Lie to Me Update with Spoilers, BTS Video, and Interview

If Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye don’t want me to blow a fuse in my shippy brain, they need to stop looking at each other the way they look at each other in BTS photos and videos of Lie to Me. It’s not good for my mental health, and I’ve pretty much lost all ability to discern the difference between acting and real life attraction between these two. Bringing y’all spoiler pictures from next week’s episodes, an interview with Ji Hwan, and a new SBS released BTS video.

Apparently the Cola Kiss was supposed to involve Ki Joon drinking coke and then feeding it to Ah Jung. A liquid version of the candy kiss between Lee Byung Hyun and Kim Tae Hee in IRIS, if you will. But our adorable Ji Hwan and Eun Hye couldn’t stop being embarrassed and giggling so it couldn’t get filmed. I think that kiss would have stopped my breathing if I watched it.

Also, in the last two pictures, Eun Hye is talking to the camera and Ji Hwan just looks at her with a look that screams “I adore you, you know that, right?” Anyways, watch the interview below for some new BTS moments from the Cola Kiss, plus Ji Hwan’s other thoughts about filming the drama.

Late Night TV Coverage of Lie to Me:

So the production is currently on Jeju Island filming on location for a trip that takes place involving all four lead characters. Some Chinese tourists snapped pictures and posted it on Weibo. God Ji Hwan looks insanely hot in casual wear and just strolling around in real life. I would totally have tried to paw him if I saw him on Jeju.

I almost died laughing when Baiduers saw the picture above and went batshit excited because a random staffer was holding a bottle of coke. Everyone was like “omo omo, is another Cola Kiss on the way?” It’s like our brains longer accept the premise that a bottle of coke may be just for quenching thirst and nothing more.

Lastly, SBS released the BTS video for the almost getting hit by a car drunk scene in episode 5.

BTS of the drunk car scene in episode 5:

I think it’s so adorable that Ji Hwan says “wuri Eun Hye” (our Eun Hye) when discussing her. And she in turn helps put fake puke on his suit. And that he’s so tall he needs to affect a wide stance when they shoot face-to-face scenes together so that he’s shorter.

[Credit: all spoilers pictures as marked via Baidu Lie to Me bar]


Lie to Me Update with Spoilers, BTS Video, and Interview — 238 Comments

  1. I can only say GUH GUH GUH GUH GUH

    Kang Ji Hwan’s hotness knows no bounds, and he’s melting Eun Hye along with the rest of the female population. How does she do those scenes and laugh and play with him and NOT fall in love???

    • The answer is, of course, she cannot NOT fall in love with her oppa.

      Though I think it’s way more evident that he adores her to the Nth degree. She’s more shy with him, which also speaks volumes.

      I need to go chug some Coca Cola now and fan myself. Who made it so hot in here?

    • Seriously, I’ve never really fed into OTPs dating in real life, but the evidence is really starting to mound up. My fuse has already been blown by these two. I don’t think I’ve adored a pair more. The BTS stuff just kills me. Hopefully it’ll just turn out like Eugene and her co-star and they just skip to the “we’re getting married” then short circuit the worlds TVs.

  2. ommmmmggg
    i would have died if the cola kiss was ji hwan feeding it to eun hye
    *gasp for air

    can’t wait till monday! 😀

  3. !!!OVERLOAD!!!

    *heart shaped pink bubble cloud* I wish we lived in a parallel universe where pretty people could get cloned. I would get meself a KJH and we would live on nothing but Cola and love. *bubble bursts from unethicalness of fantasy*

    • me too…me tooo…me tooooo,,,, gasping for air…heart bursting….gotta remove clothing…so hot in here…gotta find me own KJH….aaarghhhhhhhhh

      • Hahaha, That is so so true. When I first saw it, I was like wow! Where did this come from. But it was definitely cute….and disturbing.

      • Disturbing? LOL He is NOT dancing, only bouncing his hips, and biting his lips!! LOL

    • LMMFAO
      OMG I did NOT expect that. I wonder where that is from. I think it might be a fanmeeting of his or something..but seriously LMAO..i can’t stop laughing. It’s very fruity but totally hot at the same time.

    • OMG… that video is just so disturbing. I cringed throughout the whole vid. I just watched ‘My Girlfriend is an Agent’ and honestly I cannot look at Kang Ji Hwan the same way again LOL

      • oh wow! that was totally different from the image he is playing right now…he’s so damn sexy with those outfit and moves….

  4. These two love birds are driving insane with their interactions.
    I think they should just get marry and spare us all the giddy feelings that we have about them!

  5. “uri Eun Hye!” sldkfjkldsfhg BRAIN MELTING RIGHT ABOUT…NOW! ♥___♥ Oh my shippy heart is beating fast!

    Omo, they’re sooo cute! *giggles madly* Hey, is the first clip not too spoilerish? I mean, can I watch it?

    As for the original cola kiss, I’m actually glad we got this version cos the original one, unlike the candy kiss in IRIS, wouldn’t be too hot for me. IDK why. I’m weird, okay?

    It’s like our brains longer accept the premise that a bottle of coke may be just for quenching thirst and nothing more.
    IKR! I can’t see a bottle of coke anymore without thinking of our OTP. Chingu, this is madness, don’t you think? Too many awesome OTPs this year. I’m soooo happy! It’s l ike, since my rl sucks, living vicariously through fictional characters is not so bad anymore? And IDEK what I’m saying now.

