It’s Okay to Not be Okay Drops Significantly in Second Episode Ratings to 4.7% as Tension and Intensity Ratchets Up Between Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ji

If this is a cat and mouse game it’s not clear who is the cat and who is the mouse, and if the end game is love healing all or emotional devastation raining down. Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji drop so much chemistry and intensity in the second episode of It’s Okay to Not be Okay their scenes together are fairly thrumming with tension, and if the rest of the drama weren’t so well filmed by the PD it could easily get swept up into the maelstrom of the messed up potential OTP. The promising 6% ratings of the first episode dropped to 4.7% in the second episode, and this is one disconnect I don’t quite get because this drama is really good all around: acting, writing, and directing.

This has happened before, Encounter (Boyfriend) stayed in the average 8% ratings range and I always thought it was way better than those ratings indicated, but if there is anything problematic about It’s Okay it probably is the subject matter. Mental illness and mental conditions are not an easy watch though this drama does a great job of balancing the light (entertainment) with the dark (seriousness) of the subject matter. As far as my faves post military return dramas go, It’s Okay will have to turn into a raging hot mess in future episodes to even come close to the epic fails of other top male actors: Gong Yoo returned with Big, Hyun Bin returned with Hyde, Jekyll, Me, and Lee Min Ho of course just came back with The King: Eternal Monarch.

The closest comparison to It’s Okay to Not be Okay is that it’s a cross between Hotel Del Luna and It’s Okay, It’s Love. That’s explain why I love it so much immediately since I loved both those dramas but It’s Okay has showcases a new character for me with Kim Soo Hyun’s repertoire of roles. Kang Tae is nothing like he’s done before and I love it, the strength with the solitude and the immense love and care he has in taking care of his hyung. It’s not obligation, he has such wisdom in knowing what his hyung means to him, as all that is good in his life even if it requires much sacrifice on his part. Like I said, Kang Tae is the heart of this drama and it’s good that someone as strong of an actor as Kim Soo Hyun picked this role because it’s not as shiny and interesting as Seo Ye Ji swanning around being a psychopath and doing everything off kilter and “dramatic” if you will. What made the OTP not work for me in Hotel Del Luna is rectified here because Kim Soo Hyun looks/feels/acts older and more mature than Seo Ye Ji so I can believe he can get the upper hand and “rescue” her if you will. In Hotel I could never get the same emotional connection with Yeo Jin Gu across from IU whereas I shipped her so hard with her second male lead Lee Do Hyun. But I still loved Hotel for all the side stories and for IU’s own personal journey. Here I’m onboard for Kang Tae’s journey wherever that may take him, and I’m not worried for him in the least opposite Moon Young. He’s not scared of her in the least, he’s just wondering why he needs to even waste more time on her.


It’s Okay to Not be Okay Drops Significantly in Second Episode Ratings to 4.7% as Tension and Intensity Ratchets Up Between Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ji — 82 Comments

      • I dont think he’s in the same league with Gong Yoo, Hyunbin, Kim soo hyun and Leeminho. He’s a big name but not an A list. Cmiiw.

      • @Khushi lol chill. Whether u swear or scream, JCW isn’t gonna suddenly be a top star. He’s popular sure but he’s no KSH, GY, LMH lol.

      • @jenni, lols. the emphasis. i do like wookie but i kinda agree that he hasn’t had any great project – rating wise that will promote him as A list actor like names given. though for his beniefit, he definitely is a hallyu star.

      • Huh? JCW has a better record than success than most actors. From Smile Again, to Warrior Baek, to Empress Ki, to Healer, to K2, to Suspicious Partner, if that doesn’t equal A List actor, I don’t know what does. Every drama he’s been in has been successful besides his latest one.

      • Not a top actor? Are you talking about JCW? Do you even watch Korean dramas or are you just hurt. Lol. JCW and LMH are the most popular actors of SK and globally too. BR is a hit internationally. Keep burning mate. And get ur facts straight

    • he’s a hallyu star, but he’s nowhere in the same league as fellow hallyu stars Kim Soo Hyun, Gong Yoo, Hyun Bin, Lee Min Ho, Park Seo Joon, Song Joong Ki, Park Bo Gum in his home country. all of these men have had domestic hits aside from their hallyu relevance.

