Married Couple Jo Jung Seok and Gummy Welcome First Child Together

Congrats is in order and honestly I’m even a little envious of how well these two have managed their careers and personal life together. Married K-ent couple actor Jo Jung Seok and singer Gummy welcomed the arrival of their first child this week, a baby girl. Cue the awwwwwwws from here to infinity because Jo Jung Seok is so going to turn into a daddy slave to that princess. Enough has been written about what an incredible career Jo Jung Seok has built in the last decade and its truly a “life goals” level of win in hit movies and dramas. I’m so happy for this wonderful couple to expand their family and glad it was a safe delivery for both mother-daughter.


Married Couple Jo Jung Seok and Gummy Welcome First Child Together — 7 Comments

  1. This is one my of favourite couples in K-ent. They get my award for being the most wholesome, classy and low-key celeb pair. No drama, no media-play or name drop to promote their respective careers. I can so see JJS as a loving devoted papa to his little princess. She’s going to wrap him around her fingers and mama Gummy is going to be the disciplinarian. They so deserved the love from fans. May they pass the torch to other currently dating or married couples on how to conduct their personal lives with grace and elegance.

  2. Congrats to them. It is really amazing how he build up the biggest resume despite being the supoorting character in architecture 101 but won all awards

  3. A big congratss to both of them?? l like both of them especially gummy her of My fave along with punch??.their osts are lit.& For me no idol can match up that…

  4. Time passes by so fast, it seems like yesterday that I first saw him on Youth Over Flowers. Congratulations and welcome to starting a new chapter of life!

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