K-netizen Posts About Seo Ye Ji and Her Parent’s Selfish Behavior as Neighbors Living in the Same Villa Complex, Her Side Explains an Apology was Delivered and the Parents Have Moved Out Now

Well this came out of nowhere, or at least I thought the negative news associated with K-actress Seo Ye Ji was all in the past. This week K-ent reported on a post of a resident of a villa complex who claimed that Seo Ye Ji’s parents and herself were really rude neighbors. The post said Seo Ye Ji’s parents put up a dog gate on a communal stairwell which greatly inconvenienced other residents using it. When confronted the poster said Seo Ye Ji’s dad got belligerent and pushed him. There are also limited parking and when Seo Ye Ji would visit her parents around 3 times a week, she would just park in front of other parked cars in the assigned stalls and inconvenience other residents whose stalls she blocked in from driving in or out. The poster said Seo Ye Ji brought a lawyer to discuss this issue and provided an apology that the poster said was insincere. The issue is over now as her parents have moved out of the villa. Seo Ye Ji’s agency responded that this matter was resolved, she apologized and it can’t be helped how her apology was received.


K-netizen Posts About Seo Ye Ji and Her Parent’s Selfish Behavior as Neighbors Living in the Same Villa Complex, Her Side Explains an Apology was Delivered and the Parents Have Moved Out Now — 41 Comments

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  2. This should not be a big issue given the matter is already settled. However it really shows how arrogant and narcissistic her character is which perfectly aligns with the way she dealt with her scandal last year.

  3. Y9u don’t do that with neighbours. Rip the man who marries her. Better he be some arrogant jerk but such women will target weak men anyways lol

    • Terrorized for 4 years too. Photo proofs included. Another week another incident and her delulu fans will keep going on and on about liars and frauds again. This time its the neighbours trying to rob her of her glory during her cb. The world SURE only revolves around this clown and people have nothing else better to do with their lives then to make up lies about her. That is HOW IMPORTANT SYJ is.

  4. When the hate train keeps moving nothing really stops it. The obvious dislike is showing, read up on the story properly, the police said that it was completely legal for her to park that way because of the cramped parking space, then stalking your neighbor child is horrendous, to the point you know she comes 3 times a week?
    Sbs that posted this news is covering up the inquisition into the death of their producer. I’m not seeing articles on that, but for a celebrity parents.
    I thought parents and children are off limits, I’m guessing not in your place of the world.

    Keep up the hate train, maybe you’d get off one day

    • LOL at stalking comment. She parked her car blocking others’ cars and people have to stalk to know that she came 3 times a week? Her car was there.

      Did you even think you are making any sense with that?

      • Ignore those hopeless fools. They’re beyond redemption at this point. There could be video evidence of her maliciously assaulting an innocent pregnant woman and they’d STILL find a way to blame the victim and praise their ‘queen’ for her actions. All this worship over an average-looking mediocre Z-list actress. Imagine if she was JJH-level. What would they do? ?????

    • Parking like that is legal? Wow…that’s surprising. Well, its a Villa complex…its probably cramp because its only available to people who actually live there and pay for their parking. Doesn’t make sense there would be complaints and she would have to apologize if this was all legal. Right?

    • Here come the clown stans lmao
      So your uNnie is soooooo incredibly important that sbs is using her as a cover up shshshdkl
      Reminds me of how bigbang stans would come up with conspiracy theories about how all their oppars’ scandals were cover ups by the government
      Seo yeji’s fans behave a lot like seungri stans ?

      • Difference is Seugri went to court and was prosecuted. There is no comparison. Now that’s really low to use that as an example.

        Netizens can say whatever they like with no accountability whatsoever feeding anti’s and trolls who live off the anonymous posts fueling their incessant hate as this blog rightfully shows.

        “No Calligraphy No bill” yes SBS feeds off YJ name just like all the other K media outlets. Koala does it as well. Her last 2 articles gave a total of 100 +comments so of course she’s figured who brings her the money and traffic by using any article that’s written about her.

        YJ and her fans are vilified, mocked and called all sorts of names which we take on the chin and just solider on regardless but you can also just admit that your reliance on anonymous netizens posts as the confirmed truth is the reason why you feel so compelled and justified in posting your anti sentiments here.

    • No offense but legal or not… That’s plain disrespectful to block other cars. Only arrogant ones will do that illogical thing.

      What if it’s your car and you wanted to drive in an important destination/appointment, you have to wait for her to finish her visit or have to knock to her door to complain which will waste your time.

      • Oh my gosh Koala did not report in her one sided article that the Police were involved and that the parking was deemed not illegal. This ‘Mr A’ failed to enlighten and divulge this piece of information when he posted on the forum last year. But hey better to believe a random they know best.

