A First Look at City Hunter with Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young

City Hunter is probably the last of all the May dramas to premiere, but it started filming over a month ago since it’s had an overseas shoot in Thailand, and likely will incorporate action sequences into the drama which would require to drama to have more episodes in the can before its premiere to be on the safe side.

The first stills are only starting to trickle out, and the newspapers caught Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young filming in Seoul earlier this week. Like who can possibly miss Lee Min Ho when he’s wearing tight red pants! And Park Min Young looks like a cross between an Easter bunny and a debutante, she’s so yellow. But at least she didn’t cut her hair and join the short-hair brigade. We also get a first look at prosecutor Lee Joon Hyuk, who’s looking mighty fine, albeit in an uptight way.

I can’t say I have any expectations about this drama, since I really have no clue what it’s about. Oh, I know what it’s purported to be about – based on the manga City Hunter – except the early character synopsis I read bore zero resemblance to the construct of the original story. With that said, I’ll keep my mind open until I see the end product.

[Credit: all pictures from Baidu City Hunter bar]


A First Look at City Hunter with Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young — 26 Comments

  1. I remember a movie by Jacky Chan from Hongkong with Leon Lai under the same name. Should be quite an interesting drama with investigation and chase around the city or maybe from city to city. Actually looking forward for such a drama.

  2. Minho is looking better than ever!!! Although, I dont think that is how his character should be styled…for the blue house, I mean. lol.

  3. Since I’m always drawing comparisons and on the lookout for lookalikes (tongue-twister?), I might as well add that Lee Joon Hyuk looks a lot like Mr. Hand Towel (aka Song Seung-heon)

  4. omggggggggg LMH!!!! I’ll be honest I’ll be watching cause I’m a LMH Fan…but story wise I have no clue either, I saw the Anime version long time ago, but this new version the only thing that has in common with the original story is the name “City Hunter” that it.

  5. I’m getting major Scheduler (Jung Il Woo) vibes from Lee Min Ho… I don’t know if it’s because of the hair… the clothes… or maybe coz I’m in love with the Scheduler… LOL!

  6. Ok I’m changing name to the howler as per Harry P…..anyway I hated the last drama he did where he was mistaken for a gay guy….bored me to eternity 🙁 But I like his commercial with Dara Park Kiss!!!! Yup he fits the role of a violent snobby guy….and he’s trapped in that character in my head!!!! 😉

  7. My first thought on seeing PMY was “Why is she wearing rubber gloves? Is she going to wash the dishes…Oh, those are satin gloves.” o_O Why?
    Second thought: “She must be cold..everyone else is wearing a coat and she’s wearing that short yellow and black thing. Maybe the gloves are to keep her warm?”

    • Hmmm those gloves honey seems to fit perfectly, I believe it’s supposed to make a fashion trend….it’s not the normal gloves cause it’s not loose on the edge….I wonder if it will come with the rainy boots like those of the fisherman in “I know what you did last summer” LOL hmmm trendy LMAO 😉

      • LOL! Then she could get that hot (or not) new mushroom hairdo and follow all the latest tacky trends! JK 😉

  8. Ha! Red skinny pants, yes, but at least they’re not the kind that show her ankles? I really don’t like that style. He looks mighty fine, though.

    Lee Joon Hyuk laskdjlakjsdlfskhfls

  9. Ms. Koala off topic cause I didn’t know where to post. Manny is awesome and I think people should watch it if they want to smile.

  10. Dear Ockoala,

    I am quiet busy at this moment, but I always visit your blog although I did not write any comment.
    Hopefully you will recap this drama City Hunter, I am looking forward to it because I like LMH from Personal Taste.
    Thanks for posting about this drama.

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