Kim Sun Ho and Younger Counterpart Nam Da Reum Steal the Show in Excellent and Tear Inducing First Episode of Start-Up

She’s back!!! Screenwriter Park Hye Ryun I mean and she’s firing on all cylinders and arguably better than ever with her new tvN drama Start-Up. I watched episode 1 and immediately beelined to write about it. Well, after I stopped crying and it’s a total deju vu from my experience watching the first episode of Pinocchio years ago. Park Hye Ryun is the true star of this drama, crafting a compelling story with many complex and emotionally resonated characters and connections. There are no bad guys and I’m not throwing any stones, my heart just hurts for the unfairness in life. The scene stealers in episode 1 are Kim Sun Ho and his teen counterpart Nam Da Reum playing orphaned wunderkind Han Ji Pyeong. The relationship he had with the two sister female leads grandmother played by Kim Hae Sook had me crying and crying for how much each did for the other. The girls’ parents divorce was realistic and each picking a parent should not be judged. I can see In Jae’s internal struggle and Dal Mi is much more straightforward. I want to see them push each other and reconcile and for Dal Mi to learn who her “Nam Do San” really was. This drama is so good, go watch!


Kim Sun Ho and Younger Counterpart Nam Da Reum Steal the Show in Excellent and Tear Inducing First Episode of Start-Up — 48 Comments

  1. The way fans of the Kim duo flops are camping in Suzy articles because they’re salty their fave girls are not beloved by top writers like Park Hye Ryun is so embarrassing. Get over it. The Kims don’t even have half of the star power Suzy has. Imagine flopping two times consecutively with 1% rating cleaning drama and then trashy Backstreet Rookie. The other Kim also flopping with no hit drama whatsoever lol. Suzy can’t relate. She is the actress of her generation no matter how salty you all are.

      • Hurray!!! You nailed it. Commenter was unfair trashing the 2 Kims just to get back to her fav’s critics.

      • I was hoping to read about the drama but….. Okay never imagined Yooj will be mentioned here negatively. Tsk tsk tsk. People have no life. I won’t read further

    • I like how you take an post that is giving a deserving shoutout to the true scene stealers of the show. I.e the writer, Kim Seon Ho and Na Da Reum and make it all about Suzy. The more people like you do it the more hate you are just generating for her. Is she a terrible actress? Probably yes as there are still several cringe moments to her acting but tbh I did see nuances of improved acting coming from her in the second ep and its very promising. However in the sea of talents in this show esp its supporting leads juxtapose against Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk. Boy… do they have to match up or run afoul with even more criticism… Ratings to the key demographic 20-49 has dropped to 3%. Which means its the teens holding forte now to keep it into 4% arena. Unless those kids get more friends to tune in, likely the show will keep losing ratings and thats sad cos its very well written and a nice positive encouraging show in such difficult times.

      • Lydia – I like how you say Marie made this post all about Suzy when a Kim Yoo Jung fan mentioned Suzy first (which Koala deleted the comment). It’s not a secret that fans of other actresses love to drag Suzy on this blog, but when we decide to speak up against the majority here, we’re “part of the reason” why Suzy gets hate because we’re “not being humble”. 😂

      • @ Lydia The top comment (now deleted) was a Yoojung fan dragging Suzy, so obviously I mention them. The previous Start Up article here also had a bunch of jealous Kim duo fans as well. Also, where did I lie? The Kims don’t have the star power nor successful projects that Suzy has. It’s a FACT, but their fans are getting brave coming for Suzy’s ratings when one of them even had a 1%-rated drama lol.

        @Anonymous Exactly. Suzy is the biggest, most popular, and most sought after actress in the 20s group regardless of how much people here deny it lol.

    • kim yoo jung has a hit drama at 16 yrs of age being the youngest gallup korea actress ever u mean your suzy cant realate she doesnt have hit drama lmfao and her br is obviously much hogher than start up lmfao

      • @tyler – please stop acting like an idiot. BSR was aired in a public channel while SU is in a cable channel. Hence, you have to normalize the rating in order to compare the 2 dramas.