      • Agree. I love JCW, but he’s not as popular as KSH, LMH, Gong Yoo or Hyun bin, etc etc. But I believe he’s still an A list star. And he’s a good actor, so really that’s good enough for me.

        As for ratings for It’s Okay To Not Be Okay, guys, just enjoy the drama 🙂

    • I really liked this drama, the two main actors are doing an excellent job, crazy? Sure, but there is a lot of hidden issues that will make it even more interesting. Mental issues are never easy, some worst than others I hope we get to see a softer side of her soon. He is such a good actor, loved the way he cares for his brother and how he interact with her, interested but not submissive.

    • Exactly. It tries so hard but there’s no direction for either a compassionate line or an ice queen love triangle with predictable kdrama fluff. Either make it raw and gritty as it deals with mental health or forget it

      • Personally, I’m bored with typical fluff kind of romance. It might be just that IONTBO may not be your cup of tea but it’s definitely not boring haha. It’s been so long since I quite invested in a drama that got me hooked in the first couple of episodes.

  1. Thank you for this review. This is my first time following ratings of a kdrama so it’s surprising and disappointing to see the numbers dropping when I and the majority (from what I can see based on comments online) seem to love it.

    I hope this is a success for KSH as it’s his “comeback” and I really hope he, SYJ and OHS win awards this season!!

  2. I am loving this drama. Perhaps the best drama thus far this year. I don’t expect our ML to rescue the FL tho.; it is turning out that she will be the catalyst to get him to face his own fears and trauma and in turn, he will try to help her. I get that dark dramas about mental health aren’t for everyone and that is fine. But I see it as reallly innovative storytelling that tries to question who is normal these day?! What is normal? Why we value imperfect people less? I was also a huge fan of Hotel Del Luna and I get the comparison of a strong, independent beautifully wardrobes FL, there isn’t much similarity at all between MY and JMW besides they both faced trauma. JMW was a vengeful ghost trying to move on and did so because of KCS. MY was abused by her parents and has a personality disorder that borders psychotic and has trouble empathizing and caring for people because of her trauma. She isn’t a caricature to me at all – I can see her anger, fear, vulnerability and obsession just in the first two episodes.

    • Your comment struck a chord with me. Totally agree on holding a less judgmental perspective of people. And really, who are we to judge? We are in 21st century, an increasingly complex era as we advanced further and innovate a lot more. And plot and story-lines have to keep up with times to stay relevant. I enjoyed this drama which brings to light people with disorders and how they can “heal” through more empathy and compassion from the world at large. Even seemingly “normal” people suffer some forms mental afflictions, simply because no one is perfect.

      Both male and female leads’ portrayal of the characters are spot on. Their shift in emotions are projected well with subtlety in their gazes. I look forward to how this plot will unfold. Hope there will be a twist, to push the story line beyond the boundaries of norms/convention.

  3. The ratings dropped because the second episode was a whole lot of nothing. Nothing much happened. It was 70 minutes but I can barely remember anything of significance happening.

    Style over substance for me, so far.

    • Some truth to this. Direction is stellar and the leads are obviously super talented.. But what else? What is the narrative trying to say..

      KSH’s character has some decent build up – the tragic childhood, the caretaker who helps others but has absolved any sense of personal self hood..

      But with SYJ.. Despite the masterful performance – her character feels unrelatable, and we have the generic overdone office histrionics, the obsession with the main lead sort of off putting..

      I’m still in for an episode or two.. for it is stylish. And SYJ & KSH is killing it. But I hope the world building picks up.

