K-netizens Discuss on Popular Pann Post on the Acting Limitations of Popular 20 Something Actors and Who Should be Getting Cast Instead

I think getting cast in tons of high profile stuff does indeed mean one has to weather any criticism that may come your way, and it’s pile on time for 20-something actors Song Kang and Jang Ki Yong. Both are currently in airing K-dramas Nevertheless and My Roommate is a Gumiho, and K-netizens overwhelming think both are sucking big time. They also have upcoming high profile dramas, Song Kang in Office Romance Cruelty and Jang Ki Yong in Now, We Are Breaking Up, so of course the scrutiny heightens even more. Other than being tall and super good looking, which they are, K-netizens don’t understand why they keep getting cast instead of these also fellow 20-something guys who K-netizens love: (1) Lee Do Hyun (whole package), (2) Kwak Dong Yeon (whole package), and (3) Seo Kang Joon (whole package). The 30-something actors also seem to be short changed such as Im Shi Wan (if only he were 2 inches taller), Ryu Jun Yeol (maybe he’s the picky one), and (3) Kim Sun Ho (got popular too late). Another point to note of how weak the current 20-something actor line is compared to their predecessors, the following top actors all had major hits and acting acclaim in their 20’s: Kim Soo Hyun was 26 in You From Another Star, Yoo Ah In was 26 and Song Joong Ki 27 in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Jo In Sung did What Happened in Bali at 25, Gong Yoo was 29 in Coffee Prince, and Hyun Bin was a baby-faced 25 in My Name in Kim Sam Soon. And a side note is that Park Bo Gum who is 28 is not part of the general 20-something actor line as he’s already hit A-list status and he was 22 when he did Answer Me 1988 and 23 when he did Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.


K-netizens Discuss on Popular Pann Post on the Acting Limitations of Popular 20 Something Actors and Who Should be Getting Cast Instead — 107 Comments

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  2. U and i might dislike some 80s gen actors, but they had the xfactor and were able to bring ratings, overseas sales when they were in 20s. New gen is meh.

  3. Why is Jang Kiyong still not enlisting to the military yet? He is a 92-liner same as Woo Dowan and Yang Sejong, or he is already done?

    • MMM:
      He hasn’t done yet his MS. Maybe because of the successive projects on his way. I think after the NWABU he will enlist.

  4. Just my two cents:

    Song Kang in Sweet Home, at least for me, suited his acting (most say the wooden acting). He was praised there and perhaps the general plotlune is well written so it got praised everywhere but then SH is on Netflix so no viewership ratings shown. Although, Netflix has ranking, the hard cold # of viewership ratings in Nielsen and TNMS in Korea make the drama more interesting. Song Kang drama’s ratings average in just 2-4%.

    For Jang Ki Yong, he has potential in acting. He knows how to act. He just doesn’t have good record in viewership ratings. Most of his dramas had an average 2-4% ratings also.

    These two just need to have a one drama with high viewership ratings and most buzzworthy, then that will put them in the map of those acclaimed actors.

    To do that, is the million dollar question for the both of them.

    • He can have the best/buzzworthy scriptwriter, script, director and so-on..but if he does not know how to act, he might as well forget it. He needs to start from scratch by acting in more second-lead or cameo roles. It is not enough to act in one or two popular dramas without solid acting skills

      • Anyway, I actually think its because there’s such a strong wave of new and/or rising young actors around these last few years that discussions around the new gen is quite interesting. For a time, it was all about the grown child actors and idol actors. Audiences are fickle but kind of shows that in fact these new gen of actors with talent, good looks, and charm (whole package or not) are getting noticed somewhat.

      • @Lai Pei Yee

        LC. Sorry was not supposed to be a reply to you but separate. Somehow posted here.

  5. I thought Song Kang was on the ‘actor’ list. Didn’t he do back-to-back projects with Netflix? I have seen people praise him for his acting in Sweet Home, Love Alarm and Navillere.

    • @pstas

      I also love him in SH. He nailed his acting there. Navillera is okay for me because of the general plotline not because of him alone but i didn’t watch LA;not a fan of those genres. Im currently watching Nevertheless but find his acting a little less. But I know he is really working hard.

      As what I said, Netflix doesn’t have numbers / viewership ratings, although it has ranking, the numbers of Nielsen makes the drama more interesting.