        Considering BSR got a high rating of 9.5 and low of 3.7,it’s cable tv equivalent is only 1.5 to 4.5. Hence, SU is the real winner here.

      • true haha suzy doesnt even have a a hit drama and they call her a list?? a list my a ss lol

      • @myrrana then what do u call itaewon class and cloy they are both on netflix?? there ratings is like main channel just admit that nam joo hyuk’s drama is a flop bsr has higher ratings than iontb, nine tailed, start up so so stop with the excuse lol

      • Look at this Tyler fool. Another delusional batsh*t rookie who’s brainwashed themselves that the mega-flop BR (a mega-flop in both ratings and reviews, a drama so bad that people actually petitioned to get it cancelled) beat [insert drama name here] just so they can sleep at night.

      • @tyler. I don’t know if you are dumb or otherwise. If CLOY and IC have the same ratings as public channels, it should not be interpreted as such because as I said, cable ratings are measured in a different way. If CLOY and IC ratings are adjusted, then it may be 30% to 40% equivalent of public TV ratings.

        So, I am not making an excuse. I am just saving you frok your delusions that BSR is a ratings hit. When in fact, it is one of the lowest rated SBS drama in history both in ratings and reviews.

      • Even if we put aside the flop ratings, negative reviews, backlash/controversy/petitions to get it cancelled, low-quality production…

        You know BR is a failure when its fans ALWAYS have to stoop to dragging down other dramas (especially cable dramas which have a smaller audience compared to public channels and cable dramas that literally just started airing) to elevate it.

        If BR is so great, why can’t it shine on its own? Why do its fans ALWAYS have to claim it beat so and so drama instead of praising BR’s strengths, if it has any?

        The cable dramas OP listed as weapons to trash other cable dramas can also be used to hit right back at BR. So it can also be said that CLOY, IC, TWOTM, SC, even Secret Forest 2 and basically the top 20-30 list of high-rated cable dramas decimated BR, a public channel drama.

      • Even if we put aside the flop ratings, negative reviews, backlash/controversy/petitions to get it cancelled, low-quality production…

        You know BR is a failure when its fans ALWAYS have to stoop to dragging down other dramas (especially cable dramas which have a smaller audience compared to public channels) just to elevate it.

        If BR is so great, why can’t it shine on its own? Why do its fans ALWAYS have to claim it beat so and so drama instead of praising BR’s strengths, if it has any?

        The cable dramas OP listed as weapons to trash other cable dramas can also be used to hit right back at BR. So it can also be said that CLOY, IC, TWOTM, SC, even Secret Forest 2 and basically the top 20-30 list of high-rated cable dramas decimated BR, the public channel drama.

      • @myranna lmfao your delusional public tv and cable channel are the same those ratings you’re talking about literally the amount of people watching stop doubling the amount you’re just being delusional you’re funny XD

      • @:-) lol a lot of controversies but a lot of people still watch it cryyyyyyyyy lol start up doesnt even have controversy but the ratings kept on dropping 🙁 awww

      • @tyler,go,convince yourself that cable and public tv ratings are the same. LOL. It will just make your fandom idiot and delusional. You cannot change the fact that BSR is a flop drama in all aspects.

  2. Lmao at people actually writing long ass posts to prove that their “critic” is valid. Suzy’s no Oscar nominated actress but she’s holding her own in this drama. I wouldn’t worry too much about ratings since some of our most beloved actors/actresses have acted in bad ratings drama. If you enjoy the drama then watch, if you don’t like it for whatever reason move along lol. It’s not rocket science.

  3. Kim So Hyun got Love Alarm and Ruler as hits under her belt and she has worked with PHR in 3 dramas. Sooner or later, she will be starring in a full-length PHR because she has the POTENTIAL.

    Meanwhile, Suzy is flopping hard consistently in her dramas. It goes to show that she needs a popular oppa to get high ratings.

