Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won Deliver a Love Forecast with New Movie Posters and Trailer

While it’s wait and see for what the first batch of K-dramas hold come January 2015, the same goes for K-movies and one of the first to arrive feels a bit random for the winter season. Love Forecast (Korean title Today’s Love) starring Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won drops January 15th which is too late for the Christmas lovers season and too early for Valentine’s Day. The movie appears to be set in the warm spring summer months so it’s going to be a warm respite or really weird to watch it in theaters in Korea when bundled up three layers deep.

At least the production company is lavishing promotional attention on the movie, after releasing two adorable movie posters featuring the two leads, this week two more have arriving showing the odd couple in awkward moments. One shows Moon Chae Won force kissing Lee Seung Gi and the other has her hollering while getting a piggyback ride. I hope this movie doesn’t turn into a one-trick pony, in which case it’ll need to rely on how warm and likable the two leads are to sell the romance. Continue reading