  5. To her delusional and crazy fans she is beautiful inside out..hahahaha. plastic monster who lies about her degree

  6. What is happening to this actress? She just issued an apology last week but another issue has arisen? The popular saying ‘if there is a smoke, there is a fire’, so partly of this story is correct. She and her parents have behavioural problem, really; an ? doesn’t fall far from its tree.??? While I think there are really people out there that want her to be in the bad spotlight;she is pitiful at the same time. This is the classic example of ‘a man reaps what he sow’. Generally, ths is a sad news to hear and again

  7. bring lawyer to prevent adding her long list scandal, haha this parking thing happened at the peak of her controversy last year on may lol

  8. Crazy and delusional fans…more like loyal and supportive fans but funny that yet K media know who pays the bills whenever her name is mentioned. Goes to show Koala gains her viewers that way too not to mention the anti’s and trolls who live at the sniff of a whim to splurge out on their malicious and hateful comments. This parking issue was done and dusted last year but with SBS just reporting on it first to cover up the suicide of one of their producers -Lee Him Chan sub producer Studio S who was working on their new drama ‘The Police Station next to the Fire station; it totally makes sense. Koala just reads the first article on YJ and takes that as gospel goes to show a a little bit of investigating on her part might go a long way instead of being reliant on that one salacious article. Netizen A who posted about the incident went to the Police and was told that there was nothing illegal about the parking. Everything was sorted and YJ parents apologised and Netizen A accepted it and the matter was left at that. Got to hand it to all these complainants who go by the name of ‘Netizen A’ anything for their 5 minutes of fame. Mr A “I posted it last year, but there were comments left yesterday and today. This is the only place I wrote.
    How did it become an article?
    No matter how bad I was…I didn’t want to do this much. It was last year, and they moved.“

    Oh yeah there was no mention of his actions at the time aye but it is to be expected by this kind of witch hunt reporting -just so used to it now.

    I wish K media would stop using YJ’s name as fodder for the trolls with their biased reporting.

    • It is “loyal” fans like you that make these celebrities think they are above everyone and that they can get away with their bad behavior without any consequence.

      She is a repeat offender, how can you be so blind?!

      • No it’s loyal fans who don’t tolerate these one sided biased reports.

        Netizen A, B, C D don’t they have actual names? If you’re brazen enough to make posts on a public post which netizen A did then you’re good enough to tell the enitre story. There is no mention in Koala’a post about him going to the Police?

        I’m not here to change anyone’s opinion I just want to show there is always 2 sides to a story and don’t just believe everything that is written without asking questions like who is this netizen A? Why post on something now when the incident occurred last year? Is there more to this story?

        Yes I see how all the rumours have tainted her yet I’m accused of blindly following her? No, I choose to go and follow actual complainants who will put their names and faces to their claims but funny how they won’t and just stay behind their mask as ‘Netizen …’

        From the comments on this article, I stand behind my statement that this blog serves as a vehicle to incite and fuel hate towards YJ.

    • There are people who play blind when it comes to the offenses and crimes committed by their loved ones.

      I think you fall into that category. You masked it as “loyalty” even as society continue to suffer because of them. I can’t with this kind of people and makes you think they have questionable moral values as well.

  9. Aigoo. Kim Soo Hyun, Kim Sae Ron and all the other GM talents are working so hard bringing in moolah only for the agency, specifically KSH’s wimp of a cousin she’s apparently dating, to spend it all sloppily covering up this demon’s endless scandals. With such a stink-ass attitude, no wonder she languished in nugudom for years until a Hallyu star shone his light on her and she blew up. Her jobless stans who have no purpose in life can queue up under my comment to kiss my ass and then go kiss hers. ? Like trash fave, like trash stans. ????

    • LMAO Exactly ???
      And her del*lu stans had the audacity to say that IONTBO only became popular because of her? I also remember them degrading Kim Soo Hyun during the airing of IONTBO LOL, Kim Soo Hyun, the actual A-Lister who has actual hit dramas and movies under his belt, doesn’t need some psychopathic nugu actress, everything he does will be buzz-worthy, hit or not.
      I can’t with the delusion of SYJ stans ?
      You’re totally right, she would’ve been famous years ago if she’s as beautiful and great as her del*lu cringe-ass stans are claiming her to be lmao
      “badass queen” my ass, more like scandal queen ???

  10. I think every time she has a new project to be aired…we may read reports of new complaints. She must have a collection of complaints in a folder to be used against her…again, it is all her doing.

  11. I can’t imagine how and why fans are still sticking for her. There are so many complaints piling up of her bad behavior / attitude, what more do you need?!
    If it was me, I will drop her as my fave right away.
    No amount of beauty or great acting can make me like a toxic person.

  12. They’re completely delusional, that’s why lol
    They live vicariously through her, they’re obsessed with her “ant waist” and (totally not plastic yup) “pale face” and over compensate for their own real life insecurities by projecting onto her
    They’ve completely made her the ultimate victim in their minds

  13. I mean at this point, she is just owning it and I have to respect it. Silver lining, she is visiting her parents so she’s a good daughter. lmao

    • The “she apologized and she can’t help how her apology was received” line made me chuckle.

