Gangnam 1970 Adds Lee Min Ho Scenes and Changes Ending for March Premiere in China

I feel bad for Kim Rae Won that the noir gangster movie Gangnam 1970 has basically become the Lee Min Ho show with the lopsided fan promotion of the movie from his much larger fanbase. The plus side is that more people see the movie and that’s good for the entire production, yes? I haven’t watched the movie but the top billing in Korea had equal weight for the two male leads making me think both characters are equally showcased in the movie story, even if Min Ho-shi’s fans scream his name louder at the screen. That won’t be the case come March when the movie premieres in wide release in China.

The production has revealed that solely based on Lee Min Ho’s star power in China, Gangnam 1970 has just set a record for the highest price a K-movie has sold to China for airing. The C-version movie posters have just been released and one features just Lee Min Ho only (see above) while the other has both male leads but Min Ho is in front while only the top half of Kim Rae Won is visible behind him. The production has revealed that the C-release will be different than the K-original – Lee Min Ho’s screen time will be beefed up including adding more romance scenes with him and female lead Kim Seol Hyun as well as changing the ending. Continue reading

The Verdict is in for the Movie Box Office Battle of the Heirs Leads

The recent box office battle of the Heirs leads has a victor! In a resounding victory, Lee Min Ho‘s Gangnam 1970 had the best movie opening (rank and receipts) of all the movies headlining the Heirs three which all opened … Continue reading

Lee Min Ho Costars and Good Friends Turn Out En Masse for Gangnam 1970 VIP Premiere

The upcoming gangster noir period film Gangnam 1970 has basically turned into the Lee Min Ho show even if the movie has him co-headlining along with Kim Rae Won. If I were Kim Rae Won I wouldn’t let this bother … Continue reading