    • You can watch the first vid, not spoilery at all.

      And yes, living vicariously through fictional characters is perfectly fine and my specialty.

      FYI, I totally owe you an DTLY response, but I have no definitive answer. Either 11 or 13 eps is what I’ve been reading in various places.

      • I watched it cos I couldn’t resist! What has this drama done to me?

        Omo KJH is soooo charming and funny! If he keeps doing such interviews I might go from “oooh I like him very much” to a legit celeb crush. *facepalm*

        Oh I see. I was hoping for more tbh, but as long as the OTP is so sweet and nice I won’t complain!

    • Me too… I will never look at a bottle of coke without thinking of Cola kiss again. Good thing is I don’t really like drinking coke, I prefer orange juice. Thanks God, they didn’t make an “orange kiss” scene or else I have to change my preference 😀

      • Don’t get me wrong. I like Cola kiss, but if I have to take a risk by getting choke while drinking it (cause remembering that scene) I rather not to.

      • The “our Eun-hye” bit you mean? It’s in the BTS for ep 5 at the end of the vid. At about 2:45ish, if I’m not much mistaken.

  6. Thanks Ms. Koala, nice to see some action late at night. You don’t really sleep (like us) don’t you?

    You are right, they are adorable together even behind the camera. Is that for real or still part of the act? When you say to her he is ” OPPA” does it mean she considers him as a brother and nothing else? I’m new to these, so why are they being “match” in real life- are they both single/not in a relationship? Or just a fan wish? Just like leonardswench, I’m also curious if they need to feel something towards each other in order to act as if they are, convincingly. Just like in Hollywood- I think they call that “method acting” when they carry their role in real life during the duration of filming so they become the “character they are playing” – internalization?

    On the other hand (sorry girls) the actor KJH somehow comes out as a player in real life (is he) as he flirts with YEH with his feely looks and little touchy here and there using endearing terms. While YEH seems to be a really shy person off camera. Please enlighten me on what is reel and real. Thanks again for quenching my thirst…

    • I was wondering about KJH also. He’s hot and seems like a natural flirt. (of course, he might use this to put a shy actress at ease.) If we dig deeper, we might find that he really likes to spend his time reading “Walden” like that other hottie, Jo In-sung.

  7. Oh mi gosh why are they being so adorable together?! I can’t believe that the Cola scene was supposed to be like that lol. It’s so cute that they were embarassed 🙂 I love them so much <3

  8. Youre so hysterically witty w/ur comments about how dangerous it is the look that those two share to your mental health. I remember Yeh said on their latest press conference right before they airing episode 9 about the cola kiss being so unique. So this was what they’re talkin abt. Yeah ongoing is more open with the starring part while woori Yeh being a shy one

  9. Cola kiss, i see. Well, if they giggle, just have them try again and again and after 30 takes, they should calm down & then the shot would be good. What was the problem? 🙂

  10. OMG. OH EM GEEE he is soooo sooo sooo HOT.
    I love love a guy who could wear casual clothes soo sexily. I mean, that is just so hot!! He looks so Scrumpdiliumptious!!!!! Yoon Eun Hye, Get that my girl. You gotta!! Gosh, A guy who can rock vacation white so sexy, is just so sexy!!

  11. You said “the production is currently on Jeju Island filming on location for a trip that takes place involving all four lead characters”
    But who are the four lead characters?
    Don’t tell me that YJ is one them, and that we’re going to endure her presence in future episodes (for me she’s really the worst actress among all the actors of this drama, i still don’t understand how she was hired for this role?
    Being pretty is not enough to become an actress, you have to be talented too… Pfffff, really, i don’t want to be mean but as an actress YJ has zero talent

    • The four main leads are Yoon Eun Hye, Kang Ji Hwan, Sung Joon (Hyun Sang Hee) and Yoon Joo (dunno who is the actress playing her)

      • I feel Your pain JiJi. As Much as I want monday to come so I can watch LTM (I WANNA MONDAY EVERYDAY) I really dont wanna see yoon joo on their trip. I cant stand her. Gah, I dont want her to interrupt the romance…. And her face irks meh.

  12. In anticipation of new series I rewatched episode 6- oh my god! This kiss is the sexiest and hottest kiss of all korean drama! Really i`ve never seen before in korean dramas such a hot kiss! I really can feel the passion of this moment! Like this kiss happens between a true loving couple ^_^ I just adore it! Our OTP feels like the real one!

      • So true. I think City Hall ep 14 was the best Korean drama kiss scene ever!!!! Thats the first time I really ever saw such a good kiss. Not even Goong came close and Goong ep 23 kiss was Delish. But City Hall ep 14 was the best and all the damn kiss scenes in here.

      • @ Leishers

        I haven’t seen the City Hall kiss, but my personal favorite is the kiss (every kiss), between Go Eun Chan and Choi Han Gyul. I say the characters’ names because I don’t think YEH and GY had that fiery, sexual chemistry on a personal level.

        YEH and KJH . . . I’m not sure if it is them or only their characters . . . So, I’ll keep re-watching the kisses and BTS takes until I’m sure 🙂

      • Bada703
        I love the Go Eun Chan and Choi Han Gyul kisses. But there just wasnt enough for my taste. Though I loved every moment they spent together. Every Single moment. heheh

        I dont think GY and YEH had this KJH and LTM kind’ve chemistry, although I wish they had. But they just seemed like really good friends. They were so cool about it. But this man KJH, he needs to not let YEH Go. I dont want another Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin. pah! Logic, does not belong in the game of love!!….atleast for ppl who I think should really date.

