Hyun Bin Attends Ahn Se Ha’s Wedding Styled Just Like a Movie Leading Man

First off a big congratulations for very recognizable Korean character actor Ahn Se Ha on his wedding this weekend! He joins the very jam-packed K-star wedding march of 2017 and even though he’s not a leading man but in every drama or movie I’ve seen where he played a part he’s always been spot on and an invaluable team player. He must make quite the impression behind the scenes as well as big names stars attended his wedding most notably Hyun Bin and Yoo Ji Tae.

Binnie is my bae and his presence at the wedding has the media in a tizzy for hos insanely handsome he looks, decked out in an impeccable and event suitable three piece suit and his hair all classic movie star styled. The walk into the wedding looks straight of of a movie – his blurred face friends attending the wedding seriously look like bodyguards and him the much too handsome head of state striding into an important meeting. So swoony! Continue reading