IU Reunites with Yeo Jin Gu After Hotel Del Luna as Guest Star of His Variety Show House on Wheels

I’ve been catching up to the latest season of Three Meals a Day: Fishing Village but when I’m done I’ll definitely check out House on Wheels. Starring Sung Dong Il, Kim Hee Won, and Yeo Jin Gu, the trio of two veterans and one baby-faced grown up child actor travel around South Korea in their mobile home and share the experience with various guest stars. IU is the latest to take a spin on the House on Wheels and it marks the first time (I believe) she’s reunited with Yeo Jin Gu since their hit drama Hotel Del Luna last summer. I thought they had great chemistry just not the opposite sex variety, they felt more like noona-dongsaeng but a couple that would bicker but support each other. That aside, it’s wonderful to see IU film a variety and apparently the whole gang goes paragliding so jelly! Also fellow HDL costar P.O. makes a cameo appearance as well.


IU Reunites with Yeo Jin Gu After Hotel Del Luna as Guest Star of His Variety Show House on Wheels — 43 Comments

    • Miss angel only knows to ruin someone’s career by uploading selfies of her being on bed with someone , without consent of other person and never apologise.
      Never bought her cute innocent angel act. She is cold and vicious.her comoany has marketed herself as some saint

      • You should get your fact straight before saying that IU never apologized, because it is an outright slander.

        IU appeared as a guest on the SBS show Incarnation and finally commented on the scandal with SJ Eunhyuk. She shared, “I wondered, why did this (scandal) could happen? Why did I do this? First, I did upload it by mistake. And to be honest, I couldn’t even blame anyone because I was the one who uploaded it. It wasn’t that I could even have a hard time because of it.”
        And added, “I was so sorry to many people. Since I did it myself, I thought, who should I feel the most apologetic to? Should I be sorry to the people who loved me? Or should I be sorry to the people who loved the person I hurt (the other person in the photo)? I also thought a lot about, should I go out and apologize to everyone and clear up all the misunderstandings, or should I just stay quiet? I pushed back variety shows as much as I could because of that.”
        IU also apologized to many people by saying, “I was so sorry. It wasn’t something that made me have a hard time, being a burden on me or anything because I should just be sorry to everyone. I’m so sorry.”

        And Ady, why don’t you just focus your energy on fangirling/supporting/cheering your oppar? He might still be quite disappointed that his last drama was considered a flop.

      • Can I challenge you for once? If I can provide the evidence that she in fact did apologise, you offer your public apology here in this blog.

      • Nope she never stood up for suju guy. She is cold arrogant fake woman. Apologising after doing big time danage isn’t a thing. She did that deliberately. Or do you believe she happened to open and put a pic without noticing?

      • Sorry I’m not following. What is this about? Could someone provide more information?

      • She posted a pic with male idol in very cosy position, many years back and later put him inder the bus, put put a statement , without informing his company. Till to this day he gets hate but this sly fox became saint. When she posted the pic and gave statement which worked in her favour. Made him the scapegoat. Just write netizenbuzz iu eunhyuk fans give a run down of their perspective. She was the one to cause the scadal and then put him under the bus. And got out of it. She kept that picture for 6 hours on twitter, ruined the giy’s celebrity career and destoryed his image. But sly fox made sure that she gets saved.

      • Also write iu’s top 4 scandals netizenbuzz. Just check how she uses people for her benefits, then play victim card and ruin others image by uplifting hers. Basically korea’s taylor swift

      • Are u sure she has double face.. she has a different attitude on cam and off cam? I am just curious because i like iu esp. her innocent and wholesome image and sweet image to her staff like to her bodyguard and manager.??

      • It’s not right to judge that she is cold and vicious because of that picture. She really was young then. Every entertainment company wants to package their artists like a saint. It’s a business. Some artists cant even argue. It’s their source of income but most important is that they are passionate of what they do. You should not demean a person just because you are displeased of something.

      • I thought her career was affected for some time. But because her albums continue to do well, her career continue to rise. Now she also has impressed a lot with her acting career. She just happens to get really lucky with the projects she chooses.