      • I agree Leisher YEH and GY had a friendly chemistry…I didn’t get the couple vibe from them.
        And also, everyone in Korea showbiz already knows that he is in a relationship with Im soo Jung. He’s been with her for years and they are still up to this day.

        Gong Yoo was a bit shaken in one of the interviewscause Im Soo Jung kinda admitted that they were more than friends. after seeing GY’s reaction, they retracted it saying it was just a joke. It was a magazine interview for their movie.

      • I got curious and checked these scenes in MNIKSS – they are long and hot kisses alright but the Chemistry between the couple is not as sizzling and captivating as the Cola couple. And not as beautiful as this CCouple.

        On second thought i’m trying to picture Hyun Bin and YEH in these kissing scenes and BOOM! It worked for me as well>>>>>>

  13. omo… omo…
    It makes me so irrationally upset that I can’t find eng subs for interview!!! AKoala… might you have time to quickly translate? No pressure. I know you’ve got a life too 🙂

    • 😀 Me too watching the interview RAW… But hey, what ever the things discussed, I am giggling like mad just by looking at KJH… My hubby lurked around asking “which guy were I swooning at now… Still that guy!?!” 😀

  14. I just want to cut that interview from 1:50-2:20 and replay it over and over and over and over a million times.

  15. Why did I choose to watch LTM among the May dramas?
    Ans: 1st reason: KJH; 2nd reason: YEH

    Why am I dragging a sleep-deprived body to work twice a week?
    Ans: KJ & AJ

    Why do I want to watch these dramas ?
    BL : Hong sisters (at the moment, just reading recaps and downloading but not watching yet)

  16. (oops! hit wrong key)

    RT: heard through the grapevine that it is worth watching. Tried reading recaps but gave up cuz cudnt keep up with all the names in ep1. (now just downloading. will watch when complete)

    CH: Japanese famous Manga and hey! it’s LMH and how can i miss it? Yet, not reading recap nor downloading. Dun have enough internet capacity to download as there is a “cap” to our internet usage in this country.

  17. Well, this is the first time I’ve actually said this: I wish I knew Korean!! Every other time, I think to myself, I have patience, I can wait. But it’s hard not to be super obsessive with these two! 🙂 OMG – if they actually did the Cola Kiss like they were supposed, I would have just totally shipped them forever – hands down if they could pull that off. I just cannot imagine — with my own hubby – dang it – all that spit and coke… I would definitely freak out and sprayed it everywhere and on him or choked myself. I’m surprised that KJH held it in so well once they started laughing. Hehe… they should practice and attempt it again – HAHA – ok – totally kidding. It’s just way too hot here right now – 95 freaking degrees feels like 100. My brain cells are fried.

    AJ – how can you walk around in those heels soo well? 🙂 I’m pretty ghetto with my flip flops 🙂

    KJH – I honestly did not completely get the hype and all that love for him — well, he has definitely basically won me over. I love my leading men in nice suits and nice hair cuts… 🙂 While soo unoriginal for dramas, I don’t care! So glad he picked this role w/YEH even though it’s totally lacking in story and plot. Cannot get enough of the Ah-Ki couple- even without all the fanservice kissy kissy moments.

  18. I didn’t fully understand the interview but it made me laugh here lol… Koala please translate it 🙂 thank you…

  19. Kang Ji Hwan is toooo HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love YEH and KJH together =D =D =D they need to have more make out scenes to satisfy us fans here =D

  20. Well some of the pictures esp. of him sitting on those steps is for the interview with Power &the coke bottle is for the interview too.

    Anyways I kinda wish they did do the original kiss because then it will make sense with it being called the “coke cola” kiss because it’s with the exchange of coke cola through each others mouths…that would be super effin’ hot &well a little kinky xD but then again it’s still good the way it turned out. Plus look at those two just gone laughing at each other.

    Gosh look at the way he is looking at her while she is talking…seriously he hella adores her or just plain smitten by her. Whatever the case these two should just hook up IRL already….thanks koala 🙂

  21. I watched Lie To Me because of Yoon Eun Hye. There’s no way I was gonna miss a Yoon Eun Hye drama and now I fell totally in love with the AhKi couple.

    I think the reason why YEH is so shy now and holds herself back is because during My Fair Lady, there was a scandal between her and Yoon Sang Hyun, her company was gonna take legal action to the people who spread those lies cause due to that “couple scandal’ her management company said that she lost a few endorsements.

    So YEH is very guarded now…but you still can tell that there is sexual tension LOL

    In Korea once you are rumored to be off the market or if you are off the market, you no longer get many endorsement deals espescially if you are a woman. That’s also the reason why many celebrities tend to deny that they are in a relationship.

    • Honestly, I didn’t see it (the couple thing) with Yoon Sang Hyun. But here, it’s in my face, so how can we deny it? Man, I wish for an official statement.


      • The age difference is not a problem. In an interview Yoon Eun Hye said she has never fallen for younger men. She prefers the older partner who will be able to guide and lead her

      • also, in the between-kiss on-site interview they did a couple of weeks ago, YEH explicitly said that in marriage, age doesn’t matter. Basically, for uri YEH, it’s all about the love like what her parents have.

