Kim Soo Hyun, Seo Ye Ji, and Son Ye Jin Win the Popularity Awards in the Acting Category at the 2020 APAN Awards

The APAN Awards are hosted by the Korean Entertainment Management Association since 2012 and this year they split it into Top 10 Artists (music) and then the Popularity Awards (music and acting). The ceremony was postponed due to COVID-10 but the winners were announced already. I only follow K-dramas so on the acting side the here are the winners: Kim Soo Hyun won Most Popular Actor, Seo Ye Ji won Most Popular Actress, and Son Ye Jin got the most votes and took home the KT Seezn Star Award (acting category), which is a prize sponsored by the Seezn app in South Korea and was voted through the app. Congrats to the three popular stars who all had buzzy dramas this year with It’s Okay to Not be Okay and Crash Landing on You, respectively.


Kim Soo Hyun, Seo Ye Ji, and Son Ye Jin Win the Popularity Awards in the Acting Category at the 2020 APAN Awards — 40 Comments

    • Hahaha ikr.
      It’s funny at first and the it evolves to being downright ridiculous and then super weirdly heated that it gets very stressful. thus I tend to check once on articles/blogs/updates like this, and then leave as soon as the views/comments blow up with fanwars.

      Its best to be happy with any good news regarding whoever one fancies. And not be immersed in the rabbit hole of fanwars. No one usually comes out the winner at these things.

    • And the childish tantrums:
      “Mama, KSH doesn’t deserve the award. Since my opinion matters to Korea and its award-giving bodies, let’s fly there and command them to give it to my fave instead. What? They don’t care about my opinion? Then all their award shows are trash, joke, scam!”

    • Tom and his dozen other aliases should spend all that energy and vote for Lee Joon Ki instead. If he had won, maybe we’ll get to see him flirt with Seo Ye Ji on stage again. Gosh, I didn’t know he’s so cheesy.

      • As if Tom made these dramas. If he is not satisfied with the actors or the dramas, maybe he should tey making one of his own drama featuring lee jun ki.


  1. Congrats to the winners! It can’t be helped that IONTBO had a lot of success. It was well received even by international fans. Even got honorable mentions from celebrities from other countries through twitter.

      • What’s the point of winning popularity awards if it is not given by ur fans..🙄..I can’t forget how Yeaji fans were undermining Soo Hyun’s popularity just because he got low votes in AAA but at the end themselves had to ask for votes from other fandom to make her win in Apan.

      • Let’s not fight gushing, let’s celebrate. Anyway, it was pointless to waste time in the AAA popularity voting since Soohyun and the other actors were competing against idols. Its impossible to win against dedicated kpop fans lol. Focusing on APAN was a good idea

      • @A

        I also saw their idiocy on the bird app. Their fave had been criminally overlooked by the industry for years until she starred in a Hallyu actor’s comeback drama…and blew up. Rather than tear him down to lift her up, maybe they should send him flowers? Lol. Anyways, I adore her. Even though it’s difficult, I try not to let toxic fans ruin a celeb for me. Like @Yea wrote, let’s celebrate their success.

      • I don’t quite understand why you are attacking SYJ with my comment. I said IONTBO have received international success, not that SYJ alone have done so or that her fans along with idol fans teamed up to vote for her success. Where did you get this from what I wrote?….

      • @neen my comment shouldn’t be exactly here but point is …iotnbo is a hit no her fans shouldn’t have underestimated it and used underhanded techniques..Come on who ditches your faves co-star and votes for another person just so they could win in other award..This was selfish..No doubt they won’t think twice before throwing Soo hyun under the bus..There were other OTPs as well but non of the actress fans ditced the actors..
        Also I have heard someone even stolen money and emails from the other rival camp..ewww..Why so desperate for an award.Yeaji is talented and deserves all the love but but her fans..yikes!!..Now almost everyone hates this fandom..

  2. Wow, thats a good decision that Yeaji deactivate her social media. Many Netz are very toxic etc.

    Congrats to all winners, you all deserve your hardwork.

    And as for Seo Yea Ji, its okay that you have gained your widely popularity just now. Dont let someone let u down for your achievement. For being so successful just after 7 years since ur debut without any acting background, is really is a great achievement.

  3. So embarrassing seeing Son Ye Jin stans aka immature ahjummas being all bitter and petty on twitter, going as far as to blame Seo Yeji’s fans of cheating lmao. Get over it, the hype of your girl has died down already.

      • Seo Yeji’s fans aren’t immature ahjummas hun, so no, you couldn’t lmao. Nice try, though.

      • @marie

        Seo Ye Ji fans may not be ahjummas, but they’re certified immature children, ‘hun’. And after your first comment, you’ve already proven my point. Nice try though.

      • @Moron I’m not a Seo Yeji fan, so no, you have not proven any point. 😉 But I do like her and believe that her strong performance was deserving of all the hype, unlike Son Yejin’s mediocre one. That’s just my opinion, but y’all are so worked up over it lmao.

    • First of all should worry abt ur fav who is losing in the recent poll against PBIO..
      And secondly , i don’t know abt the rest but ONE person indeed stole money and emails from Son Ye Jin fans..And this was so wrong ethically.. Anyways it was good that the stolen things were returned at the end.
      Son ye jin lost in one but won in the other category .So i don’t get ur point abt the hype.Instead of wasting time here where ur bias is nowhere mentioned, why not vote for ur fav for the swoon poll. Come on it is an ongoing drama and it would be so embarrassing if it gets beaten up by dramas that ended up months ago.

    • @Marie..i know you are kind of setting up Seo Yeaji so that Yejin stans would bash her and u would enjoy the drama at the back..I still remember how you set up Yeaji in this same site and then Kim Soo Hyun fans bashed her..No hun we aren’t that immature to fall in a third party’s trap…I came here because my bias was mentioned.. Ahjumma stans or not atleast SYJ won the Seezn award and her votes were even higher than idols. Besides CLOY is also winning in the Swoon poll..Worry abt SU..The results no way replicate of it being an on going drama.
      I have noticed many Yejin fans (not me)like Suzy too so don’t worry i won’t bash her either.

      • Yeah, I’m not reading all that LMAO. Defensive much? Anyways, Seo Yeji >>>> Son Yejin, it’s my opinion, so get over it. And no need to worry about Suzy, sweetie, she’s doing amazing topping polls left and right. We are way past these voting fanwars, but it’s entertaining seeing fans of older actresses and older stans being so worked up over it.

      • I read the Suzy part, could care less about the ahjumma actress since Seo Yeji outsold anyways lmao.

    • @Marie – Please keep the names of actually talented actresses out of your mouth, thank you.

      Neither Son Ye Jin nor Seo Ye Ji deserve “fans” like you, keep your obnoxiousness to the idol-actress level it’s appropriate for and don’t try to come for those who are more talented than your fav and whose dramas got higher ratings. You’re just embarrassing yourself.

  4. Loving the fact that Kim Soo Hyun and Son Ye Jin were winners. I don’t care much for popularity awards honestly but it’s still a good trophy to have anyway. I hope they pair up in a drama soon!!

    Lol yay on fanwars. Tho I have to say, while I don’t get riled up by children and their games, some fandoms are disgusting. Eh, the rise won’t last anyway so meh.

    • That’s all that needed to be said really…. both SYJs did really well in their dramas, one had a breakout, another reinforced her top actress stature in a big way. I’m not surprised they are popular!

  5. the comments here are from a movie, how many people fighting and playing “my favorite is better than your favorite”. I don’t want to imagine the chaos that will be when the drama of this super famous idol is released.

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