tvN Teacher-Student Romance Melancholia Drops to 1% Rating Range by Episode 4 as K-viewers Find the Story Discomforting and Dated

Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, they just had to pick this real life relationship to turn into a K-drama. I’m talking about the production for tvN drama Melancholia saying that it was based on French President Macron and his wife and everyone knows how they met, how old they were at that time, and how they got together. I have no desire to check out Melancholia even with one of my faves Lee Do Hyun as the male lead, and it looks like neither does the domestic Korean audience. The drama started with 3.6% ratings and has dropped through 4 episodes to 1.6%. The feedback is the drama is boring, don’t like teacher-student romances, the leads don’t have chemistry, this drama feels so dated with the dialogue and plot, and Lee Do Hyun isn’t suited this time for this particular high school character despite doing so well in 18 Again. I never wish for dramas to tank in ratings but if this one tanks even more maybe it will stop this subject matter of taboo student-teacher romances from being made going forward.


tvN Teacher-Student Romance Melancholia Drops to 1% Rating Range by Episode 4 as K-viewers Find the Story Discomforting and Dated — 31 Comments

  1. They should at the very least stop being made as straight up romances. As someone with multiple teenage male relatives, I’d go Rambo on any adult who creeps on them. We seem to get that this is extremely wrong when the student is a girl but have such a DGAF attitude about young boys in general. It’s sad.

    Those two straight up look like mother and son in the stills. Yikes.

    • It’s ahhht, dahhhling! Why NOT make a love story about Macron’s predator teacher and a relationship that is the butt of jokes/contempt pretty much anytime Macron’s name comes up?

      • I did not initially pay attention to Pres. Macron’s story, just knew that his wife is older than him. But when I read it in detail, d@#n! that is just gross. And then read recently about the ex-husband’s death and how he became a recluse and all…..

    • I have always found maccron’s story gross and found it strange his now wife didn’t go to prison for preying on a child the same age as her son! Why on earth would anyone make a romantic drama on this topic? Totally disgusting whether it’s an older man and young girl or older woman and young boy.

  2. call me toxic. actually, I’m very happy that the rating dropped, coz i really despise the idea of romance between student and teacher. it really gross me out. so what if they meet later when both already are an adult. still gross to me.

  3. I like it. Still following it. Its kind of hypocritical to acclaim the protagonists in Secret Live Affair and bury this one. The stories are similar as the protagonists all happen to be a different breed of people that do not box into the category of a regular love story. The school setting does make it more controversial but end of the day the connection is formed on speaking the same language, having different thought flow and perspectives that transcends standard attraction by physical looks or personality. In their world, they see things that those outside don’t see. Hence to find a similar soul is rare whatever size, shape and form they come in. This part I felt the story telling did suffice to paint to viewers why the attraction. A famous bible teacher Derek Prince married his first wife who was a good 25 years older than him and went on to have a solid 29 year marriage till she passed away in her old age. It was controversial in that time but both had a heart for orphans and a common calling. With her by his side, his ministry flourished.

      • Isn’t that the new weekend drama starring ji hyun woo that is killing the ratings now? Yep. Definitely when the gender is reversed, its all acceptable. Btw I do hope nothing happens in the school setting and the romance only happens after the time skip. The drama premise so far is acceptable.

    • I love it too. Until episode 4, nothing really happened. According to spoiler, the boy will wait until he is legally matured to be with the teacher. I believe in spiritual connection rather than just looking at age.

      • Me, too. They act good, and i think it’s difficult to act u are smart in maths. It’s difficult too to act u are good in writing and explaining the math formulas. I can feel they are genius mathematician in the drama.

  4. I don’t find the comparison of Derek & Lydia Prince with this drama characters justifiable. Derek was 31 serving in the British Army when he met Lydia aged 56. To even bring up the Princes as an example is tarnishing their memory/legacy. The ML here is still a minor for goodness sake. She’s a teacher in a position of authority. Outright inappropriate. It’s predatory behaviour.