      • And Angel she also said that she want to get marriage early cos she want to date & holding hand with her husband publicly since it hard to go date right now (with her status as top star) . So I really encourage you my lovely YEH, to just goes after your dream if you has already met Mr Right.

      • Also, KJH said for his last birthday he really wanted a girlfriend. In recent interviews, he’s also mentioned that he would like to marry soon…

        I hope the stars align for these two!!!

    • Honestly what turned me off in MFL is the leading man. Didn’t work for me at all. That was the first time I fully rooted for the second lead. And to think he even had a bed scene with YEH! I cringed, am still cringing at the thought … YUCK >> EEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWEEE>>>>>>>>>>> YUCK! >>>>>>>>>>> Double EEEEEEEEEEEEWWWEEE………….

      • me too…i rooted with jung il woo…the butler didn’t work for me. he’s just tooooo old for yeh in MFL…but now with KJH i don’t care about their age difference…their chemistry is superb!!!!

  22. i love u ms koala ur the best i always ck this site and lo and behold u always there to deliver esp anything re ltm love them so much esp yeh

  23. This Power interview needs to be translated word for word. Who did he say is his ideal type of woman?

    It’s so funny how KJH retracts from the female correspondent every time she tries to get closer to him in this interview.

  24. THANKS KOALA..OMOOOO…that videos n pictures made me speechless….my heart pumping like hell….I think I’m gonna get heart attack hahahaha….this is the first time for me to see OTP so HOT n we going crazy about them..I’m so curious what are they doing in JEJU island?? are they make boat scene again with COLA?? kyaaaa…I really hope that xixixii….

  25. I’m sorry, but I am SO glad that they canned the original cola kiss idea. Why? Because it’s just nasty. If someone did that to me, I would barf it up… and I’m still cringing at the idea.
    Thank goodness it was as awesome as it was.

    • I cant lie, I was like WHAT? They were going to do that?!!
      I kinda have nightmares about that.
      I was on a date with a guy I was seeing for like the 2nd time, and when we were in the movie theater, he completely caught me off guard in a kiss, and so all i felt was soda in my mouth. It didnt hit me until we broke apart then I was like, WTH!!
      He was a good kisser, but still the sharing of soda in that fashion is not really something I encourage. I dont know your dental history!!
      But with YEH and KJH, if they had done it like that I wouldnt be grossed out, and I would think there would be waaay more going on btw them for them to do it. Darn, you guys should have done it.

      • bwahahahaaaaaaaaaaa am really sorry but your experience was very funny… ummmm why is it that when I imagine KJH and YEH doing such cola sharing it’s damn sexy…but when I imagine yours it’s like…yikkkkesss!!! peace, man!!!! 😀

      • I think that would have taken the taste out of the kiss, and it’s pretty gross, too.

      • @mizweng Hahah I cringe whenever I replay that night in my head. When my friends and I discussed it after the date, we all kind of just looked at each other….and said OKAY. What else can you say to that? heheh
        But I dont really know why he did it esp since it was our real first date. But he was really hot so I forgave him. But it was still a little traumatizing. I try not to share soda on movie dates now a days. I stick with icee. And If I dont wanna kiss the guy I say Brain freeze! 🙂
        @natus : I really didnt remember the taste of the kiss(dont want to), Cuz All I could so was sit back and blink like “Why am I drinking sprite?” eheheh MAybe if it was cola, then it wouldnt have been so bad heheh

  26. oh dear what a treat indeed….enough to pacify our LTM madness til monday…madame koala thank you so much for understanding our hearts and feeding our obsession/addiction to the maximum level… omg our KJH is totally HOTTTTTTTTTT and seems to be smitten with our YEH… dear drama gods…hear us…let them become a couple for REAL, huh? please….

    • can someone translate or put english sub to KJH interview? hehehe i know am asking too much but well am knocking on any kind heart to do such… thanks in advance…..muwahhhhhh

  27. if KJH feed me with cola, i think i’m gonna die because of severe loss of blood (i’m gonna have a massive nose-bleed…), and super-dehydrated (because he’s so damn HOT!).

    boy, you sure know how to flirt with a gals…

  28. First of all…I want to say thank you and you’re awesome!

    I can’t open the “late night coverage” because it’s block where I’m at so I’m wondering if there’s any other site where I can watch it? Thank you and I really enjoy your site! God bless!

  29. I’ve always make it a point to visit your site for the recaps of kdramas that i’ve fallen for. You are right about the mental health that we are facing with the explosive chemistry the OTP has. I can’t wait for the next episodes…… so I’m feeding on any BTS or a tinge of spoiler that I can find right now. Thank you for the feeds:).

  30. Because of LTM I’m lurking in this playground day and night..I even have to stop whatever job I’m doing just to get fresh infos about my favorite couple..ohhh Koala, you’re really amazing!!! Everything about LTM keeps me alive everyday…the bts of the cola kiss keeps me giggling just by watching it…I really don’t know how this two could ignore each other, don’t they even know how good they look together?!

  31. thanks a lot koala. I am always checking your blog to see to it i got all your updates on this team up. really love their chemistry and looking forward to reality…

  32. The chemistry is indeed brewing ….. I wonder if there is any capture of their expressions after their intimate moments ( ice cream n cola kiss)! And how can they kiss with feeling in front of the cast and crew who are ogling them , it’ s beyond me !

