It’s Okay to Not be Okay Gets K-ent Praise for Ornate Set Design and Well Rendered Special Effects

Sat-Sun tvN drama It’s Okay to Not be Okay rounded the midway point last week and is headed to the second half of its run, prompting the usual posts about what to expect and how well/not well it’s gone so far. One interesting perspective came from two recent K-ent articles praising the set design and special effects of the drama, and honestly from the early bare bones synopsis it wasn’t even in anyone’s mind that this drama would need anything unique in terms of production values. And yet it’s managed to surprise and delight from the first frame with the stop motion movie within a movie and through the first episode 8 episodes many of the set pieces are completed with special effects and/or designed with physical touches that are very detail oriented. The Hospital Chief’s office for example is filled with knick knacks and bric-a-bracs which come into play often whether he’s fiddling with it to help him think of using the cluttered vibe to hoist a hidden camera. Between the hospital and Moon Young’s mansion is where most of the action takes place and both locations are like a treasure hunt of details waiting to be viewed.


It’s Okay to Not be Okay Gets K-ent Praise for Ornate Set Design and Well Rendered Special Effects — 23 Comments

  1. It’s been months since I’ve been able to sit through a drama but I ended up giving this a try and binge-watched all 8 episodes. What an absolutely lovely drama.

  2. im addicted to this drama.Now i now know why he is the top actor in his country – Kim soo hyun’ s acting is superb.

  3. Kim Soo Hyun and Oh Jung Se in today’s final 5 min is enough reason to hold the Bakesang Awards for 2021 already. Because no ones beating that. No one.

    They are simply phenomenal.

    • That final scene was INCREDIBLE! Both actors (and the writers, director, and all the artistic support staff) nailed it. I love this show.

  4. Just watched episode 9 and It. Was. Explosive. Is it possible for autistic people to be that vindictive and malevolent? US media always portray autistic people as innocent angels full of sweetness and light, incapable of hurting anyone, that this drama continually surprised me with Sang Tae’s dark side: when he beat his brother up, his sassy but hurtful rejoinders when he is displeased about something, when he fought with Moon Young and when he left his younger brother to drown in the icy pond without looking back, and when he chased the Director to beat him up after he interfered with Sang Tae’s mural. How many of these acts can be excused just because Sang Tae’s on the autistic spectrum? This drama has been an eye opener and thought provoking in the best of ways. I’m hoping someone who majored in Psychology could give me an answer because I genuinely want to know.

    • Autistic people are known to be extremely stubborn as its hard for them to identify and emulate behavior we regard as acceptable. That is why it takes years of very expensive, specialized learning school, behavior training for them to function properly. Its not their fault. In case of Sang Tae, Kang Tae could never provide that sort of schooling or training hence it makes sense. Kang Tae’s way of management of Sang Tae has been silently giving in to his demands. That is not how you parent or manage autistic children. He did not have financial means, not blaming him but it explains a lot.

      • But he manipulated the situation, that is not within autistic spectrum…I was surprised and it may mean that he was misdiagnosed. He may not even be autistic.

      • @Gem

        Thanks for this explanation. It makes sense. So, if Sang Tae isn’t autistic, then what disorder do you think he has? I know that this isn’t a medical diagnosis (especially since it’s based on a fictional character in a drama), but I’m genuinely curious.

    • ST is definitely on the spectrum. I’m a therapist and i work with children on the spectrum and these behaviours can be very common, especially if they are not taught how to manage as a child. People on the spectrum tend to have very rigid thinking, can take things very literally and they don’t like things out of plan i.e. change. If you think about it, it even makes sense they may have these outbursts sometimes because it can be really hard for them to communicate how they feel and know how to manage those feelings. What tends to happen is they get overwhelmed and thus can act out physically, screaming and yelling etc. ST is what we would call high functioning on the spectrum (there are others on the spectrum for example that are non-verbal or have difficulty underestanding communication so they are not high functioning). If anything, because ST is high functioning, he can take in more information but can have trouble navigating his feelings. hope that helped!

  5. The attention to detail in this drama is so incredibly impressive. It means that the team working on it see it as a labor of love and it really shows in every facet of the drama so far. I hope it keeps up (at least majority) of it’s quality till the end. I know everyone involved in production is getting calls for jobs already (including the cast).

    Even if a drama doesn’t have the best ratings or media attention, if it’s good quality, professionals in the industry will be paying attention.

  6. I can just say WOW! Amazing! I got another level of respect for KSH acting! Please, production keep the originality. Do not change or adjust to please crazy viewers and fan girls.

  7. Amazing. Years of waiting for a Kim Soo-Hyun drama is worth it. He and Seo Yea-Ji is a perfect match. I thought it is only Jun Ji-hyun who can be perfect with ksh. But here she is. So mesmerizing. And Oh Jung-Se is unbelievably so good. Congratulations from the Philippines!

  8. Just watched EP 9 and my oh my, the last few minutes of that episode alone was worth every penny paid to KSH for this project. KSH’s acting affects the audience to the very core! Such a great actor!! The rest of the actor/actresses are also doing great with their roles. Love this drama!

  9. The cast and crew deserve all the praise and recognition for putting together this brilliant drama. And in the final scene we see Oh Jung Se and most especially Kim Soo Hyun showing the kdrama watchers around the world what top-tier acting is. Love love love this drama.

  10. Haven’t watched a drama in years ngl, the last one I watched in its entirety was probably reply 1988 in ‘15-16 but had to return for my baby Kim soo hyun. Looks like it’s not just him I’m staying for, but the chemistry, story, acting, and directing. Everything is quite lovely.

  11. Oh my!!!! Super love this drama!!! It is so addictive. The actors are superb in their acting! I am truly mesmerized by KSH performance!!!the last 5 minutes in Episode 9 is fantastic!!! KSH nailed it!!!

  12. KSH is not the highest paid Korean actor for nothing!His acting is always top notch showing worldwide viewers that he is more than just a pretty face. Admiring his work since Moon embracing the Sun and My love from the star and oh boy he really nailed his acting everytime.Another acting award for this awesome actor!

  13. allow me to talk about the effect in backstreet rookie here. the effect in BR is so poor and pathetic. I felt bad for watching the ‘fake sunlight’ outside the store. it’s obviously a light from lamps! and the buildings, roads, and the people walking around looks so fake. i knew they shooting it in the studio due to pandemic , but they should make it right! why others can make a high quality setting even in pandemic, while BR can’t? it’s too pathetic to watch

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