Kim Yoo Jung Radiates Healthy Youthful Energy in New Bottled Water CF Stills

CF models need to make me (the consumer) want to try whatever they are shilling. Be it a beverage, food item, home appliance, car, jewelry, whatever it is there needs to elicit a desire on the part of the consumer to be curious and want to test it out. Kim Yoo Jung is the face of a bottled water CF and in the newly released stills she’s just a rockstar level skillz in making water in a bottle look refreshing, tasty, and if I drink it makes me think it’s good for me and I will maybe look at healthy and radiant as her lol. She’s been filming the SBS sageuk drama Hong Chun Gi which is luckily slated for a fall 2021 premiere so hopefully the crazy going on in K-dramas will have abated by then. I can’t wait to see her back to sageuk form and enjoy getting periodic updates from her modern CFs.


Kim Yoo Jung Radiates Healthy Youthful Energy in New Bottled Water CF Stills — 21 Comments

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  2. What a refreshing aura of Pretty Kim Yoo Jung! She really exudes bright and positive energy.
    Can’t wait to watch her in Hong Chun Gi (Red Sky). Stay healthy while filming Yoo Jung!

  3. This is such an effective CF, as she looks positively radiant. I’ve never watched any of her current works, just when she was the child actress in Rooftop Prince, and she was adorable and did well. I’m reaching for a bottle of water now. I may not have access to her brand, but any bottle of water will do. 😆

  4. I super duper love her beauty.
    She really is an effective endorser!
    So much love for Yoo Jung.
    She always radiates a beautiful and kind aura. What a charming girl.

  5. she in her laneige cf (orange theme) really look like she’s choi soyoung snsd sister. the resemblance was really uncanny

  6. I love that Kim Yoo Jung is very healthy and youthful. She is one of my favorite beauties in Korea. I keep on staring at her pictures.
    I also super love her as an Actor.

  7. I don’t know why but it gives me the same vibes as Yoon Eun hye’s green tea cf 15 years ago . I’m not comparing their looks as they are different but only the aura of the cf ! I think that Kim Yoo Jung is not only beautiful but also very charismatic and that’s what i like the most about her .

  8. Awe. Our Yoojungie. Looking beautiful as always. Waiting for Alcon Precision 1. Sosuke’s need that 5 Yoo Jung. 😆

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