Kim Ji Hoon: A Hottie Not An Ahjusshi

Kim Ji Hoon is a very easy to like actor. I don’t know a single drama friend who hates him or finds him annoying. And the ones who adore him all admit that he’s not the best actor in the shed, but there is just something about him that is lovely to watch onscreen.

Maybe it’s his winsome smile, his gasp-worthy physique (which he keeps covered up way too often), or his calm and collected demeanor. I can make a list, but ultimately it’s a subjective opinion, which I have found that most folks share.

I really enjoy watching Kim Ji Hoon on screen. I won’t watch every drama he’s in, but if the drama sounds interesting, I will definitely check it out because he’s in it. Kim Ji Hoon tips the scales in his favor all things considering.

What I wanted to talk about today isn’t why I like Kim Ji Hoon. I want to talk about the travesty which befell him during the filming of Wish Upon A Star. And to a certain extent, the travesty that keeps insisting on casting him as a lawyer with a stick up his arse.

I recently just watched Flowers for My Life (which I loved, btw, and if you want more information about this drama, check out javabean’s recaps). Putting aside a mountain of words one can write about that drama, I simply want to present screencaps of the cutest version of Kim Ji Hoon I have ever seen onscreen. He’s mussed, he’s casual, and he alternates between hotheaded jerk and coldhearted basketcase.

I spent the entire drama drooling over him, and then I spent some time afterwards inwardly cringing over what they did to him in Wish Upon a Star. He went from scruffy hunk to aging ahjusshi in a simple hairstyle. I hereby dub this hairstyle: The Receding Oil Poof. It’s heinous, and I am appalled (see ROP below, contrasted with his adorable style in Flowers for My Life).

For that alone, I hereby devote a post to delicious screencaps of Kim Ji Hoon in Flowers for My Life, to counter the bitterness in my mouth. To think that newly minted Kim Ji Hoon lovers think he’s cute in Wish Upon a Star. They have not seen anything yet until they watch him in Flowers for My Life (which, in addition to looking hot as hell, he also played a wonderful character).


Kim Ji Hoon: A Hottie Not An Ahjusshi — 6 Comments

  1. Hmm, I’m tempted to revisit Flowers For My Life now. I watched the first few eps back when it aired and gave up.

    I didn’t realize just how truly awful his hair was in Wish Upon a Star until I just spent a minute staring at that screencap…thank goodness for that face…and the cute kid sharing his bed in that show didn’t hurt either.

  2. What a coincidence. I was just sorting through my video folders this morning and realized I was missing the last three episodes of WUAS. Quickly ran to to get the links. I bailed out midway through ep 1 months ago because of someone’s OTT acting, but will resume this to check out your KJH. 😆

    Need to watch Flowers for My Life!

  3. Ji Hoon Oppa!

    You’re so right. The boy somehow has native charm. I never thought of it before, but you’re right, he’s not an outstanding actor, but it’s impossible to hate him. He was pretty darned adorable in “Love & Marriage”.

    The bizarre WUAS hairline gets even more scary when you look at it over time. Because as the show went on, and I suppose as they kept on shaving away day after day, the hairline kept receding higher and higher, yikes!

    I do worry for the boy. He has the sort of face that, if he puts on weight, will make him look like a prosperous businessman and doom him to a lifetime of acting as unctuous villains. Keep working out, Ji Hoon Oppa, keep working out!

  4. This is so strange, I completely disagree…I thought KJH’s acting in WUAS was superb and on point, and his hairstyle did not bother me. He displayed different emotions as a cold jerk who you wanted to punch and at times he was so cute in his dejected bleeding heart look, you just wanted to comfort him. And of course I agree that messy hair he is sporting in these pictures is much more cute and playful but at the end of the day certain hairstyles work better in certain roles.

    In WUAS he played a cold aloof and irritable lawyer who has had many disappointments in his depressing past, therefore his character must look the part and I thought the slicked back hair worked for him as someone who is meticulous and has a certain reputation to uphold as a hotshot lawyer and I took his role seriously.

    Maybe you like the pretty boy image in drama’s, but the reason why WUAS is one of my favorite drama’s is because the lead male role wasn’t a pretty boy, he was hot and looked his age as a man, instead of the many drama’s where the actors look like pretty boys who resemble girls in their pretty and adorable features. I think KJH has natural good looks and I loved everything about his role in Wish upon a Star.

  5. @thundie i think you should give WUAS a chance, you will be delightfully surprised, it has some of the cutest child actors and they steal the show. If you are talking about the main female’s OTT acting, then yes it is a bit annoying for like the first 3 episodes then everything changes after that and her whole personality is different.

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