    They must really be dedicated actors – though they could not do the orig cola kiss he ha ho,,,,

    • the thing that makes me suspiscious is when Kang ji Hwan said in a BTS interview that he and YEH have gone out to noraebang before…so they have hung out, outside of shooting.

      In 2009 just months after they presented at the Baeksang, YEH attended KJH’s movie premiere My Girlfriend Is An Agent. So they must have exchanged phone numbers for him to be able to invite her to his premiere.

      • KJH also said meeting YEH at the award was destiny. 😉 We can clearly see that KJH is totally into YEH and I think YEH is too with him.

        In all previous drama, when YEH had kissing scenes with her co-stars, I see them as drama characters but this time in LTM, I just see KJH & YEH making out and when they are looking at each other and smiling – totally smithen with each other.

      • It seems that even before the Paeksang when they presented together, they knew each other because in the Paeksang before that, when YEH won Best Actress for Coffee Prince, he went up to her and congratulated her.

      • I can not stop laughing at your comment. hahahahaha “or stalking her ever since”. Well Kang Ji Hwan has made it plain that hes wanted to work with her since the ’09 paeksang award. And i watched the fan cam of YEH at the ’09 paeksang and she and KJH sat at the sam table and had kept talking and laughing. Aww so cute.

    • look at the 3rd pic of the “cola kiss” above. its real not acting look. he has his mouth full of of coke so its not the kiss scene per se 🙂 its the private moment in between 🙂

  33. Thank you Koala!!! This is a DATE for KJ and AJ and maybe a kiss and maybe this time they will have a real conversation w/out the fighting. They will both come to an understanding. Then maybe officially be together. They will deal with YJ and SH as a couple. I hope that a lot of sweet moments is on our way!!! Hopefully not like the other episode they will give us a happy moment then break our heart!

  34. thanks for the update…just wish there was english subbed in the videos to be able to understand what they are saying

  35. Koala, do you know where is the video of KJH staring at YEH, can you please (dying to see) post it. pretty plz with a cherry on the top

  36. i just can’t get enough of Hwan and Hye! love them for reel and real! hope is monday already waiting is a torture! thanks Koala for the update! <3 <3 <3

  37. Thaks my dear koala =)

    I always come to your blog to heal my addiction. I need recharging (as Dokko Jin hahahaha)

  38. Thanks for feeding our addiction, Ockoala!!! Half the week’s over… I just hope I keep my sanity ’till Monday. This couple’s killing me!!

  39. Oh my God, I love them..the chemistry is undenial but just hope he is man enough to come forward and take her instead of being a pussy, feeling awkward after filming and avoid each other or so….They made for each other man…So good looking together..I can’t wait to see more of themmmm….huray

    • I know. I don’t know what she is waiting for either because if I were her, I would of have gone after him since the first day. He’s definitely into her. (If she is not into him, she has problems because the guy is sexy as hell and seems to be nice, funny and down to earth.)

  40. I feel like a hungry vampire feeding out of anything LTM related, but I always end up wanting more. I’m so dysfunctional.

  41. This is the 2nd time to visit your site. Like it and all the comments. Hope YEH and KJY will hit it off in reel and real life. Am i wishing for the impossible? Well. look what happened to Eugene and Ki Tae Young of Creating Destiny, they are getting married this July. Heard the news while watching KBS Entertainment Weekly ep 120 or 121. Isnt that exciting!! Love Eugene and have watched all the Kdrama she was in.

  42. I think the top expressions in this show for me will be
    1. AJ looking at KJ like he had smoked something.
    2. AJ telling that she had indeed written a resignation letter but someone has stolen it
    3. AJs expression on re hearing her name on the phone over and over again
    4. AJs expression during dinner when he said he would not let his wifes hand get wet doing any work.
    5. KJ thinking people will believe him when he said he is not married – conversation with Park Hoon
    6. KJs expression when he calls AJ s name and she runs off , asking him not to call him like that and he smiles, smitten.
    7. My best expression – when KJ goes to meet YJ, she asks him if AJ also likes him, he nods and nods and nods , looks down and in a very low voice says ye
    8. KJ looking shocked when chen and his wife said we met your wife, with Kung Fu panda express in the background.

    What are yours?

    • too many to mention…but the BEST KJH expression for me is not in the actual drama but the one mentioned by julieng above when he was adoringly staring at YEH as KJH the man and not acting….squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 😀

    • I likes KJ face when he grabbed AJ’s hand from the bathroom when she went to blind date … that’s sooo priceless…

      • Agree, i first saw that in the pics here and was blown. the video does not do so much justice though

      • Yes, agreed wth peipei78. KJ looked so decisive to get AJ out of that place and won’t let go of her hand even when Manager Park was looking at him…. plus the song “I Belong To You”

    • Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> nothing beats KHJ expressions every time the camera pans his face with the Kung Fu Panda background music- it spells >>>DISASTER>>>>>>>>>

      I’m more into his comedic acts – very subtle but you can feel it.

    • I love your #2 that was priceless for me.
      My best Ki Joon expression is , well almost all of them, but the one I really like is in ep 6 at dinner after he heard that her mom died when she was young. Its like he was reorganizing every thought he ever had about her, and seeing her for the first time. Though it was a lilttle creepy the way its so long. But I love creepy!! Kang Ji Hwan Fitung!! I hope you sweep YEH off her feet so you guys can Date irl

      • Indeed there so many to mention, but my favorite AJ and KJ moment was after the Cola kiss. When he took her hand in his, just before answering the phone. That was so tender and beautiful…=)

    • I like KJ’s expression when he just woke up from his deep sleep on the bed whilst grabbing on to AJ’s hand. As though he was saying “I want you and I want you now! hhhee!