        I’m not sure about her real personality but that scandal years back clearly made a dent on her image.

      • Oh my goodness, why ? Why? Please explain Why the entire World has moved on from old “make a scandal out of a pic”, but you can’t???? There’s No More Bone to pick at … Let it go …. If you need to vent, please look at yourself and ask yourself, Why do I do this???? Enough already ….

      • @wayne i m not venting. i m stating. ofcourse iu fans want to move on when she was the one to first but that guy till to this gets bashed because ur recious iu threw him under the bus. she is indeed a disgusting fox

      • First of all we should ask why idols need to be “pure”, not touched, innocent when they’re grown up people. Why they can’t be in bed or be friends with someone else especially the opposite sex. What’s wrong with it?

        Nothing. Those ones who think because they are dreaming to be that person’s girlfriend or wife once have no right to be jealous of them if they like or are friendly with someone else. Live and let them live!

      • First i never said her to be untouched or pure. She can take ten every day like all i care.
        But her manipulation and using people as scaprgpat n posting selfies n dont standing up for the other person whose pic eas posted was actually wrong.
        Learn to read i never daid she shpuld be virgin till her 50s
        Live n let live but if u r cold amd vicious, others will calll u out being perks of public figure

      • Jeez eww he is not even my fave suju member.lmaoo. u must be wishing ti date iu . dont project ur emotions on me. Thanku

      • @jj dont come with tour pr bs.
        That essah i am not interested
        Those many scabdals where she manipulated peopme n thrw them under the bus shows her real self. Apologise after doing damage and never standing up for the people is ur true face of ur queen
        Didnt she also buy land and invreased the rate?
        Such shady queen
        My oppar still makes more profit than ur queen lmao

      • lol you seem to really hate IU. I used to dismiss your criticisms on here since majority were just opinions on their work or popularity, but I’ve never seen you so cruel towards a celeb’s IRL personality, which apparently you know about lol. There are actual criminals still active in the entertainment industry, but here you are bashing someone who has obviously grown from her teenage mistake.

      • No one even mentioned your faves, but here you are ruining the comment section with your pure hatred of her lol. Not a fan, I just casually follow her works, but she deserves all the success she has as young woman who worked her way from the bottom to the top in the music industry and is now rising in her acting career. I respect that. None of us know these celebs personally lol.

      • @goddessshk i was bigbang fan. I have bashed them since their crimes have veen revealed. Ask koalas to post about criminals and i will bash them too
        That is not going to stop me talking about this manipulation 5 feet cold hearted excuse of a person

      • @goddessshk k m just stating facts. If u think it is hate, it is ur reading comprehension which lacks big time

        She has achieved by faking an image of an angel, but used men to reach here. There is whole article of real esatate thief iu overall scandals.

        She deserved nothing. But her pr.made sure to paint her as angel.

      • Looked up the real estate thing, and it was debunked lol. I don’t care that you hate her lol, but It’s funny that you’re using an 8-year-old picture to paint a picture of her as person today as if you know her. I started casually following her because my bias SHK likes her. Very much like Kyo, IU’s team has stuck with her for more than a decade and she has kept good relationships and friendships with her past co-stars and people she’s worked with. She’s obviously no saint, but her good personal relationships with those around her says a lot more about her than some rumors and an overblown scandal when she was 19.

  1. Are u sure she has double face.. she has a different attitude on cam and off cam? I am just curious because i like iu esp. her innocent and wholesome image and sweet image to her staff like to her bodyguard and manager.??

