Poster and Teaser for tvN’s Cinderella and Four Knights Throws Back Old School Harem Romance

If Uncontrollably Fond harkens back to the early Hallyu style of melodrama, then tvN‘s Cinderella and Four Knights reminds of the mid-Hallyu male harem romance dramas such as Boys Before Flowers, You’re Beautiful, which even branched out to sageuks like Sungkyunkwan Scandal. I totally dig, it’s been awhile since there was a legit set up like this, though the drama is adapting from a same name manhwa and this construct remains super popular in the illustrated world of manhwa and mangas.

The shoujo girl in me is forever throwing rose petals and open to throwing practicality to the wind and reveling in the world where four gorgeous rich men all fall for one ordinary girl. Starring Jung Il Woo, Park So Dam, Ahn Jae Hyun, Lee Jung Shin, Choi Min, and Son Na Eun, the first official drama poster pulls no punches in arraying the rich hotties around their poor maid Park So Dam, who we know will end up making them all turn putty in her hands. Continue reading