    • Mine is when he grabs her hand tightly in the lift, just when the doors open, and Jedi Park is there, with other employees, and AJ, freak out, and try to get loose, but, he is like “no way, girl, you’re coming with me”!!! LOL

  43. I’ve been so crazy following this tandem ever since lie to me started. They look so good together. I’ll be YEH & KJW 4ever fan. Thanks Ms. Koala for the update.

  44. According to smr05 of soompi,

    “he also mentioned that his ideal woman is someone who is younger than him, with a white/fair complexion, feminine and with pretty hands and feet. ”

    Who does this remind me of????

      • Many guys like girls with nice hands and feet…I remebered Gong Yoo said he liked woman with nice long fingers..seem like KJH talking about YEH or whoelse? YEH has nice fingers and her feet looks skinny and long similar like his..It can also tell a person with good hygiene or not by looking ..manicure or pedicure anyone…!!

    • He also said that he likes to stay at home, clean, and redecorate his house… He should get a long quite nicely with her because she likes to do those things too.

  45. this is the drama im addicted to , if i rank all of them im currently watching this rank first then drunken then best love then ch then baby face hmmmm but this one iim really want to watch over n over again esp if there more kisses hehehe

  46. I just had to come here again because I just re-watched episode 10 and I’m really anxious to see how he handles this…his character hasn’t quite let us down yet but this writer does some questionable things

    • LOL – the writer does questionable things! That’s an understatement >>> Like the ice cream and cola kisses no doubt>>>>>>.

  47. I hope there will be many sweet moments between our OTP in next episodes.
    That will be a great prize for us for enduring this loonngg weekend 😀

    • I second this. Atleast a HUG! I mean the holding hands thing at the beginning of ep 10 was so smooth, butter had nothing on it. But I want a hug and soon. Not the drunken imma-save-your-life-before-that-car-hits-you hug. A real one.

      • yup…till know KJ never really hug AJ..n I’m waiting KJ or AJ say SARANGHAEEEEE!!!!!

    • i just my kiss….doesn’t matter if it’s another beverage or candy or gum or even pizza… i just want my kisssss!!!!!

      • Heheheh @Mizweng
        Im holding out for that kiss too Miz. I will take it in anyway form shape or size. But I really want a hug too. A nice hug. Maybe it could accompany the kiss, like how he held her hand after the cola kiss.

        Everytime I try to type cola kiss, I keeo wanting to spell it as Koala hehe. Am i the only one?

    • I’m going to practice my version of the giddy dance, the one that the female employee was doing after she saw AJ and KJ holding hands in the elevator, for the next AJ and KJ kiss…lol

  48. Because of LTM I used up my monthly data allowance in 1 week! Had to recharge just so I can stay in this playground 🙂

    Gosh, what is the cure for this addiction???? I thought I was obsessed when Coffee Prince was on but I think I was still mellow then compared to now.. And I am definitely on the Cola Couple ship!

    If KJH is a Christian then YEH will consider him in real life 🙂 Wonder if he is?

    • Cure for the addiction? For me, it’s Goong, which I am currently rewatching. Why, you ask? Because the only other option was Hong Gil Dong, and that has both Kang Ji Hwan and Jang Geun Suk in it, which is too much pretty for me wee heart to handle it its feebled state 😛

      • That’s exactly I was doing. After tuesday’s episode, I’ve been yearning for some drama with KJH or YEH in it. I already watched Coffee Houe anc Coffee Prince so I decided to marathon Goong. Wuahhh, that was long.But it surely kept me occupied as I wait for LTM on Monday. Now I’m back to stalking AKP for more LTM goodies.

      • Yes, addictions are a frightening thing. But this place is very similar to a LTMA – Lie To Me Anonymous. “We don’t judge, we just commiserate.”

        There’s even a 12 step program but unfortunately it doesn’t lead to rehabilitation but to sinking even deeper into dramaddiction territory. Not surprisingly, the program includes general stalking of anything and everything related to the object of one’s addiction (this can extend to other cast members from one’s object of addiction’s oeuvra or can backfire on aforementioned cast mates and turn into anti-fandom of such, a very matte example of this being the unfortunate actress portaying the hated Yoon Jo). The program also includes gushing, extreme reactions to seemingly harmless factors, such as abundant sweating, difficulty breathing and and increased fascination with certain soft drinks. LTMA members have also been known to attempt communication with inanimate objects, the phrase: “Oh God, how can you be so pretty!” in the direction of one’s laptop/computer screen/phone increasing in frequency as the show progresses. In certain cases, members have been known to also utter (with a tone of desperation, might I add) “Why, oh WHY can’t that be ME?”, followed by substantial binging on high calorie products, such as ice cream, chocolate, cookies, pizza or all of the above. Fortunately, such feelings of desperation quickly dissipate as the subject is drawn back into the universe of vicarious living that pretty people and Cola cohabitate in blissful harmony.

      • Mhahahahahahaha!!! Lie To Me Anonymous!!! What the hell?? Mahahahahaah I can’t stop laughing!!! Really??!!!?? LTM is a freaking phenomenon!!! It hook you, left you with a brain damage, and butt naked!!! LOL

        Thank God, for Miss Koala Unni, she is my drug (LTM News) dealer!!!!

