Week 7 of The Tale of Nokdu is a Tale of a Boy Trying to Figure Out His Dad and His Girlfriend Trying to Assassinate Said Dad

All perfect things inevitably show their mortality, who is ever fully perfect yes, and in week 7 the episodes of The Tale of Nokdu kinda thump softly on the ground of reality. The sweetness of a cute story of a cross-dressing boy who meets the love of his life has descended from those light airy days to the seriousness of a boy trying to spend time with his real/royal dad to save his adopted dad and somehow missing that his girlfriend keeps trying to assassinate his real/royal dad. There’s still tons of skinship and emotional time spent together, but those moments feel rather disjointed to the rest of the political intrigue and also not as compelling as Nokdu’s Queen Mom desperately wanting to find her son. I’m such a weeper for mommy/kid separated at birth plots. Anyways, Nokdu is still a thumbs up sageuk but needs to pick up the pace of the reveals and get the rebellion underway. Also someone please smack the King upside the head. Continue reading