Song Hye Kyo Reportedly Plans to Double Up in 2021 with Revenge Drama The Glory and Romance Drama Now, We Are Breaking Up

Woah, this is quite a surprising drama news update. K-actress Song Hye Kyo, confirmed for hit screenwriter Kim Eun Sook‘s upcoming 2021 revenge drama The Glory, had earlier also been linked to romance drama Now, We Are Breaking Up. That drama was even earlier in talks with Su Ae and Yoo Teo but that fell apart, and then Song Hye Kyo’s name was floated as considering the drama. K-ent is reporting that she’s planning to do both dramas because it’s different genres. She wants to do the revenge melodrama with The Glory and is also wanting the romance drama, and plans to do both as the scheduling won’t conflict and she took last year off so feels ready for the more robust filming to come.


Song Hye Kyo Reportedly Plans to Double Up in 2021 with Revenge Drama The Glory and Romance Drama Now, We Are Breaking Up — 12 Comments

    • Me too. Only 8 measly comments so far. Where is the fan war? I thought many people love SHK – fans or pretend fans. After over-sensitive hysterics chase away the interesting commentators, boring as.

  1. I was reported that the role was first offered to Song Hye Kyo but declined. It then went to Soo Ae and now they still want to have Song Hye Kyo in it. Song Hye Kyo’s agency has said that it is just one of the projects that she is reviewing.

  2. On the day KES’s drama was announced, there were rumours floating that she’d be doing a drama with Jang Ki Yong. The way the reports were being made, it seemed like a done deal. So maybe it really was and KES just announced her confirmation first. Both projects don’t sound very promising honestly, but let’s see.

    On a side note, gosh SHK is so photogenic, it’s crazy! I’ve genuinely not seen a single photo of hers looking bad in the past 2 years!

  3. Wow. If true, this will be a huge gift to her fans. I’m used to waiting like 5 years for a drama comeback from her, so having two in one year would be unexpectedly great.

  4. It would pretty good to see Kyo in 2 projects. But I would prefer a movie and adrama instead of 2 dramas. At any rate, as long as the script, materials, production and casts are good, i’m in.
    I hope this is not a noona romance again, im done with those types.

  5. It’s would be more interesting if she comeback movie, btw. But we all know, chungmoro project isn’t something that is easily achieved in the film industry of korea.

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