        Thank God for Manny, he is treating my addiction, with a strong hand, a lot of love, and those hot lips that I just want to bite!! Oh crap!! I found another object of desire!!! Mhahahaha!!!

      • I swear we (all of us LTM anonymousers/fanatics) are a cops worst night mare. Not only are we addicted, and call any news about LTM our “fix” and “drug” but when the spoiler for ep 9 came out we were livid, and started coming up with all kinds of very creative ways to murder Ki Joon. heheheh. All I gotta say is, Thank GOD Ki Joon is a fictional character during that horribly long waiting week. And that the actor and writer was MILES away. LTM Anonymous fighting

        @Angelitocurioso Your watching Manny? hahah Thats too funny, because I was watching it too as a way to get by until mondays!! hahaahh but that but me in the butt, since they stopped subbing it.

      • Yeah!! Kinda sucks!!! The not sub thingy. I’m hooked with Manny! I’m in episode 7 because I needed a light romantic-comedy-with touches of drama, LTM is killing me!!! The suspense, the killing instinct, the rage!! The Yoon Joo sleeping with the fishes, I HAVE TO STOP!!! LOL

        Manny is my rehab!!! LOL, but then there is Drunken to Love You, and I fall in the addiction, once again, that is why they called a “vicious circle”! Mhahahaha!!

      • Yo! Silver, if the 12 step program you mentioned had been validated>>> then I’m a certified LTMAer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I am a member of LTMA, right now I’m at the stage of serious denial that next week we’re at episodes 11 and 12. A few episode shy away from episode 16 which means LTM is over…Oh no!!!!! LTM can’t be over at episode 16!!!….Somebody help me!!!!…..I can’t breath!!!!!….My heart is breaking!!!…I’m drowning!!!!

      • @Leishers

        What should I do? I’m in episode 10 of Manny, and I can’t believe my eyes!! She confess, ajhumma confess, to Manny, that she like him!! OMG, we already know he loves her, but:
        1. he had a rule, never get involve with the kid’s mother
        2. he think was one-sided
        But she confess, and his face, beside he have almost tears in his eyes, he was in shock looking like, “woman, you realize what you just did”??
        I was like, whoaaaa!! They were like woaaaa!! And I was like WOAAAAA!! That ajhumma is fearsome!! She is so brave!!! LOL

        What should I do?? Mhahahahaha!!1

      • @Angelitocurioso
        hope im not too late, but She is one fearless Ahjumma!! Well at that point. They just get cuter and cuter. But After ep 13 I was out, cuz teh res werent subbed. But I watched the endiing, ciz I couldnt wait and i had to see something since there was no LTM. heheh

      • LTMA rehab? Step 13: Furious marathoning of entire drama with the added bonus of being able to skip some of the less-liked parts and lacking the frustration of not knowing what comes next. Side effects: sleeplessness, forrays into insanity and everything that comes with general sleep deprivation 😛

    • I jump to the final scene, and hoping/waiting someday it will be totally sub!!
      Fighting Fearsome Ajhummas!!! LOL

  49. Wow, what r u doing man ? look at the way he is looking at her ! oh no he really knows how to look at u to feel SPECIAL . damn it ,his smile will kill me one day if he just continues to do that !! My lovely Yoon Eun Hye deserves the best ,even someone better than you charming …breathtakeing guy !!!

    • You know what – I completely agree with you – “My lovely Yoon Eun Hye deserves the best ,even someone better than you charming …breathtakeing guy !!!” I’m sure the queue is long is just that i am simply clueless . . . . who can name names please- pretty pretty please? I promise to send a case of cola to whoever can >>> BOO HOO HOO (crocodile tears flowing unabatedly)

  50. overjoyed that we share the same feelings. the hugs, kisses between KJH and KEH, I am seeing as them not as their characters K and AJ. I need more of the adoring gaze, spellbinding kisses in the next eps. real long lingering ones. LOL i’m gone insane waiting for monday. coke is my thirstquencher but now I break a smile drinking it LOL. I’m so giddy thinking about what K was trying to do when he gulp the last coke on whatever’s left on the bottle and both K and AJ burst laughing. Naughty KJH!

    • Love your word : “KJH and KEH”
      Really! Love it! I’m instantly think it would be Kang Ji Hwan and Kang Eun Hye XD
      Even though the change of first name after marriage following first name of husband is usually happened in west culture (i don’t know is it apply or not in Korea), but still IT IS BEST SUGGESTION and HOPE!!! woohooooo!!

  51. I may be digressing a bit from the general sweet nothing mood er mode>>> let me just state that I want a stronger YEH aka AHJUNG not the “l like you – like me only” gurl we’ve just seen in EP 10. Even if she really loves him – I find her pronouncement “too pathetic” considering that KJH aka KJ is nursing his ex in YEH’s face! Though she showed a little resolve after, I find her too forgiving just because he made the “AHJUNG” calls >>>> KJ was cute when he was pursuing AJ and I was looking forward for more encounters of the same kind>>>>>>>>> So gurl play a little hard to get so we can see more make up sessions >> > ENTIENDE?!!!

    • OMG! what to do? I think I just mixed up the actors and the characters identities . . . . . help>>>> help>>>>> am getting disoriented people!

      • Remember BREATH!!!

