Roy Qiu Battles the Undead in Cameo Laden Horror Comedy TW-movie The 9th Precinct

It’s the end of ghost month already but one more supernatural movie is hitting the screens this weekend with The 9th Precinct. Even without it starring my fave Roy Qiu it still looks scary cool but with Roy as the earnest cop assigned to the ghostly 9th precinct it’s one I’ll be on the lookout for when it hits streaming. Roy plays a new cop with good test scores and a bigger heart to fight for justice but also having the ability to see ghosts so he gets assigned to the in-between 9th precinct with other cops in charge of policing the ghosts that still roam the earthly realm. The director has done plenty of other dramas or movies so also lined up in cameo appearances Chris Wu, Ivy Shao, and Sonia Sui, among the famous faces. Check out the stills and fun trailer below! Continue reading

Ady An’s Wedding Party of the Year Moves Back to Taiwan for Star-studded Banquet

The festivities have moved from Hawaii back to Taiwan for the final stop in TW-actress Ady An‘s wedding extravaganza of the year. Celebrity weddings can be lavish and over-the-top and Ady’s definitely is up there in terms of how much … Continue reading

Chris Wu and Alice Ke Win Best Acting Trophies at the 51st Annual Golden Bell Awards

The glitziest night of Taiwanese television took place at the 51st annual Golden Bell Awards Friday night in Taipei. I only pay attention for the fashion and if certain TW-dramas or acting talent that I happen to like for that … Continue reading

TW-drama Rock Records in Love Showcases Famous Songs with Top Taiwanese Actors and Actresses

Taiwan’s cable network PTV is doing a phenomenal sounding drama series of one-episode shorts featuring the the most influential music and acting talent. Starting April 9th, Rock Records in Love premieres with individual episodes all featuring a famous song from … Continue reading

Vic Zhou, Ariel Lin, and Bolin Chen Lead the Star-studded Fashion Parade at the 50th Annual Golden Bell Awards

The prestigious 50th annual Golden Bell Awards just went down this Saturday night in Taipei, and it was definitely one of the years with a plethora of A-list attendees. None more so than two time Golden Bell Best Actress winner Ariel Lin … Continue reading