    • Are you even watching the drama? Cos there’s no attraction on her part to the kid (yet). While he is definitely nursing a crush, there is nothing on hers suggesting more than eagerness to right the wrongs society, and doing her best to nurture his potential to the maximum. Btw Derek prince himself received persecution and criticism on his decision as well. History changes nothing. People are judgemental self righteous “saints” who can’t cast the first stone when they are called out for it

  5. LDH’s fans were policing everyone’s opinion and rationalising this disgusting premise. Glad viewers gave it a hard kick on its backside, disgusting teacher Student romances deserve nothing.

  6. Just thinking the relationship will turn into a romance, sends shivers down my spine. Why they must turn every relationship into romance like son and mother in Alice and this tutor – student here? These relationships are just beautiful as it is.
    This drama is like the novel Lean Your Loneliness Slowly Againts Mine by Klara Hveberg but gender reverse, which I dropped it like hot potato when the relationship turn into romance affair. Sigh.
    I can see the appeal liking our teacher/tutor/mentor but….

  7. Haven’t been even mild;y interested in watching this drama but must thank @koala for referencing Casablanca.
    “Of all the gin joints in all the world…” You slay, koala.

  8. I never planned to watch this, just disgusted about the teacher-student romantic relationship. Pretty much like when I dropped Alice when they started to romanticize the relationship between the 2 leads who were mother and son in a parallel universe. I hope whoever decided to green light this will finally realize that the viewing public no longer thinks that teacher-student romantic relationships are cute or sweet. Just stop romanticizing this kind of relationship already.

  9. Ouch. I wonder if Lee Do Hyun regrets turning down Hounds. Netflix original with crime/action genre would’ve been a new look for him. I know his team wants to cultivate his bf vibes. But seriously, his team better turn down the Song Hye Kyo drama which also has noona romance vibes or he’ll typecast.

    Wonder if his momentum is going to be stumped now? Like who thought this was going to do well, always felt this would get 3-4%.

  10. I wished they just made the teacher a male Ala Stand By Me or if the teacher needs to be a she then I would have preferred it like Michelle Pfeiffer Dangerous Minds.

    Why does it need to have romance. I mean Navillera did well with a young man guiding an old man with basic ballet moves.

  11. I watched 3 episodes and there wasn’t romance. But clearly the teacher is pretty naive and should be more careful with a teenager.

    My issue is the story is not interesting. There is Sky Castle’s part that brings nothing to the story… I’m kinda bored by all these rich people/schools acting like psychopath everytime.

    The ML being a genius is boring too. I think I prefer when a teacher like her helps students in difficulty.

  12. They really shouldn’t have gone down the student-teacher romance path. There is nothing romantic or aspirational about the beyond creepy Macron relationship. Whomever thought that was a good idea to base a drama on is nuts.

    Lee Do Hyun’s agency should be smart and choose a romance with a similar aged actress for his next drama.

  13. I am liking the story line so far, and am going to watch this movie to the last episode so you all should stop with your criticism and ethical lectures, have you all not heard of freedom of choice and expression, am sure the guy is 18, therefore human rights#. Let the series continue!

  14. Really expected this show to be icky but instead, I’m really enjoying it. Hopefully the writer handles this delicately. Also, I thought we lived in an era where “love is love” now, what’s up with all the judgement here without even watching the show?

  15. Lee do hyun’s acting was so unbelievably impressive in this drama…he was unbelievably immersed in this drama…and I just can’t understand why people are saying his character in Melancholia doesn’t suit him…I liked Lee do hyun’s acting in his previous dramas …but I was not that great of a fan….he was like any other actor to me …but after watching Melancholia he became the first actor whose acting I liked more than any of my my favourite actors …I understand it if people says they don’t like Melancholia … It’s understandable as people have different preferences….but please don’t disgrace Lee do Hyun’s acting

  16. I found the plot, characters and storyline of Mathmatics very compelling and refreshing. The main characters are charming and innocent. There is nothing wrong with who you fall in love with as they have so much in common. I hope the ratings pick up as this drama is well worth watching.

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