      • About Netflix, I know, right? Which is why it amuses me when stans make noise with the whole “the drama trended on Netflix” blah blah blah drivel. TV ratings are the real battlefield. You conquer there and you get the glory, garlands and respect.

    • I don’t get ahy people dislike Song Kang. He was great in Sweet Home and Navillera. Love Alarm was good too, albeit he probably only did the second season due to contract reasons.

    • Jang Ki Yong was really quite good in My Mister. I was impressed. Not sure what happened to his acting skills since.

      Kwak Dong Yeon is a superstar in the making. Dude has crazy range.

      • Jang Ki Yong should be sticking to more cameos and second-lead roles to brush up his craft. Actors (in their early thirty-fourties) have to start from scratch to get where they are today.

      • I also liked Jang Ki-yong in Go Back Couple. Maybe he suits standoffish or antagonistic characters better.

      • @Dakchigo, I think you are right about JKY. He was great in My Mister but he was a villian-type there. Some actors just aren’t convincing romantic leads.

    • I didn’t continue the Gumiho drama but I watched JKY in WWW, he’s all right but pretty much a newbie. But I think he’d be ok with that drama with SHK.

      I just discovered Choi Tae Joon in So I Married The Anti-Fan and he is only 29. I went to watch Missing 9, I think CTJ has more depth and definitely his performance feels and looks like he is more experienced than many actors of his age.

  6. I think its rather unfair to claim the current 20’s liner actors are weak for yet to hit it big.

    Why questioning the actors when they are not the one responsible for the scripts or the reduced in quality of K-dramas lately? Most producers out there only want to cast big/solidified names, thus why those already established actors managed to get their second chance at hitting it big like GY with Goblin, HB with CLOY and KNG with Fiery Priest.

    I won’t want to call them weak when they are not given chances in the first place. They are not big names yet so they take on projects and who knows whether that drama will hit big time or not. Drama viewing isn’t the same as it used to be too. How many dramas that really managed to get high ratings lately? So those are actors’ fault?

    On a side note, I have soft spot for JKY because he was really good in My Ajusshi. I just think that maybe he isn’t ready yet for the leading man status and he happened to pick really lousy projects. Of all the current rising actors, I like Lee Do Hyun the most. He is great, talented and very promising.

    • @Alexa – I don’t think kdramas have seen a reduction in quality at all. If anything, there’s a more diverse slate of genres being produced instead of the traditional romcom and melodramas, which is exciting.

      The drama hits of the last 2 years have a thing in common besides engaging storyline: strong cast with solid acting skills across the board (CLOY, IONTBO, Hospital Playlist, Vincenzo, Mr Queen).

      • Agreed. It took me a long time before I got into kdramas because I always hear how cheesy they were, ie: amnesia, cancer, birth secrets, rich boy poor girl stories, etc. Fortunately, they have progressed to offer more variety and different plot lines in recent years.

      • Instead of blaming of the quality of the drama, i would say that korean drama industry have seen a change of genres, style of writing and preferences of audiences. And don’t forget that there are more choices when it comes to tv channels these. Instead of KBS, MBC and SBS that dominates the airtimes only, we have more private/cable channels like TvN, JTBC, OCN and MBN have now that carters to a wide audience’s taste and so on . So, to be successful, a junior/a 20-something actor has to embrace diverse roles and at the same time continue to improve their acting. They can’t rest merely on the stars

    • I think JKY is very convincing in Search: www, capable of showing all the nuances of his role. I couldn’t imagine this drama with another actor. As this was the first drama where I saw him I never doubted his potential as an actor.

    • I do think JKY is a good actor, unfortunately he hasn’t really done it for me as a lead actor and that’s okay. Not everyone is meant to be a lead or takes longer to get that “x” factor to lead an entire drama.

  7. Im Shihwan is just a really great actor, I need him more on my screen. Also Jang DongYoon, I’m patiently waiting for his next project.
    30s actors I think need more leading roles are Kim Sunho and Yoon Park. I was used to seeing Yoon Park in annoying roles but recently his been changing it up and I think he seriously needs to lead

    • Yh Im siwan is a good actor, his performance in strangers from hell is the best imo then Misaeng. I found him awkward in run on, and the chemistry was severely lacking. But that show got great reviews so whilst it might not be my cup of tea, I’m happy that many people like it.