      You rarely see a Korean actress giving attitude like this. Guess she’ll just stick to this dgaf route.

      • i wish someone who was wrongfully getting called out responded like this. coming from her, this just adds to the incredulity of her offenses.

      • @mimimi She’s a piece of work and in toxic girlfriend territory, but she is smart enough to know some sweet, sincere apology would immediately be dissed as – you guessed it – an insincere apology. She knows no one is gonna buy it so she’s going a different route. I get the different culture with the whole written apology letter. I’ve seen what has happened to some in the past who were felt by K-netz as being not sorry enough and who have fought back and it hasn’t ended well or they issue Apology #2 etc.

        Some k-pop dude once said he got frustrated because his company would make them apology for stuff that they didn’t do or was misunderstood because if they tried to stand up for themselves or explain, they’d be ripped to shreds. Unfortunately, the wrongfully accused are truly stuck in this cycle.

  14. as a former fan, i have to say that the fans who have stuck with her through all of this are just as brazen as her. “it doesn’t matter if she was gaslighting her ex, it is a personal matter and it’s already been resolved!” “didn’t know koreans cared about parking so much!” “who cares about her education background, she’s an actress!” like… these people are exactly the reason she’s able to get her way and get away with her narcissistic nonsense. it’s okay to not be okay is close to a masterpiece for me, but i don’t think i’ll be able to watch or enjoy it again bc seo yeaji pretty much IS ko moon young but worse bc at least ko moon young didn’t pretend to be something she was not.

    • There are people who play blind when it comes to the offenses and crimes committed by their loved ones.

      I thinking about they fall into that category. They masked it as “loyalty” even as society continue to suffer because of them. I can’t with these people and this make you think they have questionable moral values as well.

  15. I think kdramas these days are more famous for the scandals. Even some older kdrama fans in twitter sense the same, kdrama fandom culture on that social media is filled with hate nowadays more than people actually discussing the content of dramas. Plus the witchunt of entertaiment reporters in south korea is no joke. I’m not saying she’s innocent or anything, it’s just like: isn’t it too much? kind of seeing people enjoying this things? I wonder if something like this will happen to Kim Junhyun, Kim Seonho next? Or to Ryu Junyeol recently? and why it didn’t happen to Lee Byunhyun?

    • What too much?

      There’s no smoke without fire. People are not making it up it there’s nothing to fan about. And don’t even try to change subject and bring unrelated actors into her issues. What a lousy attempt to defend your bias lol

      • Did I said the issue was made up? I was just stating a general observation of kdrama fandom nowadays. I’m just taken aback that so many scandals has taken place in just two years and instead of moving on, forget the artist, just not watch them, not consume more post about them, block their (still) fans but instead we’re still here and so are the tabloid reporters.

        and btw I don’t worship or hate people I don’t know. I just like actors and dramas.

      • LMAO The fact that that therese is bringing up names like Kim Jung Hyun (an actual victim of psycho SYJ) and other male actors tells me she’s just one of those selective woke-ass SYJ stans pulling a lame whataboutism to defend her fave lol they’re all so predictable “wHaT aBoUt tHe MaLe AcToRs, WhY aRe ThEy NoT cAnCeLled”, ignoring the fact that SYJ is the one with a new drama meanwhile Kim Jung Hyun and Kim Seon Ho have too much shame and dignity to accept new projects lol until the public has fully forgiven them lol
        Also, kdramaland has been full of scandals for a long time now. Old kdrama fans will remember how actresses like Lee Da Hae are persecuted in the media for MUCH less than what this psycho SYJ has done. Either @therese is a new kdrama fan or it’s a lame attempt to defend her bias, and then pretending to be neutral lmao

      • @Egglitarian… Lol you are right. There have always been many scandals in the kdrama industry. Hhj getting cancelled for something her brother did, song hye kyo tax evasion, yoon eun Hye plagiarism, and not to forget getting hate for dating an older man(sulli), etc.
        Atleast people are now being more considerate when it comes to dating scandals.

  16. Even though SYJ’s die hard stans claim that the issue has been resolved, it does not hide the fact that there were concerns raised against SYJ and her parents’ for their behavior. There is a pattern here, no matter how much stans dismiss it with claims of a “conspiracy” against SYJ. She is so famous that SBS is using her for coverup. She is so good that many are threatened by her comeback. Imagine that.

    • No need to imagine it all…it’s out for all to see and it happened loud and clear. Just like Mr A said on the forum recently ““I posted it last year, but there were comments left yesterday and today. This is the only place I wrote.
      How did it become an article?
      No matter how bad I was…I didn’t want to do this much. It was last year, and they moved.”

      Sorry Mr A, SBS uncovered your public post and ran the story on March 2nd. It’s okay only a portion of what really happened was stated. Yes having the police involved who said the parking was not illegal however everything was shown to be in your favour so no idea why you would feel bad about it? One neighbour, 4 years…. really?

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