      • The characters aren’t supposed to be relatable to be likable man, it’s retelling a perspective of a person who’s trying to overcome a mental depression prompted in their childhood. Not many people go through that route of life, it’s not like people walk in the shoes of other people. Many great things happened in the second episode tbh IONTBO just might not be your cup of tea:) cause I love this drama so much to the extent I have no self-control of waiting another episode ach week without rewatching it haha??

    • I haven’t seen It’s Okay to Not be Okay so I can’t really comment on it however I want to disagree with the line which talks about other A-list actors’ epic flops. I hope by flop you mean to say the dramas which did not do well domestically. I’m no blind fan, but I’ve seen Big, Hyde Jekyll and Me and TKEM out of which I can definitely say TKEM was not a storywise flop. Also is it okay to to call it a flop solely because it did not do as expected in South Korea? International fans absolutely lapped it up, not only for Lee Min Ho but because the plot was unlike anything else in K-drama world until now. Time travel, fantasy, sci-fi and even parallel universes all with romance? Sure, it was very ambitious but for me personally it was a huge hit. The drama hit the right notes despite the complaints of excessive PPL, no chemistry between the leads and the plot being too boring. No story develops in the first two episodes and people who skipped out on this definitely missed one of the best dramas storywise, if not ratings-wise.

      • Yes, I agree, so many people just are too used watching fluff soft romance than a series with a spectacular plot that it blew their tiny heads off.

  4. Very well said Koala. I liked your recaps and I enjoy your insight. I still believe in KSH, but I think the plot is a little too extraordinary for my entertainment. The writer better beefs up the storyline or else…

  5. LOVE all 2 episodes of it!

    Pretty entertaining, and they both have good chemistry.
    His brother – overacts the autism a bir, especially if he’s highly functioning.

    I am glad they’re doing a Drama on MH – about time.
    The OK hospital – it’s the same one from Romantic Dr Kim?

  6. I still don’t understand how IU’s character could be shipped with Lee Do Hyun’s character, he messed up so much! Because of him a lot of people were killed and he didn’t let her choose and used her to kill himself…

    For this drama, I didn’t think the story will be so dark with the murderer of the mother and the Hyung who seemed to see it.

  7. I started watching this after the episodes were already in Netflix and the moment I started watching it, I predicted that the drama would be a good one (well, in my opinion). But I guess it is really true that the 2nd episode wasn’t as intense as the first one. The second episode only showed Hyeji’s character going after Soohyun’s because she found something different in him. The second episode wasn’t that really heavy, but it explained the story more. Halfway in the 2nd episode, the drama felt like it was a thriller and suspense movie for me (I can’t really explain why but welp, I hope y’all get the point). I also get that the outcome would be too unpredictable for this type of drama. We wouldn’t know if storyline would end up in a good or messy note. Nonetheless, I praise every actor casted in the drama. I guess there is still more room for improvement because of the significant drop, but we do not know what might happen in the next episodes. That’s why I’ll always watch it everytime it comes out! Thank you for this wonderful article, author!

  8. I feel that the drop might be due to audience going back to their usual weekend drama fare. Weekend dramas always without fail gets the lion share of ratings.

    Plus the story isn’t fantasy material but rather on the very delicate subject of mental health.

    It isn’t for everyone. Especially for those who just want to be entertained.

    • The usual weekend dramas are in a different timeslot. Iinm, on Sunday’s IOTNBO doesn’t have a drama competition in the same slot.

      It’a still early with only 2 eps. Maybe it will pickup next week and the slight decrease ep 2 had was just a small hiccup.

  9. am I reading TKEM article or IOTNBO. move on Koala. TKEM is the next biggest foreign hit after Money heist this year worldwide.

    focus on writing ABOUT IOTNBO or whatever is airing. Lose my number

    • Oh, she’s not going to stop talking about TKEM. She needs to always bring that up to justify why the ratings of this show ain’t all that so far either. I can already predict it: if ratings go any lower, she’s going to say what she said in this article: “Well the other comeback projects of other actors also tanked blah blah”. If the ratings improve: “Unlike the other comeback projects of other actors, this show is a hit..” LOL. But she will never talk about the reasons why this didn’t blow up in the ratings immediately (second episode was a snoozefest and pure style over substance for now).