  4. @Marie, do not forget that Kim So Hyun has Love Alarm as her first legit hit drama.

    Do not forget as well that So Hyun used to be a fave of PHR by giving her 3 appearances in her dramas. And there is a chance that she may star in a 16-episode PHR drama someday.

    Meanwhile, Suzy is given another chance for this drama because she is the main reason why WYWS flopped so hard. Hence, Suzy better prove her haters that she is a caliber of na actress or else she will lose big jobs like in the future.

  5. Suzy will remain booked by top directors and writers regardless of ratings, “acting talent”, etc. We’ve heard it before that every rising actress will replace or put Suzy out of business, but nothing has changed in the last ten years. So critics can continue to cry about their faves and Suzy’s inferior acting until she decides to retire. 🤗

    • I think she is being challenged not replaced. The 2 kims are booking starrer dramas year after year. Sooner or later, we will see them working with top PDs and writers.

  6. I like the pilot – for a moment I’m wondering whether the 2nd lead is the real lead! Their back story of pen pals just sets it so classic kdrama for the main OTP, I was thinking where is NJK going to fit lol true enough he appears only in the last 20 seconds- after all that story building. NJK has big shoes to fill because I’m liking the second lead a lot. But it’s a unique angle to the story – credits for being different. And overall the pilot was well done – Suzy does well in these sort of roles so her lack of acting skills is not a problem at this point. I’m going to follow this drama for the time being. 🙂

  7. What strikes me watching the first couple episodes is once again, the knowledge that Park Hye Ryun is an excellent writer. She has a particular strength for creating characters with strong arcs that are bound to crash into each other. The beginning feels a little like an inverted Pinocchio to me–the bit about the girl writing to someone but not really knowing who is on the other end. Except now PHR has taken that idea and run with it in an interesting direction. It’s going to be really interesting when the inevitable moment comes when Suzy’s character finds out the truth.

    Have to say, though, that for me, Nam Da Reum stole the show in ep 1. That kid is amazing, and more and more, I’m having a hard time shifting to the adult version of his character. When do they start giving people lead roles there? Because he can definitely carry it!

    • They slip one episode into two parts. IOTNBO is also well liked by everyone but the ratings flipped flopped around 4%-5% for awhile

      • This “splitting” excuse is so funny. Regardless, <5% average on that PRIME tvN weekend time slot is a flop, especially when you have that writer and supposed "A-list actress" according to her fans and K-media. Even weekday tvN dramas out-performing it in their premiere week. It's unfortunate that a well-written drama is under-performing, but maybe this will mean PHR will work other actresses with more star power in the future.

    • It’s on a cable network so it seems low, it’s decent. It’s holding onto number 1 in their time slot. I’m just not sure why people are expecting it to be a major hit when most people on this site doesn’t even like Suzy. They don’t consider her acting good so why would they expect it to be a hit? LOL.

  8. Koala barely mentioned Suzy and the article is more about Kim Seonho and Nam Dareum but others always make it about two Kims vs whoever other young actresses that is featured.

  9. throwback to when Suzy’s articles here are full of Park Sin Hye comparison in the comments, now it’s full of the two Kims lmao

  10. Nam Da Reum was fantastic in this. He is going to clearly go really far and he is so very young. I think its best if he follows Park Seo Joon and gets military service out of his way fast. Other than playing teenage roles, there’s not much space for him in dramas right now. Kim Sun Ho does have a meatier arc but I liked Nam Joo Hyuk’s introduction too. I wasn’t much impressed with the second episode. It did flesh out the plot but also seemed less impactful as the first. Suzy is actually doing well here. I don’t have complaints with her. She is good as far as the first two episodes are concerned. I was hoping the sisters get more space to interact but there’s still time for that I guess.

