Ji Chang Wook and Won Jin Ah Confirmed for tvN Romance Drama Melt Me

The concept of upcoming tvN drama Melt Me (or Melt Me Softly or Let Me Melt) has shades of Hollywood flick Passengers. Here the two leads are supposed to be frozen for 24 hours and it ends up being 20 years, and once they are awake they are the only two who have lived through that wild situation. In Passengers the leads were frozen to endure a 120 year space journey to a new planet homestead and they wake up 30 years into the trip and are the only two faced with such a dilemma. Even choosing to go means they leave behind family and friends who will be gone when they awaken. In Melt Me, the two leads return to a world where their loved ones are now way older than them and they have to keep their body temperature at 31.5C in order to stay alive. I’m thrilled that leads Ji Chang Wook and Won Jin Ah are confirmed together finally for the drama, they are primed to make it meaningful and super romantically sexy based on their track record. Continue reading