Song Kang is Intrigued by Capable Sunbae Park Min Young in New Preview for jTBC Romance Forecasting Love and Weather

This drama gives off exactly the same vibes as last year’s jTBC Romance Sunbae Please Don’t Put on That Lipstick (She Will Never Know) just with a different workplace setting and different OTP leads. Change out the cosmetics office space for the weather forecasting meteorological bureau in upcoming Forecasting Love and Weather (Office Romance Cruelty) and it’s the same chemistry of a younger whip smart handsome feller totally interesting in an older sunbae who is professionally capable and successful in the same job. Unfortunately for me the pairing of Won Jin Ah and Ro Woon looked great in the teasers but I’m not feeling the same optimism for Park Min Young and Song Kang. For me the fresh setting of these weather casting team seems more interesting then the same old same old K-drama romance set up but who know’s it could end up being totally lowkey charming.

Third Teaser for Forecasting Love and Weather:


Song Kang is Intrigued by Capable Sunbae Park Min Young in New Preview for jTBC Romance Forecasting Love and Weather — 21 Comments

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  2. I genuinely can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a couple so incompatible in a romcom. I generally have no issues with noona romances. In fact some of the best k-drama couples come from that type of pairing: LSG-HJW, KSH-JJH, LJS-LBY, YAI-KHA to name a few. But my god this looks terrible. Everything about it from the set up, to the cringe worthy romance, to Song Kang’s godawful hairstyle that makes him look like he’s 15. Ugh. Ughughugh.

  3. I think the pairing would have been better with Park Min Young and Yoon Park, but I will watch at least 2 episodes for these two.

  4. Can’t wait for a new drama by my beautiful Park Min Young. It’s true that her last 3 dramas are of similar genre, but that doesn’t stop me from excitedly waiting for her new one. She has proven her great acting skills so many times before. She is so real and natural. I don’t think that anyone comes close to her in terms of skills and good looks.

  5. I will try , but i would prefer Yoon Park as lead , time for him to become one . Nothing against Song kang as i just watched a few episodes of Neverthless so i can’t judge his acting but Yoon Park is on my list since years now . I have a fondness for Park Min Young but lately i couldn’t finish her dramas .

    • Except that drama literally started with the guy taking advantage of a women too drunk to consent, and showing her apologise for taking advantage of him ? the side pairing was so wierd too. There was just something uncomfortable about that show…

    • @Jushi What’s up fox? is a A+ , Good actors, chemistry , funny, sexy, … And Song Kang is not Chun Jung Myung , i miss him, where is he ? The last time i saw him was in the drama with Yoon Eun Hye , both weren’t at their best .It was like both toned their acting and the potential sexy chemistry . Something was off ? I miss Ha Ji Won too , just saying .

      • Thanks @sayaris, i didn’t know that . I’m glad that he may return . Sometimes, i forget that a new generation of actors is there and that the older one can’t be as active as before .That’s life, but as a long time viewer i do still miss her.

      • Oh I rewatched it too last autumn , and he was good in it , good chemistry with Choi Kang hee ( i love this woman’s voice ) . At that time TVN dramas weren’t popular . If i remember well, there was Oh Jung Se in a little role and it was directed by Coffee prince’s director . A very warm drama .

  6. I mean noona romances r always a pleasure to watch. But somehow for this time round the pairing between PMY & SK is just so incompatible. Like this whole scenario feels like Song Kang as a high school student romancing PMY which is his teacher. Honestly I think that this will work better if PMY was paired up w Yoon Park which is way better in my opinion.

    • Agree, Yoon Park deserves a ML role by now. I actually like him better with Kim So Hyun in Romance Radio. I thought he’s older but he’s only 34, an actual 87 liner like LMH, LSG, JCW, SIG & JIW. Imo he’s the near perfect ML for PMY.

      • I love him in Age of youth with Han Ye Ri,in Introvert boss with Yun Woo Jin another actor that i love, What’s with this family ? a good week end drama, Legal High, Search, …well i just love him . and instead of him or Yun Woo Jin to be opposed to Park min Young , we have Song Kang !

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