  10. For me its okay not to be okay is fantastic the way seo ye ji portrayed her character was out of this world , well maybe its because we have our own different way of appreciating ,understanding and perspective. So for me its to early to say that the drama well be flop.I guess we just need to wait the rest of the episode in order to say that the drama was good enough or not. I’m hoping the drama rating well rise in its upcoming episode 3&4? for me I give lots of love for its okay not to be okay ???????????????????

  11. This is just me. But somehow I’m not comfortable with female leaf character, have great acting but I got creep when I see her&it’s not pleasant. This also happened with FL in Backstreet rookie. There’s this one thing about these two that don’t sit with me very well. KSH really is great. I even love his best friend who really want to help him, seems genuine so far.

    • Thank you!! I thought it was only me. She has a murderous instinct. I can’t ship her with anyone. I love Seo Yeji and her performance, though.

      • Same here.

        And I am totally not reminded of HDL FL character. The vibe is sinisterly different. But yes the actress is killing it with her performance.

        I saw some commented or was it mentioned in the drama that the FL was born that way. How could she be born that way? Perhaps it should be how she was raised by her parents. They are the reason why she is now like this.

        Unless this is a horror flick and she is possessed or an evil child.

        With mental health condition nobody is born that way except for autism.

        The male lead’s older brother is one and he is almost childlike not evil.

        Am I the only one here who feels like the male lead character is a candy male version?

        While the FL is like the female version of Kill Me Heal Me Shin Se Gi? KMHM also deals with mental health.

    • SYJ would probably be very happy to read your first sentence, her character is supposed to be very intimidating and scary/creepy as beautiful as she is.

  12. aww too bad for the rating, i hope the prod and cast don’t feel discouraged and keep going on because i’m in love with the two first eps. From the animations intro, so creative and setting the perfect mood for the drama, directing and ost , it’s so well executed and innovative, it brings that dark fairy tale feel and it’s perfect. I love both leads and how flawed they are, they both have their burden and trauma. GT’s been running away, thinking that’s how he’d protect his older brother but MY called him out and made him think again, maybe that’s just him running away. I agree with a comment above, MY isn’t a simple caricature, you can see she’s born that way but you still can see her turmoil through her eyes, she wants someone to not be afraid to approach her as she is. i think she saw sth in GT. In ep2 she asked him to be her safety pin and his rejection and how he described her as a hopeless case, you could see how hurt she felt when the elevator door closes. I really anticipate to see how their relationship will grow, how they help each other to overcome their own fear and trauma.

  13. I’ve only seen good reviews thus far, so it’s a bit weird that the ratings dropped this early on. Arthdal Chronicles, with all the controversy surrounding it, brought in bigger ratings for its first week. CLOY and HDL as well. I only use these comparisons because all three aired on the same time slot.

    • Yes..So far most of the comments are positive ..the only little concern I found was related to the story surrounding MH issues.. Cause apart from that, directing, editing ,acting and music was spot on…
      There are some cases where poor ratings are justified a.k.a The King which lacked in almost every department..
      But this one is really weird..maybe the theme is not settling well with the local audience or rather people didn’t expect such a dark story as it was originally projected as a rom-com.
      However it is too soon to judge and people may get intrigued by the positive reviews and pick it up.
      As for me ..I enjoyed CLOY and Arthdal Chronicles . HDL was good for most of the part barring the last few episodes.
      IONTBO has surely met my expectations and I will keep supporting it even if the ratings don’t come out as expected.

  14. Hmm, it just not that entertaining, like EP 1 does give a good impression but I still feel like this drama just use mental illness as decoration because they show everything and as much as the OTP has chemistry, the story just feel lack substance, they acted well but the story isn’t that engaging.

    EP 2 story telling dragged hard.