      • I don’t know I really liked ISH in Run on, it may have come off as awkward to you but to me he was playing the character perfectly

      • @miskych @diavolyata I too thought he did well too, his character was probably supposed to be awkward. I liked him and the FL individually not together. Their skinship/kisses just didn’t give me any type of spark. I did think they had a connection just no sexual chemistry. There was also alot of dialogue too so I found myself getting bored.

  8. Traditionally, breakout stars almost always have a big hit to their name. The current gen is a bit weird, as mentioned by others before, they don’t have viewership draw. I don’t believe in the difference in demographics, because if you have true appeal then you should attract people from different age ranges, not just the youth.

    To be honest, looking at the filmography of Kim Sun-ho and Seo Kang-joon mentioned as counter examples, they too do not have any hit work. In that sense even Jang Ki-yong is better because at least he had supporting roles in Go Back Couple and My Mister which are widely acknowledged to be brilliant dramas, unlike Start Up and whatever nonsense SKJ did.

    The problem is the disproportionate resources being given to them relative to their talent and their results. If they do one project a year or if their projects are hits they won’t be persecuted like this. I don’t blame them though. I think for the sake of job security it’s best to take whatever comes along. It’s just bad luck that things don’t pan out.

    Personally, I don’t have any urge to or to not watch a drama when I see their names in the cast. I think production companies get this though, because they are all pairing up with established actresses next, and that should really help because none of them can headline a drama right now without it flopping.

    • Couldn’t agree more at what you said @kitai. Yeah, projects are coming their way so take it. Maybe in one or two, things might work out, right? It is just they really need to be ready to some or more critics out there.

      • If you’re wearing the crown you should bear the weight. I think the criticisms on their acting and the fact that they are given multiple opportunities are valid, but they can just take in it their stride. They’ve got age going for them and they can just keep trying.

    • while my mister and go back couple are huge hits and critically acclaimed, we can’t say jky was a break out star or made huge impact in those dramas. unlike yoo ah in and song joongki in skks where they were 3rd and 4th billed but clearly the break out stars basically stole the show. in that sense it’s a bit weird to compare jky with ksh who arguably was a main draw and the break out star of start up. ksh even won the popularity award at baeksang. he isn’t a proven leading man yet but we will see how he will fare as proper leading man with shin mina in their upcoming drama tho.

    • Well, I think good dramas and good actors are different things. Robert de Niro has appeared in awfully bad movies but it doesn’t mean he’s a bad actor. And being in the Godfather didn’t turn Sofia Coppola into a decent actress.
      The fact that you didn’t like any of Seo Kang Joon dramas doesn’t mean that his prestige is not deserved. He has been acknowledged as a good actor with great performances, with people praising his acting in Cheese in the trap, Are you human too? or Watcher. Kim Sun Ho also received a lot of praise and love from newly turned fans this year with Start Up. All this requires skill and charisma.
      Regarding Jang Ki Jong, I haven’t seen people praising his acting so passionately…I found him bland on WWW and couldn’t finish it. And his drama with Song Hye Kyo sounds boring, because she is also very pretty but a bit bland or introspective in the delivery…the sole idea of these two combined makes me jawn. But ok, with this high profile drama, he has the opportunity to prove me wrong and get some praise for his acting.

      • What I’m saying is that there isn’t a common criteria for the selection of these counter-examples. Jang Ki-yong also did no wrong in Come and Hug Me, he was actually widely praised for that as well.

        For the record, I don’t like any of them. As I’ve mentioned, none of them are pluses to me, like the average viewer out there, my decision on whether to switch on the TV will depend on the other members in the cast list.

  9. (Plus, wasn’t Soo-Hyun 24 or so when he starred in huge hit national drama METS and even won Best Actor for it, making him one of the youngest winners?)

    Anyways, I agree with some viewer assessments. The crappy scripts are also a factor but Song Kang is just not a good actor. And the way he’s being shoved down our throats doesn’t help.

    And I agree there IS a big reduction in quality of K-dramas. Just recycling the same old stories with nothing new to offer.

    With regards to rising stars, Jo Byeong Gyu was one of the uber-talented ones and he was on a roll with Sky Castle, Hot Stove League and Uncanny Counter (highest-rated OCN drama). He might have even won Best New Actor if not for his scandal. KDY is awesome. I’m not cray-cray for LDH like most are. I liked SKJ in Are You Human Too. Shiwan is a decent actor but he wasn’t great in Run On. All in all, it’s just the mob being fickle as usual. Once these guys they’re criticizing score a major hit, they’ll be hailing them as superstars.

