Lee Jong Seok and Lee Na Young Lead Script Reading Session for tvN Drama How to Publish Love

Since folks seem to have really strong and broad opinions and mismatched drama casting lately, here’s one more that definitely will garner skeptical commentary. The cast for early 2019 airing K-drama How to Publish Love (Romance Supplement or Romance Bonus Book) gathered for the script reading last week led by leads Lee Jong Seok and Lee Na Young, with buzz high on this one due to the returning from a nearly ten year drama hiatus of the leading lady and the current drama It Boy status of the male lead who has been cutting a swatch with high profile costars in all his previous dramas. Lee Jong Seok has publicly stated that Lee Na Young is his dream ideal female costar but I legit feel so detached from all her previous drama roles it’s hard for me to see what onscreen charisma she exudes. They do look mismatched to me in the script reading stills as well so this is kinda an early two strikes for me but the credentials of the production team keep me intrigued with the PD of Life on Mars and The Good Wife with the screenwriter of the I Need Romance series. Continue reading