    • Talk about Backstreet Rookie, I can see someone in real life acted like her, not as pretty as her but her behaviour as the troublemaker dropout is not something out of ordinary, which for me kind of quite good to follow. Also the drama doesn’t accept her that much, she is seen as problematic, the male lead is suspicious of her so there is glimpse that she’ll see how wrong she is and try to fix it.

      In I am psycho but okay, I feel that the drama give the female lead a pass because she is born that way and and the end, it’s about accepting her because she is born that way no matter how awful she is. That doesn’t sit well with me. The drama allow her to do her shit, no one held her really accountable because she is antisocial but then, she needs to have some effort too.

      That just my grips, both has female lead that less than good, BR is more understandable to me cause delinquent girl does act weirdly inappropriate but in IOIP, well it seems like we have to be accustomed to her because no matter how bad she is, she is born that way.


    • Mental illness as a decoration. Perfect description why it doesn’t sit well with me.

      I mean, it’s fine if the male lead has an autistic brother. It’s fine if the female lead has some past psychological trauma. But on top of that, you have to make the male lead and the second female lead work in a psych hospital too? It’s too much.

    • It is a drama and I doubt they will delve too hard into the different mental health issues there are in real life.

      This is not supposed to be a documentary of Mental Health. The lesson might be that even if someone is psycho, as long as they find someone that will be there for them no matter what, that is all that matters.

      All dramas have people know each other and are in a tightly woven circle. How else are they going to keep using the same characters for the full 16 episodes.

      You should all take that dramas will never be real life scenarios and that is why we love watching dramas.

      If you want a real documentary of mental health and all its problems, then I suggest that you should watch a documentary or even visit the Mental Health facilities instead to have a better understanding.

      At least the Drama can bring a bit of reflection on the general population as a whole. Small steps works better than a whole “in your face” this is what mental health issues are currently.

      • No one is ask this to be documentary, it just cliche to pile mental illness story on everyone but show it one part horror and one part cartoony.

        What people doesn’t want is theme just for decoration, mental illness to excuse shitty behaviour, mentall illness to romanticised bad behaviour and the excuse of “born this way”. There are many drama with mentall illness but this drama is all over the place and every part has mental illness as if it’s caricature and not an actual story.

        People use this not documentary to drama they like, if that can be a passed then backstreet rookie is also as good, why need realism in a story about girl with flying fist?

        Especially how episodes 2 is just a basic rom com for itontb

      • I second this. I find some people too critical towards this drama on the mental issues aspects.

      • What other K dramas is showing this type of artistic direction?
        Backstreet Rookie, the acti~g isn’t there. I love both leads there, but it is hard to see the female who was a child actress and is still so young to try to be a sexy vixen to seduce the JCW character. That is so wrong on so many levels to me, and probably to others as well.

        What dramas does not have “dressing”…Not sure what kind of add on you want from a kdrama. I think that the fact that they are trying to bring mental health issues and in a creative way to the general public is more effective than to have a total abyss of despair for mental illness in people.
        For any drama to succeed, one of the character has to be rich, have power and the other character has to be at a disadvantage. Look at all the Disney movies, all the guys are Princes…..

      • We are here in the world to dictate that a 22 years old is too young to dress with curve because she’ll be a sexy vixen, I thought people are “go girl, shows your sexualities,you are an adult” and now just resort to “since I’ve seen you since you are a child, let me dictate what you can wear and do”

        Damn people, if she wants to be a sexy vixen, let her be, Kdrama lately has no such character, no one in Kdrama has this character, young and actually knows she is pretty unless she is mistress/cheater. Everyone should be timid little 20s girl but suddenly a confident 30s woman because they have “money”.

        What a hypocrite fake concern.