    • @ITR – I strongly disagree that there is a reduction of quality in Kdramas. Maybe romcoms are the ones whose storylines are being recycled. All the major hits of the last 2 years have had fresh new storylines spanning a wide range of genres, strong acting, and top production values.

      • Ma’am, I don’t quite care whether you agree or not. I stated my opinion on the post and I stand by it. Go type your own opinion on Koala’s above post in your own standalone comment. Cheers.

      • @ITR

        That’s always your response to replies that disagree with your opinions. And why the need to be that hostile?

        You posted your opinions on a public blog. That’s your freedom. Others also has that freedom to reply to you and disagree. If you can’t even handle that simple logic then don’t write anything on public sites.

        And don’t start with ‘maybe you are the same account’ b.s cause I’m not 🙂

      • @ITR

        I concur on the quality drop. I’m not certain if some of the blame goes to Netflix or just times changing with the global reach but dramas are also getting too Westernized and losing that uniqueness that drew people in. I’ve seen people also complain about the multiple season trend. Aside from the constant recycling of the same old stories, I’ve seen people also complain about constant ripping off or remaking of international works. It’s not just great new actors that are lacking but great new writers as well.

      • Y’know, I-fans are always blaming Netflix but is it all on them though?

        I don’t like the multiple season thing either but I get it from a business standpoint. With how hard it is to get high ratings these days, the producers will want to milk a hit for all it’s worth.

        The industry could benefit from fresh blood (writers). Maybe it’s hard for new writers to punch through the ceiling? Because some of the hits we’ve seen recently were written by respected/known writers with hits in their resume a la Vincenzo, HP, Mine, etc.

        I wonder though if there are actress equivalents of these actors they’re praising. As in actresses in these actors’ age range they find promising.

      • I’m curious about that as well. But sadly, it’s an oppa’s game so we barely hear of the actresses. 😂
        Funny. Just saw news on Twitter that JBG is in talks for a webtoon-adapted drama. I didn’t know his scandal had been cleared? Interesting.

      • Oh really? I don’t know if he’s been exonerated, either. But that is indeed interesting. Will it air on TV or OTT? Either way, I’m curious to see the reception to his comeback.

        Okay, my work here is done. Thanks for the insights!

    • But why didn’t they mention Jang Dong-yoon? Leftover anger from Joseon Exorcist? Cos he’s also really good. Weren’t K-netz praising him left and right for TTON?

      Also, again on the mob being fickle, today they’ve declared these actors the anointed ones and are praising them. But after a while, they’ll turn on them too and move on to the next gen of rising stars. That’s just how it is. LOL.

      • Oh, and how could I forget dear Yeo Jin-goo? Just yesterday he was a child actor and now he’s all grown up. Feels like I raised him. Hehe.

    • Yes, I wonder the equivalent too. Consolidated names, there’s IU and Suzy, but they are idol actresses, and not everyone likes their acting. Kim So Hyun and Han So Hee seem destined to great lengths. I really appreciated Go Min Si’s acting in Youth of May, she was brilliant, and has a very memorable and distinct beautiful face. There’s many turning 30 actresses that have already consolidated themselves as FL, at the very least: Kim Go eun, Kim Tae Ri, Kim Ji Won, Seo Ye Ji (We’ll have to see if the scandals will affect her career) etc. For now, I’m waiting for the breakthrough of Park Gyu-young. As stated, however, dramas are the oppas’ game, unfortunately. Am I the only one that appreciates more the actress than the actors, or just appreciate them equally?

    • @ITR
      Yim Si-wan has nailed the unusual male character and three-dimensional character as Ki Seon-gyeom in the drama Run on.
      Actually, Song-kang and Jang Ki-yong’s main problem is not acting, but they always choose visuals and characters that look the same so the audience will feel bored. When it comes to acting, it’s a bit strange to see Jang Ki-yong being criticized badly even though he’s already won the BaekSang Arts Awards in the jury’s choice category. Unlike the case with Yim Si-wan who is smart in choosing characters.

