Vincenzo Episode 5 Gets 9.674% Ratings and Breaks Out Completely as Every Scene Rocks and Set Ups Start to Pay Off

Bellissimo! Episode 5 of Vincenzo was a work of art and I’m going to need to learn more compliments in Italian to shower on this drama if it stays this good or perhaps gets even better. The shady and offbeat first 2 episodes are fully behind us and as good as episode 4 was this one is even better. It took Daddy Hong’s death for this drama to come together just like his death brought Vincenzo and Cha Young together, and their legal and extra-legal strokes of genius make for the perfect combination of fighting evil with kinda evil lol. Song Joong Ki picked well this drama as the role of Vincenzo is layered, he shifts between comedy and suaveness so smoothly, and he’s already evolving with his experiences in South Korea. Jeon Yeo Bin‘s acting had a light switched on from the moment of Daddy Hong’s death and has been excellent in both old Cha Young bravado and new Cha Young sincere contemplation. It feels like she was having a temper tantrum against her dad hence no one can stand her but once dad died we see the real Cha Young (the one her dad knew was there) come out. Taecyeon is finally playing both the Baddie and the Dorky Intern at the same time and I think he’s doing solid in both extremes.

This episode had too many awesome scenes to count: Vincenzo sizing up fake Chairman at the gym, Office Manager Nam’s cosplay as Vincenzo (LOLOLOL forever), Cha Young and Vincenzo picking their new target Babel Chemicals and declaring war in person at Wusang, old monk finishing his prayers and getting right to work helping, Vincenzo’s beatdown of the gangsters terrorizing Chef at the Italian restaurant (bonus points for how much I love new Vincenzo groupie undercover NSI officer), Vincenzo and Joon Woo’s dickwaving contest over spicy jjamppong, the takedown of the corrupt Plaintiff’s attorney complete with his “donation” and being left at water’s edge with tokens of all the bullshit he’s been feeding the class action family members, dry cleaner laundering V&C’s court suits impeccably, Chef feeding Vincenzo a Korean meal made by his mom and getting a thumbs up, an early payoff for weird dance boy as he staged a protest modern dance performance demonstrating the pain and suffering of the Babel Chemical employees exposed to the toxic chemical, and of course ONE OF THE BEST EPISODE ENDER OF A DRAMA EVER!!! Of course wuri Vincenzo drives a Lamborghini Aventador, when he and Cha Young got out with all that swagger and the media swarming them I was fist pumping and going yesyesyesyes in your face Wusang lying cheating creeps! OMG I’m so addicted, this drama is so so good.


Vincenzo Episode 5 Gets 9.674% Ratings and Breaks Out Completely as Every Scene Rocks and Set Ups Start to Pay Off — 8 Comments

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  2. EP5 is the first Vincenzo episode where I did not fast forward and was pleasantly surprised when the episode ended and I went “oh, it’s the end already?”. So glad it has vastly improved and found its tone since the first 2 episodes. The side characters are finally enriching the story and do not look like just screen fillers. I like that it’s a combination drama/suspense/comedy. I’m definitely looking forward to the next episodes!

  3. Lol…I can feel your enthusiasm through the screen! I loved loved loved this drama from day one warts and all but good to have you join the Vincenzo Fan Club. Let’s hope the story stays awesome and doesn’t go to sh/t.

  4. Office Manager Nam has been serving gold since the last episode, he is truly one of the funniest and most endearing characters in the series.

    For some reason, I find the potential love triangle kinda hilarious especially with everything going on. Since Taec is playing the dorkiness too earnestly I’m kind of lost right now how to properly react to his character. Like I don’t know the extent of evilness he’s willing to take. I guess that’s a good thing? Cause we’re far from the finish line and there’s a lot of materials to explore.

    This episode is really good. And I think the one that will define the tone of the succeeding episodes. The first 4 were basically your preliminaries.

  5. I love ep5 ending scene – yeah it’s OTT and still overacting. But who cares.
    I also kinda like that big bad Taec is crossing between dorkiness and craziness- it’s seems he has both sides equally and hold a torch honestly for his sunbae. The spicy noodle scene was priceless. heh!

  6. Vincenzo had me since the 1st episode and it’s getting better and better . The drama that i needed so much to relieve my stress is there , never thought that it would be VINCENZO . Never judge a book by his cover .

  7. kind pity the main villain is not kwak dong yeon but taec… such a letdown to me. he is not doing a good job for me. when the scene require someone who has more substance, he offer nothing.

    i wish they give yoo Jae Myung more scene time. his character died too soon, since i enjoy his conversation and scene with Vinzenco so much. their scene seems show like the show has some substance. I enjoy the wacky side of it though. it’s quite intertaining. but i wish they play down abit the wacky side more.

    i can’t wait to watch vincenzo and his mom story unfold since it seems so compelling.

    • Agree on Taec/his character. Dunno what those calling his performance solid see. The abs, perhaps? But that doesn’t cut it for me. KDY woulda slayed that role.

      Exciting episode, overall.

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