    • “mental illness as decoration” finally someone can pin point reason why this drama rubbed me in wrong way. I wish they don’t go love resolve every problems, cause FL needs professional help not hot guy who also needs professional help for his emotional baggages

  15. I think its because its about MH So people might not be interested in It, also theres a sageuk and weekend drama in the time slot So maybe theres a reason behind the drop. But i think for netflix it is already in one of the popular searches. Kim soo hyun’s potrayal as gang tae is just ❤️ He is trying his best to be the responsible one but in the same breath hE is running away from whatever fear hE had in the past, meeting moon young must have open some windows hE never Knew was there, hE has to face his trauma head oN in order to overcome them. I Dont know how they are going to make us believe hE is going to fall for her, cause lets admit It her character is very unlike the conventional female lead in a kdrama. She has ASPD and seems to lack in the emotional department, she knows that her feelings for gang tae currently is an obsession and not love. I’m curious to see how they are going to “fall” for Each other or if that is even possible and how they are going to heal Each others wound. In the acting part though both of them have already shown an explosive chemistry and all they did was just stare at Each other and had been oN Each other nerves. Cant wait for more!

  16. I am loving this drama! great cast, great script, directing, editing, so far. KSH’s understated acting is on point. I’m sure he’s going to have a big scene or scenes where he will just unleash the extent of his acting prowess, lol. It’s my first time to watch Seo Ye-ji and I am impressed with how she uses her voice to shape her character. I don’t sense any awkwardness in the way she acts. I don’t think there are any cringe-worthy scenes in terms of acting or storyline. Excited for the next episodes!

  17. I enjoyed episode 2 more than 1. The leads have very good chemistry and I initially watched it for this reason. People with a mental illness see things in their own beautiful ways and its clearly shown in the show through the brother’s story. What I am afraid of is how cliche the ending will be like. In some ways I have a hunch about what’s to come…

  18. He can’t rescue her. She has anti social personality disorder. And she has violent, manipulative side. Moon Tae told her she was born this way, it has poor prognosis. Ratings rise or not, love can’t cure it. I would be disappointed if that happens. The logical end of this show would either a tragedy or Seo Ye Ji’s Moon Young agreeing to proper treatment. Either way I don’t see this ending on happy note, it may end on hopeful note but it won’t be everybody rides into sunset all happy.

  19. The show is super boring. and I dont understand the hype about the Female lead, cant see that shes pretty and her acting is mediocre. Its rating will continue to decrease. 2 to 3 % rating for this drama.

  20. I don’t know why people can’t get this drama! Are they this much dumb! What kind of Rom-Com they are expecting to see so far!? That a rich boy fall in love in a poor girl and all those unrealistic rublish scenes and dialogues!!?? Why? Why? This drama is totally out of box, totally aesthetic, everything is different in this drama and the director, writer all are so intelligent as they input many literary, arristic reference… They put their 200% effort to make this. And this is not at all boring. It is so disappointing and shameful that people can’t recognize their efforts, can’t get the story line. Waahh! Where Goblin and Hotel De Luna was totally unrealistic yeah I understand that the their is mystry and also great casting and cinematography but every drama has their own essence. And this is drama is pure masterpiece. It’s really really saddening that the rating is dropping. But it’s only 2 episodes more to come. So hope for the best.

  21. Imma build a shrine and pray to the drama gods for this drama. Its just too good to jot get the recognition it deserves. Yes it’s about mental health but so was its okay its love na that did well. This drama feels like a fairytale and yet it still manages to address real issues. The leads are acting their pants off with amazing chemistry. The entire cast is stellar, from Hyung, the best friend to the CEO. I had goosebumps from episode ones opening scene and I gave a feeling they’ll carry out through the entire show

  22. It’s the second episode still so not too worried about the ratings. Everything about it has been super positive so far and most comments are praising the acting, chemistry and cinematography so I wouldn’t be too alarmed.

    If it continues to drop in Ep 3/4, I’d be a bit more concerned.

  23. Koalas hypocrisy amuses me. U were bahsing kmh left right centre but have no words for this flop with biggest drama star of last decade. Anyways i m sure he will recover. They r too big stars not to bounce back. Hb with his 100 flops give one hit drama and last for decades

    • She will always rationalize the ratings when her favorites are involved. It’s amusing. Expect more articles about how the feedback on the drama across the internet is positive soon LOL

    • @ ady I get ur point but why drag HB here. He had 4 dramas in the last decade, two were blockbusters both locally and internationally and the other one was also a hit touching 10pc on cable channel. Only Hyde Jekill Me was a disaster.

