K-actor Taecyeon Announces that He’s Dating a Non-celeb Girlfriend

Perfect timing to release this news, ma boy! 2PM member and actor Taecyeon confirmed this week some long running rumors about his love life, the actor is in fact taken and the lucky girl is not a celeb so shall remain anonymous other than being known as the girl who saved a country in her past life and gets to be Taec’s bae now. I say good timing because Changmin just announced his upcoming marriage and hell did not break look in K-pop fandom so might as well ride the airstream of goodwill and acceptance during these interesting times. All my best to Taecyeon on finding his special someone, the rumors have been active for the last 6 months after he was spotted last December 2019 strolling the streets of Apgujeong with an unknown girl in what was clearly a couple-ly way.


K-actor Taecyeon Announces that He’s Dating a Non-celeb Girlfriend — 12 Comments

  1. Could you please edit the “former” you use at the 2nd sentence? As Teacyeon is still very much a member pf 2PM. Google it for proofs if you need. Just because he moved to another agency doesn’t mean he’s out of the group. Please don’t share misleading information as I know your blog is read by quite a lot of people. Thanks a lot.

      • As a group, not until Junho and Chansung finish their enlistment. But other members are still releasing their solo projects/music as well as 2pm vlogs while waiting for the group cb. And yes, Taec is very much still in the group.

  2. I’m happy for him ? he’s one of the most genuine and nicest celeb. Supposedly they been dating for three years! haha

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  4. Okay, I’m letting go now of Taecyeon so I can start now shipping So Hyun with Tae Hyung in real life. I will miss you Bong Pal!

  5. I love Ok Teacyeon and our Group he is one of an Exemplary K actor/K pop CONGRATULATIONS for finding a Lady for you. Stay Strong Healthy God Bless???

  6. i really think tvxq and 2pm’s fans are mature that’s why they we’re not met with such criticism like what other idols experienced.

  7. I think it’s great that he’s dating a non-celeb. The pressure on celeb couples is enormous; and they often don’t survive it. God bless them both; and may they enjoy many happy days and years together.

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