Babel’s Counterattack in Episode 9 of Vincenzo Comes at a High Price for the Good Side as Ratings Stay at 9.057%

Things can’t keep going our heroes way in Vincenzo and the early successes are giving way to a true fight back from the baddies at Babel and their henchmen. Episode 9 had less comedy and a lot more death(s), which I should be surprised to see since the drama offed Lawyer Daddy so early by episode 3. Joon Woo is totally impatient now and starting to let his psychotic side out for more people to see, the first being one of the bribed prosecutors who isn’t giving Babel the proper due. The kill count them ratchets up and once again I’m reminded that Babel is not to be trifled with or underestimated no matter how intrepid Cha Hong and Vincenzo are working together. The Geumga Plaza residents are all searching for the gold and agree to work together, and the gangsters have moved in claiming they are no longer in the business of rabble rousing and ready to start a travel agency lol. Love the retort “To where? Hell?” Vincenzo’s NSI agent fanboy takes his fanboying to new heights by giving Vincenzo a card with his “number” to call whenever he needs help. Unfortunately he’s no help either getting rid of Vincenzo’s main enemy in this episode the pigeon on the ledge and his buddies who have taken over the bedroom. We say more Cha Young and Vincenzo bonding moments (slow burn those two) but alas the ending of this episode totally took the wind out of my sails so I couldn’t enjoy the budding romance as much.


Babel’s Counterattack in Episode 9 of Vincenzo Comes at a High Price for the Good Side as Ratings Stay at 9.057% — 6 Comments

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  2. The show has truly flopped everywhere else despite because people are just dropping it left and right for good reasons. Songki was really good in DOTS but not in this one.

    1. The concept didn’t work and hardly convincingly and to pretentious and the Italian gig falls flat

    2. Also Songki was a miscast in this particular here. He doesn’t have the stature to fill that suit. A bigger actor could have suited the role whos taller and broader then Songki who in my mind is on the shorter end of things to be a convincing threat

  3. This drama surprisingly doing a good job developing bonding between Vincenzo and Chae Young. Chae young seems always tried to know him, and he tried to not get too attached to her but can’t help he is drawn anyway. Seems if they have romance, Even a little it will work eiher they will have happy or sad ending, it seems more well developed than some drama which more focus on romance.

  4. I’m still watching this drama, but I feel like all the story arcs (the mother-son story, finding the gold, Babel the evil empire, the evil boss of Babel reveal, ML-FL romance, side characters identity) are unfolding ever so slowly, hence to me the drama is dragging and scenes repetitive. It’s visually entertaining though, like how the PD uses slow-mo for dramatic flair; 2 leads have no bad angles at all, both look gorgeous in every shot.

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