Sisyphus: The Myth Episode 4 Ropes in 6.178% Ratings as the Leads Spend Entire Time Running Away From Two Sets of Pursuers and Still Not Sharing Full Information

jTBC drama Sisyphus: The Myth is officially a totally dumbass drama. It’s so bad it defies sci-fi, fantasy, comedy, thriller, or even basic requirements of storytelling. It makes Alice storytelling look like a Pulitzer Prize winner masterpiece. The drama is the dude who goes through the uploader with a 10% chance of coming through and emerges as a blobby mess as part of the 90% but thinks it’s the 10% that came out unscathed. Episode 4 ended with yet another laughable “action sequence” of Seo Hae and Tae Sul leaping from the bridge just short of their harness being seen but their body contorting in ways that defy movement and gravity. Park Shin Hye is frankly annoying in both character and performance, she’s play-acting tough and isn’t believable and her character is beyond frustrating in refusing to ever just tell Tae Sul everything she knows.

Jo Seung Woo one ups her in annoying, he’s not a fave actor of mine but I don’t dislike him, yet in this drama woo boy I want to punch him in the face every time he makes that confused open-mouth face scrunch which is most of the time in this episode. How the duo escaped first the smugglers of President Park and his crew and then later the Control Bureau continue to be a series of nonsensical happenstance actions coupled with Seo Hae being a martial arts ninja. If she lived in the apocalyptic future I can see her being tough and scrappy but being a fighting champ where would she learn that lol. Plus the opening sequence with her using a cell phone and wireless ear buds to listen to BTS made me headdesk where is she CHARGING both when she’s out scavenging for batteries. AHHHHH WHY IS THIS DRAMA SO STUPID WHY WHY. I kinda wish Seo Hae died when she fell in the water at the end of this episode and next episode is a reboot.


Sisyphus: The Myth Episode 4 Ropes in 6.178% Ratings as the Leads Spend Entire Time Running Away From Two Sets of Pursuers and Still Not Sharing Full Information — 38 Comments

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  2. Why was she rummaging through empty bottles of water and chips if she’s looking for batteries? How could she suddenly breathe without the gas mask? If the war was 15 years ago why did those bank notes look fresh out of the ATM? Why am I even trying to make sense of any of this?

    • The gas mask on and off shit KILLED me. First she has it on like the world is filled with noxious gas and then when she sees BTS she takes off and then wanders around Myeongdong without it afterwards the entire time. It’s like sunglasses in her world!

      • How else is she suppossed to shoot her music video while lipsyncing the wrong lyrics? That whole scene was unnecessary.

  3. Agree that PSH is not believable in her acting as a tough girl. Her movements are not as nimble as I would like them to be.
    Have decided to drop the drama halfway through Ep 3, because the storyline turned out to be so much worse than Alice.

    • your first sentence killed me… it’s just that my friend insists to me that Park Shin Hye would be better as Soyoung/Bonghwan in Mr. Queen (as she doesn’t think Shin Hye Sun is a good actress – SNORTS!)

  4. And it looks like the K-audience might not be buying the bull the drama is selling for much longer. Its highest ratings is still 6.677% back in EP2. And it’s been stuck at 6.1% since then. Which is still way too high for this atrocity whereas better dramas struggle to get more than half its ratings. But the leads have serious star power so it could rise again.

    (Terminator voice) I’ll be back.

    • I think most of the budget went into the intro sequence and paying the leads.

      What was the point of that opening scene? Some sort of PPL or them trying to leech off bts fame to boost the stuck-at-6% ratings? All 9 mins 17 seconds of that long scene felt like filler. If it was to show us that apocalyptic world, they could have executed it better. Like everything else about this drama.

      I fully agree with Koala on both leads. JSW was charming in the pilot but now he’s riding my last nerve with his acting. PSH is PSH, as usual.

      Control Bureau boss. One minute, you want them captured alive. Next, you’re shooting to kill. Make up your mind, will you?

      Yes, I also saw the stunt ropes again. Lol.

      The ending scene was probably supposed to be serious but I was lmao because of that dreadful OST Laura hates. Hahahaha

      There is SO MUCH to pick apart in this episode but what’s the point? Common sense is telling me to drop the drama but my inner masochist wants to see just how worse it can get. By next week, we’ll know which side won.

      • You have a tough stomach to be able to swallow this drama down. My eyes is drying out because I rolled it a bit too much haha

  5. LOL. The hate is strong for this one.

    The last car chase scene could have been shown next episode, for me the drones chasing them was enough. The coca cola stunt was a nice one. I am afraid the popcorn is starting to get stale though.

  6. They manage to somehow download guns, ramen and cameras in their suitcase but not clothes? One pair of jeans and shirt can’t be downloaded? Make it make sense.

    • I think the ramen was due to the police guy’s regret about his almost blind mom. Which is why is his luggage is filled with ramen. He wants to cook ramen for her as his last loving act to his mom.

      • I think Rosie meant how they always arrive half-naked. Seo-hae forced a guy to strip and took his clothes. The sniper killed a guard and took his clothes. This new guy arrived in boxers and got clothes from the car Tae-sul stole. If they’re arriving with packed suitcases intact, why don’t they bring along clothes? I think that’s what OP meant.

  7. I had high hopes for this drama and the first two episodes, to me, were well done. But the 3rd and 4th episodes frustrated the heck out of me. There were just so many dumb scenes….