  10. I think the ’80s liner from early to late are special. They created Hallyu and made kdramas popular worldwide.
    I would say some where just as bad when they started but they got better. However, I would have to agree with koala. I have watched both JKY and SK since their debut and I think they rose too fast. They are hard working but wooden actors.
    If there is little to no difference in their acting since their debut at the late stages of their 20s, it might be hard finding their sure foot in their 30s. And would only get cast to look pretty for the camera.
    When they go on hiatus, they can easily be replaced. I don’t want that for them and really wish them the best, but that is the reality of actors like these.

  11. No doubt with the star and acting power of the actors mentioned above (HB, GY, SJK, YAI, KSH and PBG). They are all excellent in terms of acting, can bring viewers and money. Their names speak of commercialism.

    And I believe in the acting power of Lee Do Hyun, Kwak Dong Yeon,and Park Seo Joon, lets include Yoo Seung Ho, and Yeo Jin Goo. I also love Kim Seon Hoo especially in the drama You Drive Me Crazy. I hope these actors will be included in the list of the commended actors one day.

    For JKY and SK, good for them because many projects are coming on their ways. They should treasure it, give their all and one day those efforts will pay off.

  12. I loved kwang Dong Yeon in Vincenzo and I think he is one of the best among the rising actors. He’s a bit short though, I hope it won’t affect his chance of headlining dramas.

    I also loved Kim Sung-cheol, having watched him in Arthdal and Vincenzo. His scenes with SJK in Arthdal are my most favorite scenes of the whole drama. Hope to more of him in the future.

    • True. I don’t know much about Yoo Seungho. but agree to Yeo Jin Goo and Diyo. They’re an exceptional actors. So I don’t know why they’re not that much popular internationally as an actor. (But I think this has got to do with their appearance. It’s sad that popularity these days are solely based on being good-looking rather than talent. You’ll see that a lot of underappreciated actors won more acting awards than those who are extremely popular)

      Yeo Jin Goo is trying to explore the field of variety show and hosting now. He also stated that these days he thinks acting is not as fun as it used to be because he gets pressured by expectations that comes with his recognition in acting. But I hope soon he’ll find again that joy.

      As for Kyungsoo he’s recently been released from military. For now he has 2 movies and he also had a group comeback together with EXO and he’ll soon release his first ever Solo Album. So maybe he’ll not have a drama series soon.

      And Lee Tae Ri, this guy deserves a breakthrough.

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  14. I agree that chances should be given more or at least equally to other talented 20s actors. But who knows, maybe it’s the other 20s actors who are pickier in the projects (Vincenzo’s director said Kwak Dong Yeon is hard to be persuaded). While these two, Jang Ki Young and Song Kang, just take every opportunity in front of them.

    On the more serious note, i hope people can stop this comparison of 30s and 20s or whatever things they compare. It’s like hearing your parents saying “when i was your age i already did this had that”. When in fact, we live in different time and different circumstances.

    Lastly I just want to emphasize that kdrama quality is not degrading. Contrary, I love the way k drama evolves and covers diverse stories and themes.

    • Diverse doesn’t automatically mean high quality, does it? Emphasize all you want but it’s still just your opinion at the end of the day. Not something sacred set in stone.

  15. I think it’s not fair to compare the different areas. There was less dramas, mainly the 3 big channels, so it was easier to have a lot of ratings without the different platforms that exist now. I don’t think the actors were necessarily better when they debuted, but there wasn’t the social networks that made easier to critize, they had more time to growth. Now, a ML can’t be only the cold jerk and the FL a Candy.

    I don’t like specially like Song Kang and I think the fans of Love Alarm helped him a lot.

  16. I like K-netz choices. But cut the two guys some slack. Hopefully, they’ll improve their craft.
    @Lana — That user already told @Alexa they disagree there’s a drop in quality of K-dramas. So why go again to a similar comment someone else made to again tell them you strongly disagree and push your opinion in their face? Okay. You disagree. So what? Their opinion is still their opinion. There’s about 6 comments in this post I disagree with but I’m not going to go under each one to tell them I strongly disagree and force my opinion on them. Plus, your response to OP’s response is more hostile like you have a personal grudge so there you have it. All of you need a chill pill or three. Peace.

  17. I think it’s weird to compare generations considering the general downward trend of tv ratings compared to early 2000s – mid 2010s and rise in streaming platforms/social media nowadays.

