TW-drama Remake of It Started with a Kiss Teases the Famous Kiss Scene with Leads Dino Lee and Esther Wu

Like it or not, the next adaptation of shoujo manga story Itazura na Kiss (It Started with a Kiss) is coming soon like a train that doesn’t even realize it’s making the umpteenth round into the same station. Will viewers board this version? Some will and likely enough to make it worthwhile to keep churning this out with new and younger leads. The new version has the same Chinese title of 惡作劇之吻 but English will be called It’s a Kiss, and stars Dino Lee and Esther Wu as the brainy gorgeous Jiang Zhi Shu and his dimwitted and determined stalker classmate Xiang Yue Qin. The drama has been filming for two months now and recently released stills of the famous first kiss scene that spread the Kabedon move around the world beyond the pages of being a shouja manga staple. I can’t say this version portrays it as good or even better than previous ones since it’s being shown without context and all the necessary character interaction buildup, but on visuals alone I’m warming up to both Dino and Esther. Continue reading

Pretty Young Newbies Cast as the Leads of the Japanese Movie Version of Itazura na Kiss

Casting is complete and filming underway for the upcoming Japanese movie adaptation of popular shoujo manga Itazura na Kiss. The movie is called Itazura na Kiss The Movie ~Haisukuru hen~ (Mischievous Kiss The Movie: High School version) and stars two … Continue reading

From Favorite to Best: The Three Versions of Itazura na Kiss Poll and Discussion

Everyone has their own favorite flavor of ice-cream, and even the exact same flavor of ice-cream can taste different despite the same basic ingredients of milk and sugar. I look at the various drama adaptations of the Japanese manga Itazura … Continue reading