New Wed-Thurs Dramas Premieres with Angel’s Last Mission: Love and Spring Night Both Weak on Arrival

The Wed-Thurs prime time drama slot continue to be so far off the heyday of ratings it’s not even entertaining anymore to keep track of the abysmal numbers. There were two dramas that premiered the same week which usually yields an interest in which won the night but here’s it’s like watching two people weakly slapfight. KBS fantasy drama Angel’s Last Mission: Love (Dan, Only Love) came out on top with a measly 7.3% in episode 1 and 7.7% in episode. It lead the night over the other newcomer Spring Night at 3.9%, 6.0% for episodes 1, 2 and the next night 3.6%. 5.6% for episodes 3, 4. Both outclassed the SBS remake of Absolute Boyfriend bring in absolutely dreadful averages of 2.5% through 6 episodes now. I haven’t watched Angel yet but Spring Night is just dullsville from color to character personalities to story line. It has the PD Ahn aura with nothing to hook a viewer. If Angel turns out worth watching that’ll be a blessing otherwise it’s a wash for the time slot in the next two months. Continue reading