Jung Joon Young and Choi Jung Hoon Reportedly Got Police Assistance in Getting Prior Sex Tape Case Dismissed and Covering Up DUI

The Seungri scandal is like the horrible reverse of the gift that keeps on giving, or more aptly the pandora’s box that should be opened for the greater good of K-ent housecleaning but HOMG is it stomach roiling to read about. The latest bad acts stemming from Seungri’s noxious chatroom members Jung Joon Young and Choi Jung Hoon of FT Island include the two getting away with prior criminal misconduct allegations. Jung Joon Young was two years earlier accused by an ex-girlfriend of taking sex videos without her consent and sharing it.

His investigation stalled when police delayed and then later said it couldn’t retrieve the data from his phone. Turns out the cops were helping him (duh) and actually told the IT company to not retrieve the data. Singer Choi Jung Hoon got into a DUI a few years ago and asked the cops to keep quiet so he wouldn’t be in the news, and later in the chatroom the miscreants talked about how the “police commissioner” was helping make it all go away and how an older hyung paid to get it done. As of today, Jung Joon Young has retired from showbiz and his agency terminated his contract, while FNC has placed Choi Jung Hoon on hiatus. Continue reading