    But anyways, like some users stated above, the 20 somethings just need one huge hit to turn them into superstars. But unfortunately, the romcom hallyu hits in recent years are primarily from well-known writers, and these writers mainly stick to already established names.

    • Precisely. Shk despite having multiple hits under her name said she doesnt put too much emphasis on tv ratings cz viewers have other platforms to watch dramas these days.

    • “The hitmakers stick to already established names”. This.

      One classic charm of kdrama that draws lots of following is the swoonworthy romance. Name every international hit drama with huge fandom, it has the same chemicals. It’s used and recycled by lot of writers, but only established hitmakers can do the magic. Unfortunately they prefer established actors.

  18. Lee Min-ho fan here. He was good in BOF despite the limited material, a bit inexperienced yet in Faith but had great chemistry with the female lead, hilarious in Personal Taste, awesome in City Hunter, etc. Didn’t care about Heirs (I personally think the writer gives him her sh***y dramas), loved him in Legend. He’s over 30 when he did TKEM.

    Jang Ki-yong’s not that bad in Gumiho although he has better chemistry with Kang Han-na. I liked him in My Mister, Go Back Couple, and Search:WWW.

    I’m waiting for Tang Joon-sang to hit his 20’s. Though he wasn’t that memorable in CLOY because there were much more memorable characters, he’s unbelievably good in Move to Heaven and Racket Boys.

    • Isn’t Tang Joon Sang just fantastic? He was a cutie in CLOY, and is now hitting it out of the ballpark in his latest roles. I expect to see Rising Star nominations for him in the next year. He is one to watch out for.

  19. There’s Nam Joo Hyuk (I don’t get why people dislike his acting; he was brilliant I Start-up – sometimes I could almost see Nam do San’s heart fluttering). Lee Do Hyun, Song Kang (I like his acting, especially in Love Alarm). There’s also Yeo Jin Goo, Na In Woo and Jung Jin Young (he was great in My First First Love and The Dude in Me, he just needs a good drama to catapult him to sucess). Last but not least, let’s no forget Jung Hae In.

    • NJH is an example that you can improve if you want and are serious about your work. I also liked NJH in start-up, I liked both NJH and KSH, both acting and characters were equally charming (I didn’t get why people fighted).

      • I think sometimes people confuse the character, which they might dislike – I personally emphasize with Nam Do San, but I understand of others might not -, which the actors, that might do an excellent job. Nam Joo Hyuk on Start-up is a example. Like or dislike Nam do San, NJH’s acting was superb, and just like you, I don’t get why people fought.

    • Um Nam Joo hyuk is passable but he’s hardly brilliant. He’s getting a free pass for his looks and height but there is a reason the second male leads always overshadow him…(Seongjae in School, Seonho on startup)…his crying scenes give me second hand embarassment .

      • This. While I agree that he improved a lot, I still cannot say he is a good actor. He is lucky because he has the privilege to choose projects but I appreciate that he really works hard to improve.

      • @pothekid – exactly. He does not have the acting chops or charisma to be a leading man, the only roles where he’s been decent are ones where he had a supporting role or even lead roles where he was second fiddle to a female lead (Weightlifting Fairy, School Nurse Files, etc).

        He seems self aware about his lack of skills but his acting career is pretty much all thanks to his looks. He’s already 27 (international age), people going “he’s young, he will improve” need to take a reality check and look at what roles the likes of Yoo Ah In, Kang Haneul and Song Joong Ki were doing at that age. Or even the likes of Lee Jong Seok, Kim Woo Bin, Seo In Guk etc (not perfect actors but good ones).

      • NJK is not the worse of his batch. But, he still needs to do more than banking on his model/good looks.

  20. Lee Jae Wook’s star was rising during Search WWW and Extraordinary You. He even had that DDSSLS lead role. Unfortunate that his company didn’t capitalize on his talent and buzz because now I barely see him mentioned anymore during these young actors discourse.

    I don’t think the good ones of the young gen are lacking compared to the older stars around this time in age, they just don’t have a hit yet. Especially since they don’t need to be good-good to be a hallyu star, just look at some of the predecessors. Also, even some stars in the making don’t get noticed until they get that hit, and then the majority will backtrack and realize what they overlooked and revise their words.

    • There are some young actors now in or approaching their 30s who I really hope can break out. Lee Won Geun is one of them (91-liner, I think he’s in the military now).

