The Leads of All Three Happy Dramas Gather in Shanghai to Film Opening Scene for Happy Michelin Kitchen

Guess who is all together again in Shanghai? The entire lead cast of all three Happy dramas, that’s who! Ming Dao and Annie Chen (Happy and Love Forever), Mike He and Janine Chang (Sunny Happiness), and my boy Li Yi Feng (he was the second male lead in the first two Happy dramas), all joined the new leads Blue Lan and Cheryl Yang in Shanghai to film the opening scene for Happy Michelin Kitchen, the upcoming third and final drama in the trilogy.

Everyone looks so gorgeous and dressed up, as this party scene will be set at the opening of the fictional trendy restaurant called Muse. I have tons of pictures after the jump, plus some lovey dovey ones of Yun Jie and Yong Yong holding hands and then being so cute you’ll get cavities. Another bonus is lots of Li Yi Feng – did my boy get hotter in the last few months or is it just me? Continue reading