        **Repeat the pattern, until your heart beating, the sweating, dizziness and all the other symptoms, return to normal!**

      • I freaking geddit man! Thanks > nothing that a bottle of cola can’t fix , if you get what I mean.

      • you guys people are psycho and crazy… me too! LOL try to find another drama to cover up the addition of LTM… darn!! no preview yet until now.. it’s 2.30pm (my time) …even a written preview???

    • The video is also blocked in y country.
      But I have found a way to watch it…
      Basically, you have to hide your IP address when accessing the youtube URL.
      The resulting video quality will not be very good though.

  52. Oooh these are lovely treats! Thank you so much ockoala! KJH’s first photo here is oooh, so gorgeous! I really guess he’s really into YEH! He he! I just don’t know with YEH. I sure hope she is too. Kept giggling myself watching the BTS of the cola kiss. Gee, hope they’d become a couple for real. Love these two together! Thank you so much!

  53. If they are together for real, they will be one of the most powerful star couple….they are made for each other man, heaven made

  54. I can’t read a single word of Korean but I did a bit of Google Translate on the SBS korea website… If I’m not wrong, I think the ep 11 video preview is out already.
    Saw it on the SBS korea website, but need to register as member to view.

    Hopefully Koala will post it up soon!

  55. Hugging is too easy for them..I want bed scene rated (__) similar like Fated To Love You drama..will quencher my thirst..Anyway, was YEH the one patted on KJH back while he coughed in video around 2.34.

  56. To pass the weekend, I’m rewatching LTM from the beginning (yet again)… and I have to say, I keep laughing even more every time!

    I’ve also noticed that if the music and mood were slightly different for the early relationship setup between Sang Hee and Ah Jung, the show could’ve milked the brothers-pining-over-same-girl thing (just think of how they set up the two male leads with the female lead in Lovers in Paris).

    I hope the writer develops the end properly. I know Yoon Joo and Sang Hee are supposed to be against our OTP, but I would hate it for either of them to suddenly turn evil.

    • I have a feeling the Aunt will object the KJ-AJ pairing. Maybe when she finds out that KJ and AJ have something going on between them she’ll prefer the KJ-YJ pair. The Aunt just gives off an evil vibe… Maybe cos she always plays evil characters in other dramas.

  57. Koala thank you so much for your passion and love for LTM that has blessed the rest of us. Just wanting you to know how much you are appreciated and what joy you brought just by doing what you are doing. I’m really enjoying this journey with you & with all the other LIARS. YEH & KJH shi, just love love your awesome chemistry. Big thank you both EYH/KJH shi, for your hard work & dedication to LTM. To everyone on this drama, Fighting!!

    • Thank you so much!! OMG *goosebumps all over* !!!!!!
      What the hell is happening to me??
      OMG the momment from :40 to :46, AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!



    • Aww I love this MV. This was seriously really too cute. OMO, Koala, im here on your this post again for the 3rd day in a row. This should tell you just how bad I need my LTM fix. Darn these SBS ppl for not giving any spoilers. Though I do love sbs. They do so much good for my korean loving heart. Lemme see…They always create wonderful stages for my husbands to perform on (BIGBANG) and they brought me Secret Garden and LTM in the same year. MAN do I love them. Is it monday yet?

      • What should I do? I’m going crazy!!!

        BTW, skip all un subs episodes of Manny, just get the final episode, last scene, awesome, when you think everything was lost, life slap you in the face!! Well, in this case, kiss you with Manny’s lips!! OMG, another object of my addiction!! That man was hot!!!! Insanely hot!!! Those lips where like Tae Kyung’s lips in You’re Beautiful!! *melting* Mhahahahaha!!!

  58. Similarities between LTM and Coffee Prince
    1. Two brothers in LTM, Two cousins in Coffee Prince
    2. Both brothers like Hang yoo Joo in coffee prince, both brothers like YJ in LTM
    3. HYJ breaks cousins heart and goes to US, YJ goes to paris.
    4. Two years later, they both come back looking for love, both brothers have feelings left.
    5. Now they meet new girl our lovely Hye in both shows.
    6. First the “other” brother meets her – choi han sang in coffee prince and SH in LTM
    7. Yeh likes CHS in CP, sees him with other girl and forgets, but in LTM Yeh has no romantics with SH
    8. Yeh lies to get a job in CP and other brother knows, Yeh lies in LTM and the younger brother knows and supports.
    9. Yeh then likes our leads, Choi Han Gyul in CP, and KJH in LTM.
    10. lets see how different the writer goes from here.

    • no preview yet??? T.T

      I’m dead…I’m suffocated…I’m over dozed… I’m crazy.. I need a shot of preview…

  59. Just in case you did not notice my tears falling like crazy in my earlier posts, i am back! And still crying a river >>>>>WAHHHHH! No preview, no peek, no nothing . . how do we get by for the next —-hours?

    Been to the gym , visited my aestheticians , done shopping but the last fix is still missing Bo Hoo Hoo !!!!!

  60. At last Monday and then Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!! How come the weeks seem so long, sometimes wish there are only two days in a week! Previews anyone?…. counting hours… minutes… seconds…. to Lie to me episode 11! Writer… can we have more sweet together scenes of KJ and AJ……tight embrace… kisses. Why can’t KJ just embrace AJ everytime he talks to her….man he kisses so sweet… AJ must be weak with longing! Lie to me is just AJ and KJ till the happy ending!

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