    • Havent even watch the drama but I can sense Nam Da Reum doing good, since he was so good in almost (I say almost cos havent watched all his work) all his projects. So sweet looking too (Not gonna lie, his smile in Beautiful World was breathtaking). Hopefully he can grow a lot as actor and does not stay in one or two stereotypical lanes.

    • I am actually more excited to see how the story pans out for the sisters. I remember a line they used was “blood is thicker than water” for startup promos. I Have a feeling I am gonna end up loving Kang Hannas character growth

  11. This show is good but I don’t know why the ratings decreased for the second episode.. Meanwhile the other drama ,”Search” featuring another idol has improved its rating even when it is airing on OCN .
    I feel OCN dramas are underrated..They deserve better ratings.

  12. Kim Seon Ho’s character in the drama is more difficult to play – cold objective but yet caring yet. Seon Ho is a stage actor for more than 10 years and his drama in December last year was sold out in 5 minutes. Hence director and writer have picked the right guy to play that role.
    Director and writer are professional with experience in casting and they must have seen Suzy’s ability. Suzy is good in this drama as well as in While you are sleeping. In there, it’s refreshing to see a girl pursuing a guy who is awkward. But slowly like meeting a good girl the guy developed well. I am waiting for that guy to come back to dramaland soon – Lee Jong Suk, my all time favourite actor.
    A little disappointed with NJH acting. Hope he gets better soon. Hopefully Seon Ho can help him (SH is a good person helpful as well).
    People watch drama on the net rather than TV nowadays to savour the development of the plot n character esp drama that fast moving n challenging not very predictable.
    The writer amazing and the director is fanatistic. Like so much the collaboration.
    Looking forward to ep 3 n 4.

  13. I’m liking the Han Ji Pyung character a lot. Really hope he ends up with Dal Mi. And I quite like the actor playing the father of the two girls. Loved him in It’s Okay Not To Be Okay. He took it up a notch and made me sympathize with him as the warm, honest, hardworking father. So very sad how he died.

  14. I agree that Kim Sun Ho and Nam Da Reum were the scene stealer, I also think that Kim Joo Hun was great in portraying the girls’ father. A lot of people have much to say about Suzy’s acting, but I don’t see anything great in Kang Hana’s acting either. In my opinion, they both just delivered the necessary. All in all, this drama is off with a good start. Hopefully it stays that way, as a lot of dramas started strong and dwindled somewhere in the middle (Alice to name a few).

  15. People here loves to drag Suzy all the time for her acting,so here’s my question why do you guys keep on nagging about her all the freaking time? I mean No One Is Holding You people on gun point to watch her dramas, so if you don’t like her acting, fine!! Move on and watch some other dramas of actors you like there are plenty of it you know? And don’t tell me she’s taking away the job of others. If she’s that bad at acting as you people claim then no PH will cast her. Hater’s just want to hate on anything she does. Guys, go live your life peaceful or is it that pathetic that you take out your frustration out on Suzy?

  16. As much as i like The Kims, I prefer not to drag them in other actress’ articles or news. They are preciously much better, acting wise. They have been acting since pre-school age and even have no acting basic at courses or school. The Kims are not idol, so basically they crawled with their best chops on acting from a very young age.
    So, for others The Kims’ fans: hold yourself. Don’t bother with silly stuffs as defending them in a comment section like this by writing bad sides of other actresses.
    Ratings are fluctuate, but qualities give you pride.

  17. I agree. I always feel that Suzy tries too hard therefore he acting feels like acting. Look at while you were sleeping and uncontrollably fond… no matter what she does, she can’t relate to acting as plain girls or everyday girls. The two Kim’s have come a long way. They’ve been acting since before they even hit 5.

  18. This is the first time I actually read the comments section on an article cause the article is just too short and I thought someone would describe the plot of the show. I know the comments section are scary that’s why I never read them. But damn u guys are a bit much to anyone

    • Suzy I hope that you will show your best acting skills through this drama we all know that you have worked hard and it’s not just luck and beauty that took you to the place where you are just keep on doing your best and I will always support you ❣️

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