YamaPi’s Performance of One In a Million

It appears that my mention of YamaPi last week sparked a mini-stampede to watch Buzzer Beat, and converted some new fans to my Pi. Yay for more Pi love!

I try to keep everyone updated on Pi news (harhar, pun intended) here and there. Lately he’s been busy with the NEWS 2010 concert in Japan. Towards the end of the year he’ll ramp up promotions for Ashita no Joe (JOE!!!!).

Sony has been on a rampage lately taking down YT videos of its music. Pi’s latest single, the One and a Million MV, is impossible to keep up for longer than 24 hours. I’ve found his performance of the song on a variety show and hopefully this will be available for longer.

This performance also confirms that half the single is in English, which I was sure about but couldn’t confirm from the ROFL-tastic official MV since I was busy staring at the Euro door-chick and wondering how vacant her brain was. And rolling in hilarity over Pi’s very shiny boots.

One in a Million Performance:


It’s eery how much Pi looks like Kame in the MV and the various performances for this single, with the same lean physique and sunken cheekbones, and the weird ojisan hairdo that only Kame pulls off.

I wants old Pi back! If I wanted gaunt Pi I would have just become a Kame fangirl (well, I guess I kinda am if you consider how many KAT-TUN songs I know and how funny I find Jin + Kame to be).

Hopefully Pi will take a drama next and shed the I-am-a-lean-mean-fighting-machine image. He’s got to get back on the romantic leading man wagon if he wants to retain and cement any possibility of being the successor to KimuTaku.


YamaPi’s Performance of One In a Million — 13 Comments

  1. gosh it’s actually kinda scary that Pi looks exactly like Kame in the live video with his sunglasses on…must be the hair..anyway thanks for this…love me some Pi…

  2. Buzzer Beat is, imho, Pi’s strongest acting performance to date (he actually acted! And did so quite well!). Besides, BB was really good. I mean, it’s one of my favorite j-doramas and I’m a kdrama addict, not much of a jdorama lover. I’d love if Pi got more good scripts like BB.

    HOLY!!!! He looks like Kame in that live. Wow. I just…what is this?

    • Not agreed – 2nd best performance, the best Pi performanced EVAR was Nobuta wo Produce. But BB is a close second.

      Agreed 100% on needing to do more BB-esque scripts. I’m about to pimp out another J-dorama soon and I would LOVE to see Pi do something like that.

      And agreed. This performance was like a Kame-impersonation, wasn’t it?

      • HOW COULD I FORGET NwP and Akira?!? it’s my FAVORITE jdorama. *headdesk x infinity* BB = Pi’s second best perfomance, yeah.

        Oh? Can’t wait to read that entry


  3. honestly, the first time i heard the song, i went WTH is that? perhaps because i was too hyped up about it months ahead… also because that title song is one shared by many other songs… but now, ive grown to love it. everytime i think of the wacky choreography of seishun amigo, Fever and wackier dancing, it just cracks me up, in a good way. it’s truly addicting. i thought he was hot in daite daite daite senorita. my fav version, being of leader koyama of course. haha.

    Akira power! Akira shock! my favorite j-drama phrases EVER, except maybe for “Maybe… must be” (this one is off the chart… i die everytime I hear it). Although honestly, I don’t think my love for Akira was because of his acting skills but just him bringing his adorable dorky side to the max… It was his best performance so far though.
    As for Pi.. I agree, if I would have gone with Kame if I liked gaunt JE boys… not that I dislike Kame.. quite the contrary.. he’s fascinating. all JE boys (sorry, i’m not counting the Heysay ones although i like them as well) are fascinating for me. I confess to saving all possible JE-related materials down. Jin is my fav Kattun member though. bakanishi… ^^

    As for Pi being the successor of Kimutaku.. hmm.. i dont think he’ll ever reach that level. not that i dislike Pi (he’s my LJ avatar since forever… so CUTE) or that I think kimutaku is an amazing actor but i feel like kimutaku has this certain charisma about him that pi lacks although i’m definitely more obsessed with pi than kimutaku. But kimutaku holds more on-screen presence. Don’t kill me Pi fans.
    Also, a bunch of people will definitely disagree with this one when I say that I didn’t think BB was like Pride… I liked… scratch that.. I loved both but I was definitely surprised when people started to coin BB a Pride remake after several episodes aired.. I didn’t see it when watching it.. My brains tell me all the reason it is:aka sport drama, love story with reluctance from the parties, etc. but i couldn’t feel it.

    Anyways, that’s my rant.

    • i just realized that i said koyama was leader… blame it on the fact that im into kpop lately and most of the oldest ones are leaders.. sorry if i confused anyone.. NEWS do not have a leader.. kk…

  4. Yeah, it doesn’t bring best of Pi… Sort of generic J- pop all around. Still I love his dorky-ness when he opens his mouth, reminds me of Junsu of JYJ. So out of this world.

  5. mememe! I’ve just gotten back from squealing my head off from episode 7 and 8 of BB! It’s so goooooooooooooood. And I will probably be irredeemably excommunicated for saying this but I TOTALLY prefer BB over Nobuta. I love the stylish credits and the fashion and the excellent chemistry between the leads, and Mai Ebina, who is such a cool bestie and ITO HIDEAKI!

    but I really regret pressing play on that video link above. It was soooo weird seeing Naoki doing a Kame impersonation…

    but will there be a BB season 2?? Oh I hope so……! I think the only thing better than what they call ‘the little drama that could’ is ‘the little drama I wish could be longer’!

    • Because BB and NwP are different genres (sports ren-ai versus J-school fare), I don’t stack them against each other. But for me, I derived more pleasure out of BB as well, because it gave me more satisfaction. Whereas NwP was a more meaningful and enriching drama to watch. Does that make sense? No one will tar you for liking BB more than NwP!

      I still stand by NwP being of the best dramas in the school genre in the last decade. The ending, however, was such a Johnny wink-wink and left me so unsated I can never score it the 10/10 that likely it deserves.

      • Nobuta never grabbed me despite its err… deep, meaningful and enriching drama. Maybe I’m too shallow? I’m trying to remember some high school J-drama that I enjoyed but the repository was meagre to begin with so…

        But the final evidence for me that BB is totally the winner in the Battle of the YamaPi? I don’t REMEMBER the ending of Nobuta, rack my mind as I try…

  6. I am one of those who watched BB recently. I saw him in Proposal Daisakusen and liked him there. His BB role and portrayal upped my liking for him. Loved the storyline and thje characters.

    Not into high school dramas but might watch NwP just to see how good he’s there.


  7. Back to the topic, One in a Million is a catchy song.
    I loved it at first play.
    I must say that Tomo’s English is something to comment about on its own. I would much rather him stick with his native tongue in the music world. Although he is quite cute, with the One In A Mirrion lyric.
    “One in A Million” comes in second to “Loveless” for me personally.

  8. Ah I can’t believe I missed this! Can’t believe I had to be out of commission and miss the good!

    ockoala – If you see this I am trying to watch Nobuta wo Produce right now. Funny I thought about asking your opinion before I watched but now I don’t have to. So far I have found it really good and agree that Yamapi’s performance has been really strong. I just have to find the time to actually finish it!

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