2018 Grand Bell Awards Fetes Burning as Best Film and Departed Kim Joo Hyuk Wins Best Supporting Actor

I can’t say the 2018 Grand Bell Awards (Daejong Awards) were all that exciting mostly because K-movies haven’t really excited me in recent years. There is still envelope pushing and creativity for sure but the days of Old Boy and The Host feel in the rear view mirror. The Best Film winner this year was actually a film that got a lot of press both domestic and international – indie thriller┬áBurning with Yoo Ah In and Steven Yuen took home the big prize and makes me even more curious to watch what is by all accounts a character and acting driven piece with a slow burn (pun intended). What got the most press was deceased actor Kim Joo Hyuk taking home both Best Supporting Actor for Believer and also a commemorative special award on what is close to the first anniversary of his untimely passing in a car accident. The awards fashions were once again a miss other than Seolhyun stealing the show in a red dress with black lining that draped and flared wonderfully on the red carpet. Continue reading