanted to work with her and still wants to work with her in another drama after this movie
      And let me be black and right and tell you why she is getting offers since you seems to blind. This girls have many successful projects, is well loved and had great reputation in Korea and is also a Hallyu star even she doesnt work much. It’d be weird if she doesn’t get offers tbh. But stupid and blind haters seem to not able to figure it out.

      • I love park shin hye,I watch her all movie or kdrama and all of its is so nice beautiful,the doctor Pinocchio the heirs even her old movie I keep on watching it,she’s very good actress I love her so much,from phillipines,it because of park shin hye that’s why I love to watch Korean,to those haters,no one asking your opinion,be happy..❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • stop unnecessary remark to our angel psh. Shout out your mouth and stop your dirty finger. Why you say that it means you are watching our angel movie. Ha ha ha. Envy you are.

    • Park Shin Hye is so popular because she has charisma and she is full of talents. She is the one who made me watch Korean drama, movies, concerts, etc. I first watched her in Heirs, then Pinocchio, MOA and doctor crush. I find her very besutiful and a very good actress

      • Yes Aida! I don’t like any other actress. Park Shin Hye is captivating & compares to none!

    • Just like the way fans go gaga for Kim Go Eun. But PSH is her own class actress with 10’s plus millions of followers like me. Better to zip your mouth to be sensitive to the millions who afore her, specially if you yourself is working class.

    • Joanne, if you are working class & not as pretty & good as PSH, it is wise to zip & zap your mouth!

    • Park Shin Hye was just voted as the No.1 Korean actress to burst US viewers & voted in the top 10 Kdrama actress globally in a lot of countries despite few projects last year & this. Her choice of genre is smart & wise! Always using the platform to send victorious message! Congrats

    • Are you jealous dear???.
      Really out of curiosity Are you jealous or insecure of every actresses?I always see you are bashing.if you don’t like them.then don’t. Go to praise your fave in their article.
      Can you please name out the good actress in your opinion?just curious who are they??

    • We can never get rid of haters, can we? They are borne to be haters I suppose… Good luck to you anyway…. One of the good endearing k-actresses I have come across, Park Shin Hye is…Always enjoy watching her works.. doctors, MoA, Pinocchio and everything… her kissing scenes were good too…

    • I am not a fan but she is getting all these movie offers because she has a list of hits under her belt.

      It’s quite simple, if you’re last project is a hit then you get more offers. But there are some lucky ones whose dramas fail rating wise but keeps getting offers.

      PSH had started as a child actress with a memorable role as the child counterpart in Stairway to Heaven, if I am not mistaken. As a grownup she worked hard and starting with Flower Boy Neighbor, then followed up with Heirs, her popularity soared.

      Acting wise she is really good with emotions with her eyes. About kissing scenes I did notice a certain hesitancy on her part on some of her dramas.But that doesn’t make me think of her as a mediocre actress. There are others who are much much worse.

    • Joanne…when it comes to kissing scenes she seems very tense it doesn’t come off as real.. I watched her in hiers and her other movies and her kissing scenes are ugly..

    • Jealousy is a disease, I hope you heal soon. PSH is a great actress and there is more to a drama than the kissing scenes. Also, her kissing improved since doctors so I dunno what you are going on about.

    • Joane are you telling that because PSH can’t kiss well she’s a mediocre actress. Then you should just watch blue film movies. Song Hye Kyo can’t kiss well but she’s a good actress. Lee Bo young is not a good kisser but she’s a good actress, just to name a few. Being good actress doesn’t mean you have to be a good kisser.

  2. I like this couple too but then again I love YAI, he is a great actor and very easy on the eyes too 🙂 And he is one of those actors who can be paired with anyone from any gender and make it work.

  3. Looking forward to their movie! And maybe a drama in the future of 5o episode ! They look fabulous together! Two brilliant persons, and great actor/actress! Fighting! ???❤️

  4. I never pictured these two together but they are seriously killing it in the chemistry department for their promos for this movie. I would love to see them in a drama together now. They look super natural and comfortable with each other which goes a long way. Drama gods, make it so.

  5. They look good together and would definitely rock any romcom they are in provided there are NO kissing or crying scenes. It’s always good when you like your costar and are comfortable with them.

  6. Park Shin Hye was just voted as the No.1 Korean actress to burst US viewers & voted in the top 10 Kdrama actress globally in a lot of countries despite few projects last year & this. Her choice of genre is smart & wise! Always using the platform to send victorious message! Congrats

  7. PSH is very attractive and her skirt suit here looks really interesting. I like YAI a lot too, great actor. They look good together in these pictures hence I am also hoping that they will do a drama together real soon. Would be something to look forward to.

  8. Oh you mean kissing makes the actress better than PSH? Newbie is the big crap & so ugly!Did you see how tight she dangled on LMH & how she moved her fingers in his ears. Something she learned from the adult film she starred in.

  9. I hope they do a romcom drama series as well!! i think it’s very feasible the way they’ve been vocal in saying that they wanted to work in a romcom because they liked each other’s previous works. YAI is specially more vocal about it. PSH is wearing a very cool dress previously modeled by Kim Da Mi, they both look good.

  10. Ms. Koala nailed PSH outfit description. It gives off the feeling that she’s like the lead from ‘W’ fresh off the pages of cartoon.

    She hadn’t done romance dramas since Doctors. Quite smart, too. Since she became busy with movies. Doing a drama nowadays is risky. The ratings are pretty low nowadays except for JTBC who manages to produce one giant hit two years on a row now.

  11. I like her but not so much her acting . But she’s lovely and the outfit looks great on her . Yoo ah in is always a gentleman with his co stars . They make a charismatic couple that i’d like to see in a drama as i’m not into zombie’s movie.

  12. PSH is a good actress. In all kdrama actresses she’s the only one who can have it all. She’ so good that you even like who ever her co-actor is in her project. She’s so gòod that i watched all her kdrama over and over again. Love u PSH???

  13. I think we will see a different ShinHye in her upcoming 2 movies. I can see her as an action star , she’s believable because of her athletic abilities. The reviews are coming out for this movie and one really like her Yubin. She needs to look for action roles, by her interests in sports etc….PSH is actually not a damsel in distress in real life. She looks like she can kick her leading man’s butt! Her upcoming drama is another project to look forward to.

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