Chun Jung Myung Goes Retro Tough for Singles Magazine

I think the actors I like have tons of similarities, for the most part, and almost always win me over with performances that are indelible and moving. I’ve been watching The Duo (very good so far) waiting and waiting for PIE to finally show up (hopefully next week).

In the meantime, he’s channeling emo-guyliner-James Dean for his cover spread in Singles magazine. Seeing these pictures, I finally realized why I like Kim Soo Hyun so much – he reminds me of a young PIE! Same brooding boyish charm, great visual connection with the camera, and to-die-for pouty lips.

I do like to see PIE with a nice arm tattoo, but I could do without the pompadour next time.

[Credit: all pictures from Chun Jung Myung DC Inside Gall]


Chun Jung Myung Goes Retro Tough for Singles Magazine — 6 Comments

  1. Ooooooh me likes! Love this spread.

    I dig the guyliner and while I usually hate the pompadour, PIE works it and rocks it, imho.

    In the last pic, the resemblance with Kim Soo-hyun is clear. OMO!

  2. OMG…I could barely recognize him here….I never in my wildest imaginations thought that PIE+guyliner= incredibly sex!!!…I think I found my new desktop background

  3. There is a guy that works at a restaurant I like to go to and he looks EXACTLY like PIE. I hate the food there. But I like the “decoration”.

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