      And it’s not like the 30s should be written off, sometimes we get a late breakout like Namgoong Min who was crazy versatile but didn’t even get a break until he was like 35, spending years in supporting roles first.

  21. Anyway, I actually think its because there’s such a strong wave of new and/or rising actors around these last few years that discussions around the new gen is quite interesting. For a time, it was all about the grown child actors and idol actors. Audiences are fickle but kind of shows that in fact these new gen of actors are getting noticed somewhat.

  22. Yim Si-wan is the best of the best and phenomenal idol-turned actors. He is the first idol-actor to be a 10 million audience.
    Soon will be the second time invited to the Cannes Film Festival as a main role.
    Won as the jury’s choice at the Baeksang Arts Awards.
    Maybe Song-kang and Jang Ki-yong could follow Yim Si-Wan to become the great actors he is now.
    But it’s not easy and it takes a smart and talented man to be in the same frame with classy actors like Song Kang-ho, Sol Kyung-Gu, Kwak Do-Won and Lee Sung-Min.
    It’s not impossible, in fact Yim Si-wan is still playing the role of a child when he is in twenties.

  23. I would watch anything with Im Shiwan, Ryu jungyeol and Kim Seonho…and instead of thinking those details listed are flaws, for me its their charms

  24. Sigh. Some just got lucky to star in popular drama and become superstar in just one night. I bet the trend seems to change now. Maybe in future someone who we don’t expect to be a hit will be immensely popular. I have this one actor in my mind and he has three upcoming big-budgeted dramas all. No one here says his name yet. Please don’t jinx it

  25. With regard to Jang Ki Yong, he was good in My Mister and okay in what I watched of WWW (still haven’t finished). However, he is bland in Guhimo. I think the writing isn’t helping him out and he is kind of the straight man to the lead female’s funny antics. I’m not picky about acting, but even I have noticed he doesn’t emote.

    Song Kang was fine in Navillera. He reminds me of another pretty actor who gets a lot of love for his looks and trying hard. People can complain but he will continue to get parts for as long as he can, and I don’t blame anyone for making bank when the parts come because they can dry up at a moments notice.

      • Cha Eun Woo from Astro I believe. I think he is almost known more as an actor. I actually have liked him in a few dramas but he can be a little bland and gets criticized but I see no chance of him not getting parts for years to come unless scandal comes his way.

    • jang kiyong not too bad but he still hit and miss in term of acting. He suited with a heavy character i think like my mister.

      For song kang, his acting is so so for me.He had a good expression but once his speak, it finished.His intonation of voice a bit weak compared to his emotion.

      • He didn’t even have good expression his too smily and force his smile too hard I can see his lips shaking

      • Hey @jcw! Sorry for bumping into your convo!

        I just wanted to give you a shoutout for your Joseph Gordon Levitt/Lee Je Hoon connection! It prob. got buried in the swarm of comments lol. But I just wanted to say IA, and that we’re prob. the only ones to make that connection. And I was wondering what were the similar vibes/persona you got to make that connection. Thanks!

      • He was good in My Mister. Also in that new Netflix movie, Sweet &Sour, he’s not a likeable character but he’s better there than in the gumiho drama…the movie itself isn’t good though.

  26. I think we have too rosy-tint a eye of previous dramas who have less competition, and therefore also much more fresh.

    Watched a few of those classics and I will not call the acting particularly good. It was good that time, but I do not think that kind of acting will do well now.

  27. The problem is that the most prominent 20s actors getting pushed rn have….uneven acting, to say the least. Song Kang is terrible in that Nevertheless drama (Han Sohee acts circles around him and makes it look effortless), Jang Ki Yong is just flat in the roommate is a gumiho drama but decent in his new Netflix movie, Lee Do Hyun is good but needs a breakout hit with a bigger role that isn’t on Netflix, even Park Bo Gum sometimes has no chemistry with leading ladies and isn’t good enough to overcome bad writing like in Record of Youth.

    The 80s-born model actor crowd who made it to lead status (Lee Jong Seok, Kim Woo Bin etc) weren’t perfect when they started either but they also weren’t SK levels of bad.

    • @Royal We

      I agree with most you have written.

