First Look at Ong Seung Woo and Shin Ye Eun for jTBC Romance Drama Number of Cases

I’ve been so much chatter about Ong Seung Woo, the rising young actor who got his start as a member of Wanna One after coming in 5th in Produce 101 second season. Apparently he trained as an actor but was also talented in singing and dancing so his agency sent him to Produce to get some experience. Last year he started in At Eighteen and got nominated for a Baeksang Best New Actor award in the drama category so that made me sit up and take notice. I don’t feel like going back and watching his debut drama but I am interested in his upcoming jTBC romance Number of Cases with also rising young star Shin Ye Eun. The title isn’t ominous like referring to COVID or murder cases lol, the original title is about how many instances of going from friends to lovers. The first stills are out and nnnggg these two look so visually appealing together, good first impression!


First Look at Ong Seung Woo and Shin Ye Eun for jTBC Romance Drama Number of Cases — 27 Comments

  1. This guy’s acting in At Eighteen was… very green, to say the least. The Jung Il Woo look alike who played the antagonist was much better. The rest of the young cast are pretty much on the same level as the lead guy. Man I really cant seem to remember any of these kids name lol

    • I must say that he did great. Plus considering that it was his first drama, he grabbed an acting nominee at Baeksang and many had sing praises for him so I don’t agree with your opinion [though I respect it]. Anyway, I am looking forward for this drama. I like Ong as an actor and singer, and his personality in real life is very likable. 🙂

    • I beg to disagree @Vee. He was awesome in Moments of 18. First acting job and yet delivery was most natural. Lots of people took notice, and that’s probably why the Daesang. I keep waiting for his next acting job. Now I’m glad it’s here. Cant wait!

    • while i agree the male antagonist (Shin Seungho) was more impressive than OSW, i think OSW did a good job for his debut!

  2. Disagree with Vee. The FL of At 18 is an award winning Movie child actress, her acting is well recognized. The second male lead does not look like a student as he is older and always on supportive role. There must be a reason OSW is nominated for a Baeksang. I will check out this drama, the story seems interesting, not typical rom-com.

    • She may be an award winning actress but those awards don’t always go to deserving people. It’s true her acting in Moments wasn’t great. It was mediocre at best most idol actresses would have the same acting ability. OSW out acted her by a huge margin. He is talented.

      • Okay seriously?! You’re talking about not just anyone – you’re talking about Kim Hyang-gi. This idol actor outacted Kim Hyang-gi – the girl who has a Baeksang and Blue Dragon acting award at such a young age.

        Seriously, if someone can say that with a straight face, they’re either a fangirl or really has thick skin.

    • I think @Cila and @Blink are the same person. LOL. Cila – do you even know who is the FL of At Eighteen? Both OSW and KHG act well in that drama. Why comparing ML with FL? Really SMH to some commenters here.

  3. I still can’t see Shin Ye-eun as a lead material. I’d prefer No Jeong-eui or Shin Eun-su instead of her. SYE’s presence in a drama, guarantee low viewer ratings. She’s so overrated.

    • I wonder if JTBC is trying to sabotage its Friday-Saturday timeslot. Shin Ye-eun never went above 3%. Who saw the 1.7% average ratings of “Welcome” and said, yes, we want more of that?

      • Yeah, I think so. SYE,,,she’s just a bland girl. She’s trying to be cute in Meow, but she couldn’t. Look at KBS Music Bank, was there any hype when she’s coming in? No. And look at Arin as her successor, everybody’s exciting to see Arin and Soobin as the new MCs.

  4. SYE can’t do worse story wise than her last drama.

    For OSW, he was pretty good in his last drama even if Kim Do Wan stole the show for me.

  5. Someone who don’t follow OSW idol personality, probably saw his acting were just okay. But I am quite surprise that in his debut drama this character is nowhere near OSW, like 180 degree different in character. I forgot that he was OSW. So not bad for an idol actor first drama. He was able to stand his ground against KHG. I just hope he smart in choosing his next drama and role.

  6. Whatever it is Ong Seong Wu is a great idol, an actor, a singer, and much more. He will grow very much in the future. He is too versatile. Just check youtube guys. I bet you all will fall in love with him.

  7. SHin Ye EUn is the worst actress ever. Saw her in the one of the lowerst rated drama of the Year Meow. the cat, the actual cat, not L, acted better than her…

  8. Shin Ye Eun is an overrated actress She does not have screen presence nor Charisma. She is Like Chae Soo Bin…..

    • No, Chae Soo Bin is so likable, she can makes any man smile just for showing her innocent face. Don’t compare her with Shin Ye Eun. Chae Soo Bin is like a cute puppy, while Shin Ye Eun… I don’t know, I can’t compare her with something lovely~

      • Thats my opinion. Shin Ye Eun, Chae Soo Bin and Park so Dam lack Charisma and screen presence. They should enrol in acting school.

        Chae soo bin last drama was reduced by 4 episodes. 1% rating.

    • IMHO, Chae Su-bin was so good in Strongest Deliveryman, but her best was in Sassy Go Go, as a villain. She was okay in I’m Not a Robot and Rebel, but lack much in House of Bluebird, Fox Bride Star and Half of a Half.

    • I know what kind of woman you are. You must be hate every cute bright girls, right? You’re also hate girl like Jin Ki Joo, Pyo Ye Jin, Go Min Si, Bona, right? And you always go to TWICE videos to dislike them, right? You must be fan of Bae Doo Na, Go Ah Sung, or Han Groo, right? And you must be a BLIИK, or Neverland, right? I’m sure I’m right at some, or maybe whole, you’re so typical.

  9. I fell in love with Moments At Eighteen because of Ong Seung Woo and felt very blessed to watch his acting. He was such a delightful surprise. Every emotion was expressed on his face. Imho, the second male’s acting is typical – what you normally would expect from an actor – and that’s why many can connect with him. Ong Seung Woo has a lot of raw talent. He’ll go very far, if he picks the right roles. We all know that many talented actors careers stall or derail because they make poor choices in selecting roles. I hope that this drama is a good one.

  10. Shin ye eun is actually not as good in terms of ACTING..She shd learn more.. Saw some ep of her last drama MEOW & not continue it…Feel bored..but the Lead partner L is definitely at HIS best as far as acting is concern

  11. You should really give Moments of Eighteen a shot – I wasn’t expecting much out of the drama but it had a lot of heart and really nice moments. Very sweet drama overall.

  12. Hi Koala-nim! Thank you for this write up. You’re one of the drama blogs that I’ve been following for a long time now, and I’m glad that you’re interested in checking out Ong Seong Wu.

    By the way, the correct English spelling of his name is Ong SEONG WU. I saw his debut drama At Eighteen and he was really good in it. His acting there made me look forward to his future projects. When you do have the time, please check it out. Thanks much!

    P.S. The official English title of the drama is “More Than Friends”

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