Koala Watches Crap C-drama Edition: Sealed with a Kiss and Fall in Love

This may be a one-off post, perhaps an ongoing series, or maybe once in a blue moon when I’m drunk and bitter. Recently I’ve been quietly watching some dramas that aren’t just bad (and stupid), it’s unbelievably so much so that I can’t even call it a guilty pleasure drama. I ended up watching these dramas for a variety of reasons, but the bottom line is that as I am watching I keep shaking my head at what I am seeing yet I found it almost impossible to stop. Of course I managed to stop (otherwise I might have perished from the brain numbing effect of it all), so I’m here to share some of what I’ve seen so maybe you don’t need to watch it. Or maybe it will make you so curious you’ll run off to watch it immediately.

My verdict in a nutshell is that these two dramas are so bad it’s funny, and sometimes we all need a good laugh here and there. This post will discuss two C-dramas in particular: the recently aired Sealed with a Kiss (Hawick Lau and Ying Er) and Fall in Love (Hans Zhang and Kiton Jiang), the remake of Autumn in My Heart. If you asked me to blurb about both of them, it’d go something like this: SwaK is so batshit insane and sickening I can’t believe it even exists, and FiL is so dumb and horrifically acted I worried my brain was going to lose it’s functionality soon if I didn’t stop watching. Continue reading