    • that is pr image. her charity is also big time tax benefit and pr image. I posted about the articles in comment section. just look them up and how she uses people for her benefit is well known

  2. Here we go again, these two always wreak havoc in comments. Maybe they are salty that koala hasnt been writing about their idols so they just attack new article here that has a young woman in it

    • LoL I agree with you, “SALTY” LOL great description… People who are NEEDY to bring up the past with such Venom have a personal issue of their own they haven’t come to terms with… And it doesn’t have a single thing to do with any celebrity… Time for therapy…

    • @sesa rofl salty? for what? she is cold vicious women who have used people like a sly fox. u r fan who support such heartless human. what more can be expected from unnielogist
      @wayne u have personal issues. Past is part of life n it shows how she has used people over the years. she deserves backlash. fanboy. u need therapy for ur blind stanning

      • @huihui u need one. There is difference between being a fox and immature mistakes. Your inability to differentiate that makes u need one

  3. Well iam curious to know that who has pure image in kpop throughout their career?? I thought that IU doesn’t has any scandal.But lam wrong.some are stucking in scandal that almost a end of career & some are lucky to get out of them.i think its really hard to maintain a pure status in whole career?.well let’s hope for everyone’s good.

    • Yoo Jae Sook and Lee Seung Gi have no scandal. Those celebs with scandals proved that they’re just human being. Everyone made mistakes. But the 2 names j mentioned are popular for being the example in korea entertainment.

  4. TO ALL HATERS, If one believe in cause and effect , let the universe be the judge. One reap what it sow. But if you yourself unable to let go and keep harping on it, well…..

  5. If u do not say anything nice and u do not know someone well do not speak. Everyone has flaw, celebrities are also human with emotions with attitudes like you whoever u are. If you do not like an actor/actress do not post here post it on your wall. You are judging someone you do not know well. Someday it will return back to u. I do not know IU so well as far as I know she was generous with what she wanted to help. She has talent and beautiful no wonder why evry man even younger than her could possibly fall for her. Age doesn’t matter as long as love conquers in their relationship. She is well known in our coountry, I’m not from Korea. So please if you cannot help better shut up you mouth. Be positive in evrything happens.

    • who d hell r u to ask me to shutup? is it ur papa’s forum ?
      U act like u know her personally. Lmao.
      Yeah her pr fake act is so real. e all know.
      she is definition of manipulative person. Her record of using people seaks for it. do ur research fantarrd

      • A rabid BTS and lmh fangirl calling out someone else’s PR act lol Pot, meet kettle.

      • a random loser using my name as username , got so bothered by my comment lmao. My faves are not cheap like her n u slayed no one here dumbo

      • Awww. Little adyjun can actually write a full sentence in proper English! I’m kinda proud! lol Sweetheart, maybe you are too mentally challenged to search this on your own, but it should be common knowledge at this point that everything about k-ent is fake. Everything is fabricated. Idols train for years before debuting. They train for every situation, from how to smile to look relatable, how to create a sob story to generate sympathy… And guess what’s an actor main job? lol Even a mediocre one like your oppar is good enough at telling his story. All this works because there’s too many pea-brained fools wiling to be lied to and to buy whatever oppa’s selling and rabidly “stan” them forever. k-actors/idols create delusions to give sad, lonely, pathetic lowlives like you the hope that,deep down, oppar is like your next door neighbour and he might actually notice your miserable existence someday. You’re a very pitiful creature.

      • Man, you were doing so well. But here you go again, back to vomiting incoherent gibberish and copying mine and other people’s words since your small brain can’t come up with insults on its own.
        I can imagine you, foaming at the mouth while typing the next rant on how everyone sucks but oppar keeps winning (winning what? No sane people would know, only the imbecile).
        It’s okay. Not everyone is born equal. Some just lack the mental capacity to do anything else with their lives other than to be rabid fantards, constantly trolling blogs and insulting everything and everyone, deluded into thinking that’s what oppar would want. “I called someone scum on a random blog today. Oppar would be proud”, she giggles to herself as she lights another candle on oppa’s altar.

        If your real life persona is anything like what you show on the internet, I can see why you spend the whole day in public forums, aimlessly looking for someone to give you the attention that the people around you refuse to do. No one would want to be around someone that toxic. Mama and papa don’t love you, your family abandoned you and you’re incapable of making friends or get a lover. You can only fantasize that one day, oppar will come in his white worse to whisk you away into a fantasy world lol what a worthless existence that must be. How much more pathetic could poor little ady get? So sad. A straitjacket is probably the only hope for cuckoo ady.

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