tvN Goes Back to English Title of Record of Youth for New K-drama with Park Bo Gum and Park So Dam and Releases First Official Poster

I’m so happy tvN is restoring the English title for upcoming youth modeling-acting drama back to Record of Youth which is the literal translation of the Korean title and not the bland The Moment which further sucked because there are tons of movies and dramas out there called The Moment already. If this drama captures the youth dreams and lives of leads Park Bo Gum, Park So Dam, and Byun Woo Seok, it’ll also be meta since the three actors are also riding high in their real careers and this drama feels like it gathered them together for a shot to make something special out of a rather bland sounding plot synopsis. While the two Parks are getting all the early headlining, it could be Byun Woo Seok who ends up stealing the show or at least rise up on star charisma par. I love his vibe in the first official poster above, whoever styled Park Bo Gum (neckerchief?!?) and posed him (awkward!) needs to be smacked cuz it makes me want to cut him out of the poster and reinsert a better version of Bo Gummie.


tvN Goes Back to English Title of Record of Youth for New K-drama with Park Bo Gum and Park So Dam and Releases First Official Poster — 22 Comments

  1. Based only on the poster BWS is stealing the spotlight! He’s glowing literally! PSD doesn’t make great drama choices and I’ve hated everything this writer has ever written the biggest problem being she never had enough plot to last the entire drama! Hoping for the best for their sake!

  2. Im telling you, this drama will mot even reach 3% viewership rating. PSD is so bad, worst in acting. They should have chosen a more charismatic actress than her. Poor Park Bo Gum.

      • PSD is a good actress, probably is the main reason this drama will get on Netflix. No one is more well known internationally besides PSD.

      • @emily I am Italian and I Love Bo Gum. I watch the Korean movie or drama ever since I know him. So Dam is not beautiful as him but I liked her acting in Parasite, Record of Youth is the most awaited drama

      • i really hope u stop with all of your bulshit theories. last time u said BR which has your fave actrees kyj will get rating exceed 20%. but where was the rating now? not even touch 9% yet. amd that’s a pathetic figures for sbs fri sat timeslot. And now this. I’m not even PBG fans. but I know he can carry a drama. this drama will surely exceed 3%.i think you are an attention seekers.

    • Hey, you are a damn hater!
      You always hate cute girls everywhere. I’m sure you’re an ugly ajumma with personality problems

    • It’s okay to dislike an actress but please don’t be too delusional your hatred becomes laughable. Park So Dam was in a record breaking Oscar winning film. And she gave a solid and memorable performance in Parasite. She’s also the most recognized Korean actress internationally. To be successful and respected in Chungmuro is an actor’s dream. Who among her peers are in the same league? Only Kim Tae Ri comes close.

      I’d say, Park Bogum has been very lucky with his co-stars. You can tell his company is very picky with whom he acted against. The only one who is meh in terms of prestige was Hyeri.

      • PSD will generate lots of international viewings outside Asia but inside Asia, it’ll be Bogums turf! So props to these 2 pairings, they are perfect casting for a drama with so common storyline…gonna watch it though coz I am fan of both them

      • Park bogum co-star is very lucky for having him as well. Remember KYJ drama flop twice. And imagined ShK did a drama with actor like Seo kangjoon or Jang Ki yong, the rating wont be that high.

  3. I agree that PBG is not the best part of this poster between the haircut, the styling, the position and his face… He looks so good usually… But I’m really excited to see this drama.

    • I disagree..his pix here shows character and personality and thats what they are aiming for..look at the 2 its the classic pose and smile and even the body lingo its so common…I just don’t like the neckerchief though (yikes)

      • It’s common but at least it looks good. I have no issue with a more orignal pose, but in this case, it doesn’t work.

  4. What the hell is that poster? It takes talent to make someone handsome like Park Bogum look that unflattering and awkward ?

    • I guess their goal is to make him stand out and it did!! But it’s a bad visuals for some so I dunno!! Heheheh whatever he looks good to me..bias fan here hahahaha

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