    • Ratings are a flop so far, but not as big a flop as the Eternal Chaebol, that’s for sure. First of all, acting is superior to the man who acts a chaebol in every drama. Second, IONTBO doesn’t have a superstar writer at it’s helm nor considered one of the biggest budget dramas either. Not to mention LMH fans said he is the actor of his generation and that his drama would hit 20% lmao. That’s why people on this blog bashed him, because of his crazy fangirls.

  24. I totally agree with your observations, koala! Yesterday when I watched the second episode I literally found myself thinking that the show is like an adult version of Hotel del Luna and also that the chemistry between the leads are so much more intense and sizzling. It’s sad to see the ratings drop so much, but the show is rather unique and I guess that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. In this case I don’t agree that it’s representative of the quality of the drama, it’s truly very interesting with a whimsical flair of darkness feels fresh and I for one can’t wait to see what the show has to offer. I also agree that while I was totally behind Man Weol’s arc, this time around I’m way more invested in Kang Tae’s arc… Kim Soo Hyun is really killing it in this role and I find him utterly compelling!

  25. I think the issue is the mental illness angle. That’s the issue for me honestly. This is a tough time for everyone due to covid, quarantines, unemployment, etc, so many people are probably not in the headspace to want to watch a dark themed kdrama about mental illness. When I saw the trailer of this drama, it seemed too dark and moody for me.

  26. If you want a Kdrama focusing on mental health in a positive way, without all the darkness that prevails in It’s Okay To Not Be Okay, then Fix You aka Soul Mechanic is the one to watch. It’s on Viki. There hasn’t been a truly excellent show with a theme of mental health since 2014’s masterpiece It’s Okay, That’s Love, but Fix You comes a lot closer to it than It’s Okay To Not Be Okay. All the characters in IOTNBOK are in deep need of psychiatric care, even the “caregiver” (Kim Soo Hyun). He deserves a more normal life, not completely sacrificing himself to an autistic brother who needs full time care, or a woman who writes frightening books for little children because of the darkness in her own soul. I raised five great kids and I would never let them read books like hers. Shudder. As for the ratings in Korea all they say is that Koreans like or don’t like something, not what the worldwide audience appreciates. Ratings fluctuate wildly in Korea for certain shows and should never be taken too seriously: watch something and make up your own mind.

  27. I love this drama so much. So creative! It’s visually stunning, and I love how animated/ fantasy sequences are seamlessly interwoven with the story. But because of the subject matter, is hard to watch sometimes, and I am def not rooting for them to get together at this point. I want to see some personal growth/ healing. I don’t put much stock in ratings because there are lots of dramas I hated that got good ratings, and vice versa. I would put this in the category of Kdramas for adults v. Kdramas that are super cheesy but fun to watch.

  28. I wondered.. many fanpage accounts thay report the rating always used ‘significantly’. has u really reallly done statistical test like t test on the figures? we use term significant if u really had run statistical test on it

      • significant can only be used if u tested the data through a hypothesis testing. in this case, one may test the difference of rating by comparing the propotion or ratio which is in this case, the rating.

      • no it’s not significant. it’s dropping, but not significant. run statistical test on it. losing 20% of viewers doesn’t necessarily implies a significant drop on the rating.

  29. Frankly… I don’t understand why such a good drama has low ratinga… Its so strong and such good quality. I agree that pace can be picked up but all in all this one is fantastic drama with a totally new vibe to it… Love Kim Soo hyun

  30. The story is doing great despite of its rating…..I feel happy to see kim soo hyun as a lead actor after 3yrs….. ?

  31. ? Guys if you like this drama please don’t forget to rate it 10 stars on IMDb and every each of its episodes. Also if you own a Netflix account you can help this series reach high ratings by rewatching the episodes. Also post and tag any relating hashtags to the series IONTBO! ??

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