    1. Ep 3 literally had the WORST sniper. I wanted to pull the trigger for him and after all that, he still sort of misses? Wtf
    2. Also the sniper had like a deformed face and when he gets knocked out and is surrounded by all those cops, not one of them notices?
    3. Also these cops are awful. They can’t split up and corner when chasing?
    4. We’re supposed to believe a shot up JSW is able to run and get dragged around like that?
    5. Again, why can’t the guys with guns aim and shoot in this drama?
    6. The mask on/off. Is the air bad or not lol
    7. PSH running her hands through her hair all the damn time
    9. Dude killed him mom by giving her high BP with ramyeon
    8. You expect me to believe that shoddy getaway car has bulletproof windows and can outdrive all those SUVs?

    I feel like there’s a lot more but these last two episodes just irked me with bad writing/directing. I’m gonna stick it out because I do think the overall premise is interesting and I’m a sucker for scifi shows but I hope the directing gets better

  8. This show is campy fun goodness! I think the show will hopefully pick up more story wise in the 2nd half. Surely there has to be a reason why SBS fought so hard for this show, and why they got into a legal dispute with them? I hope for Cho Seung Woo and Park Shin Hye sake, this ends well!!

    • B-but-but if you piss off your audience with a frustrating first half that makes them want to bash their brains in, who will still be alive to watch the fabulous second half? ?

      • Honestly, I feel like this show isn’t aiming to be a masterpiece right? Altho I think the problem lies more with the PD. The tone is more comical than we expected by the teaser. Sometimes, execution of a scene is wonky which I guess is the case here. I just hope the ratings stay steady instead of going off the deep end! JTBC spent a lot of $$!!

        Also lol: Judging by this post, it seemed like you were a huge fan of him? And praised his dashing good looks, charm, and acting appeal? What changed in the last 7 years lol?

      • Or you meant Koala? Cos yeah, she’s gushing about him in that post but says here he’s not her fave actor. I don’t know about that.
        This drama is my first time watching him in anything. But my problem is not necessarily the acting. It’s mostly the weak writing, directing and editing. No one is asking for a masterpiece. Good enough would have sufficed. And this is not good enough, considering the hype and budget. From the way they marketed it, I get the impression they didn’t see it as campy goodness but a serious sci-fi drama. The concept is cool but the overall execution is messy. And judging from some detailed feedback on other sites, the final product is a let-down for some viewers too. Not just here.

      • But it’s not just bad PD the writer has no clue about the world building and the dialogues lack consistency. At one point PSH says she doesn’t know how but uploaders started to appear in 2021 and 5 mins later she’s saying I’ll make sure you never invent the uploader. What? The sentences basically cancelled each other out.

      • At @ 🙂 Yes, it was meant at Koala, sorry lol! I was like wait huh, she said that she adored him, and etc. But here, says the opposite haha. So like what is it?!

        CSW is a great actor, he gets into the role he plays every time. He has range!! He’s the only one who knows the tone of this show, and imo, he’s having a blast!!

        I definitely think the director is the biggest fault here. They should’ve gotten someone more verse in Sci-fi/Action vein. Sweet Home director knows how to direct action/suspense very well. There’s interesting stuff, but the execution is what’s throwing people off probably?

      • That’s an article from 2014 lol. A lot can change in less than 7 years much less that long.

        I wrote that after he did God’s Gift: 14 Days, love that drama, loved him in it.

        Since then I haven’t liked anything else he did so all the good will waned gradually, though I will qualify that I’ve never felt the urge to watch Secret Forest (Stranger) 1 or 2.

    • I think I’ll take this approach next week and view is as a campy sci fi show much like what they kind of do on Sy-Fy. I think I tried to take it too seriously and it was frustrating lol

      Or…maybe it’ll be one of those shows where it’s so bad that it’s actually good??

  9. Excuse my poor English but what does “uploader” mean? I try looking it up and it says someone who upload files?

    I didn’t watch ep 4, I thought I could but I lost motivation and would rather do other things after reading the comments. Maybe a different day, idk

    This drama is essentially one big shampoo commercial for Female lead ?

      • I’m honestly back on a dry spell. I may check out on a Chinese drama soon The Story of Min Lang. Someone recommended me “A tale of a thousand stars” thai boys love drama avail on YouTube which I’m keen to check out since I loved Sunset I told about you.

    • I think uploader might mean someone who is sending people through the time portal/machine.

      Kind of like when you’re transferring/uploading a file on a computer. Someone or something is able to transfer an actual human from the past to the future

      • Thank you for explaining to me 🙂 it might be because I didn’t watch episode 4 that I didn’t understand when it was used in this article.

      • I’m still watching Luca too, but still in ep 5. So far I like it. I’m annoyed with how FL was hurt all the time. And, the whole villain team is following Zi-0 everywhere, it become boring.
        But, I love about the sci-fi concept in it, it is biologically correct with these creating super babies/humans. I think the writers really learned about those concepts.

      • I know, right? She was a punching bag for most of the time till episode (spoiler). Plus, she made some very stupid decisions for a cop. Since you haven’t caught up to the latest episode, I won’t spoil it for you.

  10. PSH drama choices have become weirder. That Alhambra drama was enough for me. It such a waste of time. Sounds like it’s a good decision to not consider this drama.

  11. Everyone is being too harsh here. I enjoy this drama and the lead actors. I don’t expect it to have an ultra high production as a Marvel movie and I thought Park Shin Hye has done well so far.

  12. Seems a lot of people are watching the drama to crticize. As if they know better than the wrter, the director and the actors.
    This is not a true life story but a sci-fi action drama. Some things happen thats unbelievable. Seems like u watch the drama with a critical mind set already. Finding whats wrong with it.
    I dont really like sci-fi or action as I would prefer romantic comedy but I am enjoying this show.

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