      As for me, these actors – the 80s and 90s borns are all really trying their best. I think they wont be actors if their acting aint that good. The agencies wont even hired them if they wont see any potentials. To uneven acting, i think the PDs should be blamed because they are the one directing these actors.

      Sometimes, even with all the perfect elements in their drama the result isnt satisfying, like for example, your fave SJK’s Arthdal Chronicles, with A-list cast, given the big budget, the most anticipating drama in 2019, and expecting a Goblin or Mr. Sunshine level of ratings just resulted mediocre numbers of ratings. I mean, everything is perfect, but the drama and viewers didnt click so it just generated so many issues here and there and produced viewership ratings that isn’t leveled for that super big budgeted drama. Even the big name of SJK didnt even put the drama to what it is expected to be. So what I mean is these actors / actresses just need to gamble until one day they will hit one project. Nobody can say things will have a good result not until it is showing. A hit or a miss, they just need to go on.

      • @Gee I get your point but it’s apples to oranges, I’m not talking about the commercial success of these boys’ dramas but about their acting itself.

        Arthdal Chronicles performed below expectations for sure, I’m not delusional (6-7 percent in and of itself is good ratings for cable BUT the money they spent was to the level they expected way more…and it didn’t help that the drama ultimately suffered because unlike most kdramas it wasn’t a complete story). That said, the acting was never the issue with AC and especially not Song Joongki’s, if anything he was getting praised for his double role acting, but some people did believe he was “over” because of the one flop…which is a highly premature verdict when you’re speaking of someone whose career was built majorly on the fact that he’s good at acting.

        Of course, a drama can turn out badly even with a great actor (Kim Woo Bin, Uncomfortably Fond, messy drama despite him bringing everything he had to it) but having skills plus looks/charisma is at least one less pitfall for dramas to avoid.

      • Maybe song joong ki accept asdhal chronicle because loyalty with writer and director he work past.Blossom entertainment also force him to accept this role and media play about this drama and his salary.Thank god his new agency didnt media play vincenzo as big budget drama or block buster drama.If vincenzo didnt doing well in rating knetz will rosted him alive. I think after flop asdhal chronicle he should never work again writer and director in past.

      • @legalequality Not sure if he chose AC or his agency forced him to, but I think he enjoyed working with the AC’s director. Anyway, in a recent interview, SJK did say there were times in the past when he was in conflict with his agency about what drama selection so you may be right.

        And on the topic of his new agency,I absolutely LOVE what they are doing for SJK these days, especially the weekly SJK content they’ve been providing. Hope they keep it up!

    • @Royal We:

      At least the drama that you have said that had a bad writing and had an actor who couldn’t overcome it got a pretty decent ratings in tvN (average:7.628%), at least performed well on Netflix during its airing, landed most of top place in good data corporation before, its duration and after it aired, and got a a good buzz and reviews in RACOI.

      It may not be the level of your Vincenzo but at least it had those characteristics;let me use the words of reporters in Naver – killed simultaneous birds in one stone.

      He is in his 20s yeah (28 korean age), and has still a very very long way to go, but, one thing for sure about this actor, like SJK, Korean and international fans accepted this fact already that he knows how to act and he is excellent in that field.

      As for the fl chemistry, you maybe dislike it or dont see the chemistry between them but other fans see how lovely this otp is. Just like SJK and his latest fl , some say they dont mix well, there is the element of being pushy about this otp but for others their tandem is fiery.

      Let us agree to disagree. Peace.

      • I literally said, verbatim, that I wasn’t talking about the commercial success of these boys’ dramas but about their acting itself.

        Save the passive-aggressiveing for another time pls, it’s not my problem if you choose to take any hint of criticism of your fave personally, get defensive and and bring this and that talk about “reporters” and “other fans” into it when they are irrelevant to my observation.

  28. Also minor correction but Yoo Ah In was 24 and Song Joong Ki 25 when they did Sungkyunkwan Scandal…by 27 (international 27) SJK was already doing Nice Guy and released Werewolf Boy.

  29. Song Kang and Jky cannot act to save their lives but blind oppa fans insist on defending mediocre male actors if they look good. Yes the previous generation of male leads was better. They had screen presence and didn’t struggle to emote or deliver dialogues. Meanwhile Song Kang can’t vocalise, Jang Kiyong can’t move his facial muscles, NJH gets carried by Han Jimin etc. The untalented trio needs to enlist and stop terrorizing our screens.

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